10 Side Hustles to Make Money This Summer

Looking for ways to make money this summer? We all can use extra cash during summer! With vacations, summer camps, and projects around home, money from a side hustles comes in handy. And, what’s great about summer time is the added side hustles unique for the season. So what’s it take to get one of these side hustles going?

When I came up with these ideas, I had a few key requirements in mind. First, they needed to fairly inexpensive to start. Second, they needed to be fast and easy to start. Third, they can make a profit quickly.  And forth, they let you use talent and interests you already have.

Looking for ways to make money this summer? Here's 10 way to turn talents into a side hustle business and made some extra cash during the summer.

10 Ways to Make Money in Summer

Here’s some things to remember when starting any side hustle. You only get out of it what you put in. The harder you work at it, the better you’ll profit. Also, be prepared to conquer your fears. Starting something new is scary. Putting yourself out there is, too. By conquering your fears, you profit in both income and self confidence. It, too, give your children an example to look up to! Lastly, good customer services goes a long way. Treat customers well and your side hustle will more likely succeed.

1)Produce from Your Garden

Turn your green thumb into cash. Grow veggies, herbs, and fruit. Then sell those at your local farmers market. Today more and more families are looking for organic, homegrown produce. Your whole family can help with the business, while teaching your children valuable life and career skills. You can sell herb plants, too! Pick a mix of fast growing veggies and longer growing ones so you can have some plants and produce ready quickly.

2)Handmade Products

Turn your crafts into a side business. Choose products that you’re really good at making and can make in repetition. Find some local fairs where you get a booth and sell your products. To keep costs down, choose products that need similar supplies. Keep your styles down to a certain number, like 10 or 12. It makes it easier to replicate several, keeps supplies down, and eliminates customers having too many choices which causes them to not choose any. Have a range of prices in your items. Some can be easy-to-make, inexpensive items. And others can be detailed, higher priced items.

3)Repurposed Furniture

Handy with DIY and refurbishing furniture? Turn that into a money maker. Look for flea market, estate, and garage sale finds. Fix up, paint, and style them in a way that fits today’s decorating trends (farmhouse style is hot!). You can flip your finished pieces by advertising online in local Facebook groups or local fairs. It’s not just for large furniture, consider lower priced, smaller pieces such as shelves, to have items from different price points.

4) Childcare

Open your home to offer childcare for other families in your neighborhood. Often families struggle for summer care for school age children. Offering childcare to a few children lets you make an income while doing what you do best: being a mother. Your children will enjoy having playmates and you can plan activities they all can enjoy. You should check into local child care regulations to know how many children are allowed with and without a license.

5) Babysitting

Full time childcare out of the question? Maybe babysitting is a better fit. Offer babysitting for date nights or mommy breaks – a few hours at a time. You build up a clientele based on your available hours. Let friends and family know about your service. Sign up for sites like Care.com or SitterCity.com. A good babysitter is in high demand.

6) Tutoring

Offer individualized tutoring for students. Although having teaching experience may be helpful, it isn’t necessary. It oftens just takes knowledge of the subject, patience, and an ability to personalize the learning experience to the child’s learning style. I actually did this one summer as a high school student, tutoring kindergarteners that needed a little help getting ready for 1sts grade. One hour a week I met with the student, we looked over work I had assigned. Then we went over new material together. Let your local schools, friends, and family know about your services. Advertise on Care.com.

7) Catering

Take your cooking or bbq talents and turn it into a money maker. Offer catering services for summer parties and cookouts. Specialize in a few of your best menus. You can offer main dishes or just desserts. Get business cards and menus made to share with people you come in contact with. After a couple events, referrals will begin to come in for more events. Check local laws concerning food services. Some areas are more lenient than others.

8) Teach Cooking Classes

Pass on your talent for cooking and baking to others by offering cooking classes in your home. Have a classes once a week or do a week long day camp for a small group of students. Even adults enjoy learning to cook. With the absence of home economics courses in schools, many adults lack basic to advanced skills in the kitchen. You could specialize in a certain area or chose a wider range of skills to teach.

9) House or Pet Sitting

With families going on vacations, they need reliable help to check their home, water gardens, and care for pets. Offering these kind of services lets you make some cash while helping out others in your community. As with many of these on the list, let everyone know about your service. Use online services like care.com and sittercity.com about your pet sitting services.

10) Start a Direct Sales Business

Direct sales makes starting a side hustle easy. For a little investment, you have an entire line of products to sell. You can sell locally through parties and fairs or online through social media and a website. Make the most of this kind of business starting out with a launch party. Get out your comfort zone. Tell others about your new business. Invite them to come see all the great products. With consistent effort, you’ll have some nice side hustle money coming in! To learn more visit our other direct sales posts.

In conclusion, these are just 10 ways of making money in summer. But, I think there some of the best around because they’re tried and true money methods of making money.  My advice is pick one that fits with your skills, interests, and talents. Choose something you love doing. Then get started as quickly as possible. The longer you just think about the more likely you’ll never get it started. Sure some planning is needed, but don’t let it keep you from actually doing it. Best of Luck!

Have you done of these side hustles? Share about it in the comments below!


  1. These are all some great ideas for those looking for extra income. I will be going the DIY route 🙂

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