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Improving Quality of Life with Norwex

Improving Quality of Life with Norwex

Improving the quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning.

After reading that line above, I ask you… why would you not want to use Norwex?

If you have never heard of Norwex, or even if you have heard of Norwex but not tried it I highly urge you to check out the website, read about the product and give it a try.  Linda can answer any questions you have.

I just recently heard about Norwex but that was it… I just heard.   I am busy, and never took the time at first to ask questions of check out what it was.  Well, in Nov I organized a local women’s expo and there was a Norwex rep at my show.  I looked over her stuff, asked a couple questions but since I was so busy that was where it ended.  It wasn’t until I met Linda online and she joined in on a promotion I had going on here at Today’s Work at Home Mom that I really decided it was time to truly find out about Norwex.   A friend of mine had bought a few of the products and swore by them, so I needed to see what they were about.

I got my package in the mail and checked everything out and because I was busy (as usual) I just put it all away.   Last week I took a day to mass clean my home because I was the one hosting Christmas so needed to clean.  I have not done my windows in a very long time, and of course the sun was shining that day so I figured I better take care of them.   I took out my Norwex Window Cloth, and read the info on it and saw that I was only to use a spray bottle with water.  Really?  There is no way WATER is going to clean my windows!  Dang!   Well, I sprayed my first window with water, and started rubbing with the window cloth and right in front of my eyes the window was clean.  And not clean like when one uses window cleaner and paper towel.  Nope, it was extremely clean!  No streaks, smudges, bug guts left or anything.  Holy Moly!!   I was so excited I continued to clean every single window in my house.  ( That is 14 huge windows).  I also cleaned all the mirrors in my house with the window cloth.  Never ever have my mirrors been so clean! I am in such awe over the window cloth!  Wow..just water.  Now tell me, why spend money on cleaning products and have harmful chemicals in your home when all you need is this cloth and water.   ~ Something to think about .. huh?

Well, the window cloth is just the tip of the iceberg.  I continued to clean my house, dusting with the Enviro Cloth.   Used dry or wet for dusting and cleaning.   You can’t even begin to imagine how awesome this cloth is.  You need one!!   I dusted my whole house on Friday (Dec 21) and today is the 28th and I have not one spot of dust on anything!  Seriously!!   And, we heat with wood so I have to dust every couple days.  This is huge to me!  And, no using any cleaning products.. just the cloth!

The bathroom is my least favorite room to clean.  Not sure why, but it is.  Back when I was a housekeeper and me and a friend cleaned rooms together I always did beds, she did bathrooms. Haha!  Well, I got the Blue Diamond cleaner and the Scrub Mitt.   Ok, let me tell you I about died!!  I used the cleaner on my shower walls and tub and I used way way way to much!!  A little goes a very long way. But, I was not used to that as the cleaners I have used one must use a ton to get the job done.  Not with Norwex!!  And, the scrub mitt is absolutely amazing!!  Very little muscle and this scrub mitt and my shower walls and tub were cleaner than they have been in a very long time!!  I hung my scrub mitt in my shower up high and now every week before I actually get out of the shower I can just put it on, and scrub scrub and be done.  Easy Peasy!   And no harmful, smelly chemicals at all.   You don’t even need the cleaner, as the mitt will do fine with just water.   Perfect for the sink too.   You can also use it on the toilet after you are done with the tub and sink and then rinse really well and hang to dry.

In the winter our bathroom towels take on a life of their own.  With 3 of us here, and 3 or 4 towels hanging in the bathroom they just don’t seem to dry and then they get smelly.  Ick!!  And nobody wants to use a smelly towel and so they end up in the hamper weekly which makes more laundry for mom.  Well, I got a towel for each of us now and they are so awesome.  No more smelly towels.  They are so absorbent too.  I now have bath towels, hand towels and wash clothes.   So, we are all set for a non smelly bathroom.

These are just some of the awesome products that Norwex has.   You can get rid of all the icky, chemical cleaning products and clean your whole house with just a cloth and water.   And, it will be cleaner than you ever had it before, plus you will not be putting all those chemicals on the floor or in the air.    Norwex also has bath and body products and baby and kid products.

Check them out and give Linda a shout if you have questions.   I am now sold on Norwex!!  Can’t wait to get some of the other products.   I know that you might be shocked when you take a look at the products, because I will be honest.. they are not cheap.  But, if you really do the math, and realize how healthy for you and the environment and see you will no longer be wasting money on bottles of cleaner or on many loads of laundry to clean all the towels and such you will see Norwex is perfect for you and your home.

Planning a Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party

Planning a Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party

Tell the babysitter to take the night off and make your New Years Eve party a family friendly place to be.

Here are a few things to insure that kids and fellow party goers have a great time at your shindig.

      • Get the kids involved. Prior to the event have your kids make the Invitations and Decorations; Noise Makers, Banners, Crowns/Hats, Etc.  Also, have them help you decide on a theme; Dance, Pajama, Karaoke, Black n’ White, Costume, Etc.

      • Plan out great food and drinks. Bite size are the best; Mini Pigs in a Blanket, Pita and Hummus, Chips N’ Dip, Mini Sandwiches, Mini Meatballs, Fruit and Veggie Trays. Make sure to have extra snacks for back up or for take home plates for guests. A punch bowl is a great go to drink, but don’t forget Sparkling Cider for kids and those who are not partaking in alcoholic beverages.

      • Set the mood. If you are having live music or an awesome play list be sure to add hits from every era to please a larger crowd. Or change it up and rent a Karaoke Machine. A lot of people enjoy watching the count down and ball drop on television, so leave a TV on mute.

      • Game on. If there will be video games being played make sure that they are kid friendly and playable by most party goers. Board games are classic. Playing a game of charades or pictionary can get everyone involved.

      • Avoid a scene. Don’t invite family members or friends that tend to get out of control after a drink or two. If you don’t need a babysitter for the kids then you don’t need one for rowdy adults. Also, have phone numbers handy of taxi services or bus schedules to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Sherbet Punch Recipe 


1 gallon bottle of Chilled Hawaiian Punch

1 (2 liter) Chilled Sprite or 7up

½ gallon Sherbet Ice Cream

In a punch bowl mix liquids, then add scoops any flavor of Sherbet Ice Cream on top. Serve and Enjoy!

DIY Christmas ~ Pintrest Fun

DIY Christmas ~ Pintrest Fun

More DIY and Pintrest Fun for Christmas time.

Every year my Mother and I make a beautiful center piece for our table at Christmas time.  It is a tradition that my Mother started when I was very young which I plan to continue with my own children.  This year I found a bunch of different DIY center piece’s and gift ideas on Pintrest that I just had to share with you.

If you click on an image below it will take you to the Pintrest board.  Don’t forget to share with us any images from your DIY Christmas!

Top five Christmas money-saving tips

Top five Christmas money-saving tips
If you’re a little short of cash this year, you can still enjoy the festive season without going over your budget. Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive time, so take a look at these money-saving tips and hold onto your hard earned cash.
Look for deals on the internet
One of the best ways to cut the cost of Christmas is to look for deals on the internet. Thanks to voucher code website, you can get access to some of the best offers around – and have everything delivered to your door for free. Many sites will also send out complimentary vouchers after you make a purchase, so it’s definitely worth seeing what’s out there. If you plan to buy expensive items electronically, it’s a good idea to put them on a low interest rate credit card in order to avoid extremely high charges.
Write down what you want to buy
Without a Christmas list, it can be easy to get carried away and overspend – especially when there are so many lovely things available these days. To stop this from happening, think carefully about what you want to buy each person and write your ideas down. Once you have a final draft, take it with you wherever you go and tick the items off when you make a purchase. If you can’t afford to buy for everyone, think about setting up a secret Santa gift exchange and look for something nice for a friend or relative. Not only will this save you money, but you won’t have to spend hours wrapping presents.
Get creative and make what you can
Christmas is the perfect time to get creative, so get hold of come felt-tipped pens and glitter and make your own holiday cards. Show your loved ones how well you can draw, trace and sketch and have fun designing your very own festive characters. This is a great activity to do with the whole family and is the perfect way to brighten up a wet and windy weekend. If a little arts and crafts leaves you feeling inspired, you could even decorate plain, cheap baubles or spray pine cones a variety of colours, as these look great in a glass bowl. It’s certainly convenient buying things from shops, but it’s often nowhere near as much fun.
Ask everyone to do the cooking
If you’re worried about the cost of knocking up a festive feast, you could always invite a group of people round on the big day and ask them all them all to bring a different course. If you’re good at cooking turkey and roast potatoes, for instance, offer to do the main and ask someone else to make a Christmas cake or bring the starters. This will take the pressure off you as a host and will help split the cost. If you can’t get people to go along with this idea, ask them all to contribute to the price of food or go out to a reasonably priced restaurant, where you can just pay for what you eat and drink.
Make the most of Air Miles
Did you apply for a credit card online without the hope of earning Air Miles? If so, check how many you have accumulated over the year and see if you can put them towards a winter getaway. You might be able to spend the festive season lapping up the sun in a foreign land, so don’t forget to check what you’re entitled to. Many travel cards also give you money off hotels, transfers and airport parking and will help you get the most of your holiday without breaking the bank.
Saving money is not as difficult as you may think, so try to make a few cutbacks this year.



$100 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway

$100 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway.

If you need to finish your holiday shopping, or even grabbed some goodies for the festivities or even for yourself I am sure this $100 Gift Card from Amazon will come in handy. I know since we don’t really exchange I have my eye on a few gifts I want to grab for myself after the holidays. Looking at new vacuum and $100 would sure be nice to put towards the cost. Enter, what do you have to lose?

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Fun Ways To UnWind

If you are like most women I am guessing you are overworked, underpaid, stressed and ready to just bust at the seams some days.  I know I sure have days like that.  Some weeks, more than others!   Between work, upkeep at home, juggling time with hubby, kid, animals, and then doing the shopping and bills there are days I just want to sit back and relax and take some me time.  One thing I love doing for me, is playing some online games.  I love my games on my phone but one of my favorites is bingo.  My favorite site is I enjoy unwinding and playing in the evenings to let my mind just de-stress.  Many games to choose from like bingo, slots, vegas games and more.  Fun to use and all around enjoyable.  Check it out and take time for you to unwind.

Are You a Top Mom Blogger ?

Top Mom Blogger

Are you a blogger?  Do you spend hours and hours sitting at your computer trying to get your blog noticed?  Working hard to get your name out there, and start earning money from your blog?   Do you get frustrated because you see others doing what you are, and they are making money?  I get it!  I totally get the frustration and confusion when it comes to the old question of how to make money online or how to grow your business.  But, have no fear because Top Mom Bloggers is here!!  Finally, two amazing women have teamed up to bring all of us bloggers great tips, resources, training, networking skills and so much more.  If you are a blogger this is the place you will want to be!

This site is packed with audio libraries, video libraries, training calls and a huge library full of posts about blogging.
I am so excited to be a part of Top Mom Blogger, and to learn all I can do really soar in my blogging business. I am taking time every day to read all I can and soak it all in so I can kick my blog into high gear for 2013!

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube


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Win a 6 month membership to Top Mom Bloggers and really grow your business.

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Decorate Your Walls with Words

If you have been to a local craft or gift store or been online at all over the last year or so I am sure you have come across Wall Words of some kind from some company.  I have seen them many times, in stores, on walls at friends houses, in catalogs, etc.  Always wanted to give them a try but never had a wall I could use them on.  See, we have been remodeling for about 9 years, so I have been kinda living in a half decorated house do to my worry of stuff falling off walls when hubby is pounding, sawing, rebuilding, etc.  But, we are just about done with our living room/office area so I finally got my paint out and painted the one wall that is not paneled and put some words up that I had gotten a while back from Uppercase Living.   If you are looking for words, sayings, fun designs or more to put on your walls, furniture, craft products, etc. then you have got to check out Uppercase Living.   They also sell some very nice jewelry.

Here is my wall above my computer/office area.   I painted my wall a coffee color.   So, here is my freshly painted wall that is naked.

Now, here are a couple pics of my newly decorated wall.  I have always loved photo’s and what they represent.  Family, friends, cherished moments, etc.  So, I dug out some of my favorites, put them in frames of all sorts and hung some fun slat wood shelves.  And, at the very top is a Wall Word Art from Uppercase Living.
It says ~ A picture is worth a thousand words.   ~ So true!!

Do you have words on your walls?   I have found a new love!!  When I get time to paint my one wall that isn’t paneled in my bedroom I am going to find some perfect words for that wall too!  Click Here for Coupon.

Are you an Uppercase Living Rep?   Would you like to see this post linked to your business?  Contact me to find out how you can do that.   ~

Keurig Christmas Giveaway

All I want for Christmas is  ~  A KEURIG!! 

Don’t think you will get what is on your Christmas List?   Well why not try and win one?

Keurig B 60 is a 1500 watt unit with a unique design and three settings to let you brew your coffee how you want it in under 1 minute.
Very sleek, chrome accents, programmable, 24 hour digital clock, removable drip tray, removable 48 oz water reservoir, 12 pack of coffee/tea varieties included, 1 year limited manufactures warranty.

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