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All Natural Living with Watkins (Part 2)

 watkinskerry by Kerry Scott-Faine, Independent Watkins Manager #368118



Welcome to Part 2 of All Natural Living with Watkins.  If you missed Part 1 it may be beneficial to go back and read through that article to get an introduction to the series.

As I mentioned in my previous article, I am big into direct sales associates using what they sell no matter what business they are in.  To that end last week I went through my house to see just how many Watkins products I use.  I knew used a lot of them and but did not realize just at how many until I wrote them down on my little notepad.  This is just one of the reasons why I love Watkins as a business partner.  Watkins provides products that you use in your everyday life already PLUS they are all natural – good for the environment and the people we love.

In this second article, I am going to focus on the All Natural Home Care products.  The Watkins home care line has been awarded the DFE (Design for the Environment) certification from the Environmental Protection Agency.  To receive this seal of approval Watkins follows a “Freedom Code” which means the home care products are Ammonia Free, Animal Ingredient Free, Benzene Free, Biodegradable, Boron Free, Butyl/Ethyl Cellosolve Free, Chlorine Free, Diethylene Ether Free, Dye Free, Formaldehyde Free, Isopropanol Free, Kerosene Free, Mineral Spirit Free,  Never Tested On Animals, Non-toxic, Paraben Free, Petrochemical Free, Phosphate Free, Phosphoric Acid Free,  Phthalate Free, Propylene Glycol Free, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free, and Sulfuric Acid Free.  HomeCare


Before getting into the specifics on each of the home care products that I use and love I wanted to share a personal story directly related to the home care line in general.  A few years ago when the line came out I decided to completely toss ALL of my chemical cleaners that I had been purchasing at my local chain store.  You see, Watkins had a fabulous deal on a starter kit and added with my personal discount it was a very inexpensive way to get started with the line.  Anyway, at the time my son was taking medication for asthma and having a really hard time of it whenever he got active.  After just a few weeks of using the chemical-free cleaners I noticed my son was having fewer asthma attacks.  A few weeks after that I noticed he had stopped using his rescue inhaler.  And after a few months we visited the doctor asking him if my son could stop taking his daily asthma medicine all together.  The doctor advised giving this a try but keeping the rescue inhaler just in case.  It turns out having the former chemical based cleaners in the house were directly related to his asthma attacks.  Now my son is 17 and free of the daily medicine and inhalers.  I have not seen him have an attack in years now though he is just as active.  Because of this I will NEVER go back to bringing chemical cleaners in my house ever again.  More than ever, I am sold on all natural products whenever possible for the health and wellness of my family!

And now, on to my favorites of the All Natural Home Care line:

All Purpose Cleaner:  My favorites scents here are the Lemon and Grapefruit (also comes in Aloe & Green Tea, Lavender and Orange Citrus).  Nothing better than when you are done cleaning to have a refreshing citrus smell left in the room.  I use this cleaner for absolutely everything from the daily kitchen cleanup to bathroom deep clean day.  I even use this all-purpose cleaner as a carpet stain remover.   We spill a lot so when we do I grab the spray and a cloth.  Just a couple sprays and a few dabs of the cloth and the carpet is so clean you would not even suspect we are a “spilly” family.

All Purpose Wipes: I use the Lemon cleaner for dusting during weekly cleanings.  I also keep one of these in my car for spill cleanups on the go.  It also works very well for wiping down the dashes and other areas in the car for more of a deep interior clean project too.  If you want a less citrus smell the All Purpose Wipes also comes in Aloe & Green Tea scent.

Window Cleaner:  My favorite of the window cleaners is the Lemon scent. It also comes in an Aloe & Green tea scent too if you prefer more of a clean but not citrus-y smell.  Gone is the left over chemical smell in my house that used to come from other leading brands after I cleaned my windows.

Dish Soap: So in my house I have my teenagers do the dishes daily by hand.  When they do I have them use the Lemon, Grapefruit or Orange dish soap (also comes in Aloe & Green Tea and Lavender scents).  Although lately my daughter has been choosing the scent so we end up with more Lemon in the house these days.  Since this is an all-natural product I never have to worry about chemicals absorbing into their skin or leaving dangerous chemical residue on our dishes (as one can get from traditional dishwasher soaps).  Plus Watkins has added a natural degreaser so your pots and pans come out easily cleaned too.

Hand Soap:   I have an all-natural hand soap (and lotion) by every sink of my house.  My favorite kitchen scents are the Lemon, Grapefruit and Orange.  In the bathroom, I prefer the Lavender or Aloe & Green Tea.  Watkins has so many scents that I alternate through them each time I place an order keeping things fresh at the sink. Besides the fresh scent my favorite part is that you don’t need a lot making my soaps last a lot longer (and saving me money in my budget too).

Brand New Foaming Hand Soap:  this is a brand new product out this year.  Again, these are all natural hand soaps but in a fun to use foaming product.  Plus Watkins has added a new scent called Coastal Breeze.  I will be trying out this scent in my bathroom as soon as my lavender hand soap runs out.  In my kitchen I have already switched over to the grapefruit scent.  It is a wonderful, clean scent and with just one pump it does not seem to use as much product.  I’m hoping that means the foaming hand soap is even more economical.  This product also comes in Grapefruit, Aloe & Green Tea, and Sweet Apple. I can’t wait to try them all!

Laundry Detergent:  This product comes in a liquid lemon scent, a fragrance free liquid OR a powder depending on your favorite method of doing laundry.  I cannot say enough about the laundry detergent.  It is safe for baby clothes, kids clothes and adult clothes – no more buying multiple containers of laundry soap.  Many laundry detergents have so many chemicals that it wears out your clothes prematurely.  But you do not need those chemicals to have clean clothes!  Watkins laundry detergent has great stain fighters leaving your clothes clean and smelling really fresh too.  It works much better than the store brand I used to use before I found Watkins.  If you want to try out the powder product here is a fun experiment you can try at home.  Place a tsp of your favorite detergent in a glass of water and then take a tsp of Watkins.  Swish around the cup and watch which one dissolves faster.  In my experience Watkins wins every time.

Natural Room Fresheners:  Comes in many different scents such as Aloe & Green Tea, Lemon, Lavender, and Orange Citrus.  This all natural spray leaves behind a refreshed scent – with no chemicals you have to worry about inhaling on your way out of the room.  Every busy bathroom needs one of these.  Enough said (lol).

I hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite Watkins All Natural Home Care products.  One question I get from customers regarding living naturally that I wanted to share in this article is “Isn’t it more expensive to use all natural products?” My answer?  Not with Watkins, most of the products I highlighted in this article are around the $5.00 – $10.00 per item mark and many of them are even below that $5.00 mark.  Compared to other products on the market today Watkins all-natural products are a great value – and carry the DFE seal ensuring you really are using a product made with all natural, chemical free ingredients.  So yes, you can live naturally chemical free on a budget.

By the way, Watkins has many more home care products that I did not touch on in this article but perhaps it may be your next favorite product.  Oh, and all Watkins products are 100% guaranteed or your money back so you don’t have to worry about the risk in trying Watkins out for the very first time.

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Snow Day Survival for a Busy Mom

snow-day Snow Day Survival for a Busy Mom

You plan, prep and work hard to keep a schedule.  But hey, snow days happen.  With a full day of work to do at home, the weather turns and schools close.  Now along with a mountain of work to be done you have your little ones to entertain. We have all been there.  Here are a few things to help your kids burn off there energy, without burning out yours.

Building Forts.  Let your kids bring in empty boxes, sofa cushions, blankets, pillows whatever they need for building an ultimate fort.  Too tired to clean up, have a camp in and let them sleep the night away in there fortress.

Homemade Bird Feeders.  Give them some string and a giant bowl of popcorn.  They can string the popcorn themselves, when the weather improves send them outside to hang them in the trees.

Snowflake Art.  Let your kids fold, cut out and decorate snowflakes.  Tell them to go around and decorate the house for the season.

Put them to work.  Make a list of chores; each chore can have a 1-5 star rating system.  Let them choose the ones they would like to do.  Who ever has the most stars at the end gets a prize.  Its always good to have a few new toys around for prizes.

Sock Puppet Show.   Save all those unmatched socks.  Let them decorate socks with markers, glue and googly eyes.  Then have them decorate an empty box to look like a stage.  After dinner they can entertain the whole family with a sock puppet show.

sock puppet

Paint The Snow.  Fill a couple of squirt guns with water and food coloring.  Bundle them up and ship them outside to turn the snow in your yard into works of art.  This is a lot of fun!!

Cook Together.  Have your kids help you make lunch and dinner.  No matter how complex a dish might be there is always a job for them.  From stirring, flipping, measuring ingredients.  They will love being your little helper.

All Natural Living with Watkins (Part 1)


All Natural Living with Watkins
(Part 1)


by Kerry Scott-Faine,
Independent Watkins Manager #368118


As a Watkins Consultant the most common question that I am asked by prospective consultants and customers alike is “Do you use the products?”  My answer?  Yes, I do.   In any business in order to be successful you must use the products that you promote or sell, right?  In my 6 years of experience I have found those consultants that do are the most successful no matter what business you are in.

I thought it might be fun to see just how many products I really do have in my home after working with the Watkins brand for so long.  So I went around my house with a pencil and pad of paper.  The number of products surprised even me!  Not counting the different scents and styles of a given product I found that I use 35 unique products on pretty much a daily basis – if I counted each scent, flavor or style the number would be much, much higher.  Rather than try to fit ALL 35 products into a single article I thought I would share my favorite products with you in a series of articles in the categories which you could find them on my website ( or in our full color catalogs.

In this first article, I am going to focus on the All Natural Personal Care products.The Watkins personal care line has been certified by the NPA (Natural Products Association) one of the few companies on the in the market today that carry this seal.  Watkins Natural Personal Care line of products are free of chemicals such as Diethanolamine (DEA), Ethoxylates (1,4 Dioxane), Formaldehyde Donors, Glycols, Mineral Oil, Monoethanolamine (MEA), Parabens, Petro Chemicals, Paraffin, Petrolatum,  Phthalates, Polymers (Acrylates, Carbomer, PVP), Propylene Glycol, Silicones, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Synthetic Dyes, Talc, OR Triethanolamine (TEA).  

Some of my favorite Watkins All Natural Personal care items that I use each include the following:

Lavender Créme Bath – I use this both as a bubble bath and as a daily use soap.  Just add a little to a bath puff.  This creates a great lavender lather that is just luxurious in the morning to start your day.  Because the product is natural it will not dry out your skin.

Aloe & Green Tea Shampoo & Conditioner – I have colored hair and since this is a natural shampoo I never have to worry about chemicals stripping the expensive color out.  I also have thick hair as well.  The conditioner works really well to get all the tangles out while leaving my hair soft and manageable.

Lavender Bath & Body Oil – this is my go to product to keep my skin super soft after my shower or bath.  Plus I discovered the added benefit to this product is that it helps keep away the stretch marks as well.  I am due in May and I have been applying the oil to my ever growing baby bump.  So far so good!

Natural Peppermint Foot Cream / Foot Repair Salve – We all like to give ourselves a little pedicure pampering now and then right?  Well these two products along with your favorite toe nail polish are perfect to do just that.  First, use the Foot Cream to treat your feet to a super natural moisturizer.  Then buff and paint your toe nails.  Follow up with the Foot Repair Salve to ease those cracks and rough skin on your heel.  Your feet will feel fabulous after you are done.

Natural Lavender Lotion – I use this lotion throughout the day on my hands and dry skin patches.  The light lavender scent is really soothing for even my hectic day and the lotion is so light that it absorbs quickly allowing me to get back to my day without having to wait for my hands to dry like other more thick lotions.  This lotion also comes in other scents including Aloe & Green Tea, Vanilla, Grapefruit, Coconut Milk & Honey and Mango.

Lip Tints (Stardust OR Berry Charming) – An essential in my morning makeup routine.  They are 100% natural beeswax and a touch of peppermint plus there is just a hint of color.  So I no longer need to spend time on a lip primer and then add a lip color.  This is my favorite two in one helping me to speed along in getting ready and spending more time being productive in my day.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my favorite Watkins All Natural Personal Care products.  These are just a fraction of what is available plus Watkins releases new products all of the time that I just have not had a chance to try out quite yet.  For example, Watkins just released the 100% All Natural Baby Care line that I’m looking forward to using when my daughter arrives in May.  I can’t wait!


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Shop RedEnvelope for Valentine’s Day

Shop RedEnvelope for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that one day a year we all tend to want to show our loved ones just how much we care.   Sending flowers seems to be the old fashioned tradition, but sending more unique and personalized gifts actually speaks more to the heart, from the heart.  RedEnvelope is perfect at helping you personalize that unique item to let someone know just how much you care.

Looking for a gift for the kids, or for your spouse, or maybe a good friend?  RedEnvelope has everything you could dream of.  Jewelry, home decor, food, clothing, flowers and plants, and tons more.

I like to drop hints to my hubby about things I might want.   I texted him a few pics ~

A cool Culinary Herb Growing Kit.

Floral Etched Hummingbird Feeders  ~ ( I have summer on my mind)

Premium Salted Caramels for my Sweet Tooth.

No matter what you choose, it is sure to make someone feel special.  And, while they are feeling special you can feel special too because RedEnvelope has great deals to help you with keeping more money in your wallet.  So, get your order in for that special someone and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember.

Top Health and Wellness Direct Sales Companies

Top Health and Wellness Direct Sales Companies

Every year the awareness of being healthy and fit grows.
So, why not join a direct sales company that helps others learn about being healthy?
Here are the top health and wellness companies you can join.








Nature’s Sunshine


It Works

These are just a few, as I am sure there are many more out there.  These are the top companies of 2012.

Top Direct Sales Businesses for Women


Top Direct Sales Businesses for Women

Every day thousands of women join a new direct sales company.  Working from home is becoming more and more popular and the way that many people are supporting their families these days.   There are many successful direct sales consultants out there.  The key is getting into a company you love, and actually working it.  Not waiting for the orders to come to you, but getting out there and working your business.  Just because it is a “work at home” job, that doesn’t mean you should lay around in your pj’s all day and expect to make a ton of money.

The key to being successful is being part of a company you love and believe in.  Also, being in a company that is geared toward women.   Here are just a few companies that are geared toward women.


Mary Kay

Pampered Chef


Creative Memories

There are many many more, but these are a few top women focused companies.



2012 Top Direct Sales Companies

There are hundreds of Direct Sales businesses out there today and many new ones are popping up every month.  It just amazes me to see what comes and goes in the field of direct sales.  I thought I would let you all know what the 2012 Top Direct Sales/MLM Companies were.

Mary Kay
Natura Cosmeticos
Forever Living
Nu Skin
Tahitian Noni
Natures’ Sunshine
Stampin Up
Jewels by Park Lane
The Longaberger Company
Tastefully Simple
Pampered Chef
Southern Living

I know the list could go on and on, but I wanted to outline just the top few.   Is your business listed?  No?  Well maybe it’s time to start thinking about a new company?   No matter what you sell, if you work your business you will do well.

Do you have your company listed on Today’s Work at Home Mom?  Check out our Advertise rates.

Your Living room, the friendly place to work at home

Your Living room, the friendly place to work at home

As the technological era is advancing, more and more people opt to work from home. This is especially convenient for mothers of small children who prefer not to spend 10 hours away from home.



Working at home also has its negative aspects. The main disadvantage of this kind of work arrangement is occasional difficulty to focus on work due to inappropriate “office” conditions, either because house members intrude and can’t remember their parent is working there, or because the furniture is not exactly work friendly.

How to Turn Home into Office

There are ways to take care of this problem. The very first step before starting work from home is to choose a room that will be your office every work day for a certain amount of time. Since many people don’t actually have that many rooms in their apartment to be able to turn one into a study room, the living room is usually the most obvious choice for an office.

The next step is talking to your partner and reaching an agreement that the living room will be “off limits” to other members of the family during work hours. Children are more problematic here; if they are small, they won’t really understand the concept of “off limits”. That is why you need to find a person who will take care of them each day, take them outside, entertain them in some other room and leave you focused on work for at least 4-5 hours a day. If your partner is also working from home, you can take turns watching your children.

Some Important Living Room Decoration Tips

If you are serious about work, you need to accommodate your living room so that it really feels like an office, but still functions as the living room after work hours.


1) Choose a spot in your living room that will be your work corner. It can either be a chair at a dining table where you will place your laptop, a small computer desk in a corner, or even a sofa or a recliner chair where you’ll curl up with a laptop on your knees every day. This last choice is not a very good one, because sitting in that position every day is detrimental to your spine.

2) Once you’ve chosen your working spot, try not to change it, at least not often. When a place of work has become part of your routine, interrupting it and getting used to a new spot will slow you down with work. You can mark your place of work in some way: with a name tag, a pillow with your name on it or similar.



3) Try to choose a spot in such a way that your back is turned to the TV. Don’t ever work with a TV on, even if you think it doesn’t bother you. The sounds and images coming from TV cannot be anything but distracting.

4) Avoid recliner chairs at work. Even if you have a very comfortable one in your living room, pretend it doesn’t exist, as it will surely keep you away from work if you submit to its comfy charms.

5) Keep the doors of the living room closed and make it a rule that no one enters while you work.

Once you get into the right mindset, you’ll start viewing your living room differently when you’re “at work” and after work hours. The same room will become two different spaces in your mind. That’s when you’ll be the most successful at what you do.