2012 Top Direct Sales Companies

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There are hundreds of Direct Sales businesses out there today and many new ones are popping up every month.  It just amazes me to see what comes and goes in the field of direct sales.  I thought I would let you all know what the 2012 Top Direct Sales/MLM Companies were.

Mary Kay
Natura Cosmeticos
Forever Living
Nu Skin
Tahitian Noni
Natures’ Sunshine
Stampin Up
Jewels by Park Lane
The Longaberger Company
Tastefully Simple
Pampered Chef
Southern Living

I know the list could go on and on, but I wanted to outline just the top few.   Is your business listed?  No?  Well maybe it’s time to start thinking about a new company?   No matter what you sell, if you work your business you will do well.

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  1. I recently attended a direct sales leadership event which included many of the “newer” or non-corporate ran companies, many of them have some AMAZING founders behind their product line. While they may not be “big corporate” names they have a real place in our industry and really care about their company. As we all know it is important to find the company that fits your style and these top companies should be on your list as consideration, but don’t disregard some of the smaller ones too, they have some real potential for your to be at the top of their companies and many of them are showing huge growth and they are debt free.

    • Sheila Thomas says:


      You are right. There are many companies that are smaller, but just as amazing as the big ones and they don’t get recognition. This list is just one I found online and wanted to share, it is by no way Today’s Work at Home Mom’s top picks.

  2. I’ve partnered with Rodan + Fields Dermatologists, the Drs that created Proactiv, to share their new skincare line that focuses on Anti-Aging, Sun Damage, Sensitive Skin and Acne. Just like these ladies change the view we had of infomercials, they are revolutionizing the direct sales industry. R+F launched in direct sales in 2009 and currently has about 15,000 independent consultants (Avon, Mary Kay and Arbonne are each in the millions). My team is growing quickly and I’d like to help you decide if this business is for you. If you’d like more information on the products and business opportunity let’s chat right away so that you can take advantage of the 10 million plus media mentions we have already received this year (yes, it’s only 1/18/13) and the unveiling of our new product line in February! Why not you? Why not now?!

    • Sheila Thomas says:

      Thanks for visiting Today’s Work at Home Mom. Great information about your direct sales company. However, if you would like to promote your business we offer many great ways and prices for you to do so.

  3. Cariepage@yahoo.com says:

    I do not trust this list. Maybe these are the ones you like? Southern Living? Seriously? First of all they have been operating under the name Willow House for some time and right now are in the verge of going under. I think more research would be beneficial.

    • Sheila Thomas says:

      I did not compile this list from what I like, this was a list I found online from research done about top companies for 2012. I am just reporting what I found, don’t kill the messenger 😉

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