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Take Your Indoors Outside

The home is the perfect retreat to rest, relax and enjoy your surroundings without having to deal with the typical stresses that come with daily life. The home is a place that you have chosen to allow you to grow and raise a family and place that is just yours, containing the things you love the most in the world. Many see the walls of their home as a safe and secure place. However, it is not simply the inside of the house that can offer a place to escape to; the exterior of a house is just as important.


The outside of a home can inform passers by of the type of people that reside in the property, whether they are those that care and cherish the garden area or those that let it grow wild and free. The outdoor spaces appearance is just as important as the look and feel of the inside. With such emphasis placed on outside design and style, it has never been easier to completely remodel your garden and bring the inside feel to the outside.


Simple things like the choice of plants and flowers, the garden furniture, the layout and the care that is given to the garden, are all elements that will transform the appearance and even the use of the outdoor space. If the exterior is well cared for and a space to be proud of, the usage of the area will increase. You will want to spend more time outside in the warmer months and it will simply be an additional area that the entire family can use and enjoy. Outside space doesn’t have to be restricted to just the family or children – it is the ideal space to entertain friends and family. There is nothing more pleasurable than a summer BBQ and garden party.

The social aspect of an outdoor space means that more time and money can be spent on gardens and garden furniture, without being wasted.


The home, as a whole, should be a place to relax and each area should be used to its full potential to make sure you really are getting the best out of your home.


Garden areas can be designed in a stylish and comfortable way that is suitable to the whole family. Each part of the garden can be designated to each family member, so everyone gets the best from the space. There is such a good range of garden furniture now available, that there is no excuse not to have a perfectly stylish outdoor area. Garden furniture specialists are able to cater for each budget, so cost does not have to be a restriction. Knowing exactly what you want and need from your garden before you begin to furnish the space is key to saving time and money and ensuring your dream garden becomes a reality.


One of the leading outdoor furniture specialists are on hand to offer expert advice in style and design to perfectly imitate your indoor design. Betta Living has a range of products to fulfil your outdoor furniture needs.

Fuel A Better You with Nutrisystem #FuelABetterYou

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nutrisystem, Inc. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you tired of being tired? Tired of carrying around extra weight? Tired of trying diet after diet and nothing works?  Well, I am not trying to sound like an infomercial here but I am trying to guage just where you are at in your life with your weight loss goals.  

I know for my husband he was just sick and tired!  He has struggled for years with his weight. Not saying he was extrememly overweight, but he was a good 25 pounds or more over what he should be and he had tried everything to lose it.  He would lose, and gain it back.  Why?  Well because he needed more than just a diet, he needed to learn how to live… so he needed a life changing program and that is exactly what Nutrisystem is.  You learn how to eat, when to eat and how much to eat.   And, you are not on your own.  They offer online and phone support for you no matter what the question is.

Nutrisystem® delivers perfectly portioned® meals and snacks right to your door.  You have a nice little log book for your daily intake of food and water as well as exercise. You also can keep track online.  Their site is filled with support, ideas, information and more all geared to help you be successful.

My husband started Nutrisystem® on April 1st. Started at 200# and is now down to 175#.  That is great!!   First, he has lost weight, but best of all he has relearned how to eat.  Portion control, proper foods, water, and exercise make him who he is today.

Have you heard about the Nutrisystem Fuel A Better You Sweepstakes?  

Prizes for the Nutrisystem Fuel A Better You Sweepstakes
• Four (4) Winners who will receive one Nutrisystem® Select® program with 28 days of food products delivered to their door
• One (1) Grand Prize Winner who will receive one Nutrisystem® Select® program, with 28 days of food products delivered to their door and five hundred dollars ($500) cash.

Entering is easy.  Click here to learn how to enter.   Start by visiting the Nutrisystem Facebook Page.

Take control of your life now, check out Nutrisystem®  Fuel your goals. Fuel your greatness.

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Create custom signs for your business with

Create custom signs for your business with 

Are you looking for new ways of advertising or looking to expand your customer base?  BuildASign is affordable and offers a great banner maker, sign maker, bumper sticker maker and more.  

I was able to customize car magnets for my business, Prim and Sassy Soy.  They turned out just the way I had wanted them and were made with a great deal of quality.

photo 2

I also had bumper stickers and bumper magnets made.  They had many templates to choose from or I could upload my own image.  Besides the advertising I get from simply driving around running errands, my family and friends are getting the word out with stickers and magnets on there vehicles as well.  

photo 1

Along with customizable magnetics, stickers, business cards you can also order; banners, signs, decals, license plates, flags, window clings and more. also has a very informed Customer Love Team to help answer any questions you may have. 

Disclosure ~ Today’s Work at Home Mom received products to facilitate a review. All opinions and thoughts on these products are 100% ours.

Stress Free Airport Parking

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Parking Spot. All opinions are 100% mine.

I know that the whole idea of a vacation is to get away from stress.  But, for most of us the getting ready for and the returning home part is very stressful.  Yes, being away sometimes can be relaxing, but I have yet to take a vacation that was totally stress free.  

I remember one vacation where hubby and I flew to Las Vegas.   It was a sorta honeymoon vacation.  Well, we flew out of a big (for us) airport and we decided to park our car there.   Didn't think it was a big deal, till we got back.  First, we did a red-eye flight so were very tired when we landed. Second, we had 2 more suitcases than when we left on vacation (I did a bit of shopping.. LOL), so that made for a bit of a not so fun walk to the parking garage.   We actually tried to find a cart to rent but the one we found, was out of order so we ended up dragging luggage because at that time we had no wheels on our luggage.   Well, we got to the parking garage, and realized we forgot where we parked and I couldn't find the ticket.  So, we walked forever, and then hubby left me sit with the luggage while he searched.  It was horrible!!   Oh how I wish there has been a service like the Parking Spot back then.

The Parking Spot is an awesome service to take the hassle out of your vacation.  With a great list of amenities like ~ Covered, open air and valet parking, always open, fast and easy check in and check out, luggage assistance, complimentary chilled water, friendly shuttles every 5-7 minutes, car care, and more.  There is no reason one should have to stress about where they parked, getting to their car, taking care of their luggage, etc.  Letting the Parking Spot take care of all that is what I call a great beginning and end to a vacation.

Right now they offer a "Spot Easy Savings" promotion available Nationwide at any of the 22 U.S. Airport locations (excluding Newark and Orlando) now thur Labor Day ~ 15% OFF PARKING at The Parking Spot.  Check them out, and tell me what you love about them.   Have you used Parking Spot before ?  I want to hear all about it.



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Become a Barista: Coffee Machines at Home


There’s nothing more valuable than a good cup of coffee first thing  in the morning.   The right brew will get you in the mood  to destroy that workload, nail that interview or simply to stay awake  all day following a rather heavy night before (we’ve all been there).   What’s even better is that, these days, we don’t have to make do  with naff coffee anymore; we have the option of having genuine, barista-quality  brews at home!  That’s why we’ve put together this mini guide  as to the different types of home coffee maker.

A pod machine

Perhaps the most simple and easy to maintain type of coffee-maker  on the list, pod-based machines are gloriously easy to use: simply lift  back the catch, insert your pod, close the slot, and press a button.    Some twenty seconds or so later, the drink will pour into the mug.    The one downside of these machines is that the pods themselves can be  a wee bit pricey in the long run, but my god is it worth it.

Filter coffee machines

Having been around far longer than the pods, filter coffee machines  have a serious fan base, and with good reason.  Despite having  to wait around for the kettle to boil, they’re incredibly easy to  use, and are a relatively cheap way to get fresh, great-tasting coffee  without the hassle.  Essentially, hot water simply drips slowly  through a basket of ground coffee and into the pot.  Easy, delicious  and there’s usually a hot plate to keep the pot warm.  The one  piece of necessary maintenance is cleaning out the filter (though some  models have disposable filters, which are cheap and ideal if you’re  feeling a bit lazy)!

Bean-to-cup machines

Now this is some serious luxury.  As you might have guessed from  the name, bean-to-cup machines provide about the freshest coffee it’s  possible to get without going over to Colombia and sourcing the beans  yourself.  What’s more, many of the machines are virtually automatic:  add water, fill the bean hopper and press the button.  Cue some  truly stunning coffee, and cue you skipping off to work, full of caffeine-induced  energy.  Needless to say, this machine of epic luxury doesn’t  come cheap, but wonderful things like this never do.  If money  is no object, this is where your money should be going.

Espresso machines

Otherwise known as pressure machines, these machines are steam-driven,  and were created with the aim of making seriously strong coffee –  the sort junior doctors rely on.   Essentially, the water  is boiled in a chamber, building up pressure and steam until the pressure  forces the water through to the coffee itself.  What’s great  about these is, not only do they make up an espresso that could wake  up a hibernating grizzly bear, but the froth caused by the pressure  is ideal if you want to whip up a nice cappuccino.  You can then  sip it whilst reading the Financial Times and wearing a monocle.   Probably.

The Importance of Keeping Your Online Reputation Professional

Your online reputation is important. Just like your reputation in the real world, it’s going to follow you around. People judge you on your reputation both online and off, and a negative reputation can haunt you.

Getting a New Job


Image via Flickr by Victor1558

Even if you aren’t looking for a new job now, you need to think about your future. Your online reputation is going to play a big role in your job search. At least 37% of hiring managers check social media profiles before deciding on a potential candidate. This means that if your Facebook profile is public, any hiring managers will see what you have posted.

So, what are these hiring managers looking for? In a survey conducted by CareerBuilder, 65% of hiring managers said that they wanted to see if you present yourself in a professional way. In addition, 12% are specifically looking for reasons not to hire you.

Keeping Your Current Job

There are also concerns about keeping a job you have now. If you complain too much about your job or coworkers on social media, it’s likely that you can get in trouble.

Many HR departments and managers today check their employees Facebook and Twitter accounts. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your account as professional as possible. Don’t talk about partying or illegal activities. Posting inappropriate pictures is never a good idea. On top of this, bashing coworkers is never smart.

Showing a Good Face


Image via Flickr by Victor1558

Remember, your online reputation is the face you show the world on the Internet. Head to one of the search engines and look up your name. What do you find? Are there pictures that you forgot you had, that aren’t very flattering? Did you have an old account on a message board that you made derogatory comments on?

These things can hold you back. You need to make sure that you show a good face, and knowing if there are negative things with your name attached is crucial.

Fix Your Reputation

If your online reputation isn’t as clean or professional as you’d like, take a stand. Do something about it. Consider working with a company that can help you clean it up, and check out BVP profile. Make sure that you take the proper steps to get rid of any negative information. It can hurt you in the long run if you don’t have a good, professional online reputation.

Don’t Have an Online Presence?

Some people are nervous about having online profiles, such as Facebook or Twitter. They’ve heard about these possible problems, and so stay away from social media and other accounts that will give them any online reputation. However, this can be just as detrimental. If a hiring manager can’t find you online at all, they’re going to wonder why.

If you want to be perceived as a professional person, you need to portray yourself as such. Make sure that you keep your online reputation as clean and professional as possible.


Get Your Flirt on in the Kitchen

with Flirty Aprons.

Who ever said you can’t look hot while cooking hadn’t ever seen Flirty Aprons before.

Here is a sale you won’t want to miss.  Flirty Aprons Super Sale, minor imperfections mean huge savings on aprons, mitts, and bibs, Everything under $13.00.

Check them out, and get your flirt on.

How to Build an Outfit Around a Great Pair of Shoes

Finding a great new pair of shoes is more exciting than having a sexy boyfriend (because the shoes are just as hot but they’ll never leave)! Sadly, the funkiest new shoes are often impossible to pair with old outfits. What’s a diva to do but go shopping for a whole new look to pair with the great new kicks? Here’s a guide to building your new ensemble around the fabulous new shoes.

Identify the Shoes Compliments


Image via Flickr by electricnerve

Determine which colors are the most vibrant in the shoes, and then find the exact opposite color on the wheel: this is what’s called the complimentary color. Complimentary colors are great to make the shoe color shine, so consider choosing a shirt or purse that is this shade.

Example: Predominantly red shoes go great with a predominantly green bag.

Boldly Go With a Contrasting Color

Finding a contrasting color has more to do with a gut feeling. A coral shoe might pop with an aqua blouse or even with soft pinks: it’s a matter of taste and style. If you aren’t sure which contrasting colors go with your shoes, avoid choosing one and go for strong common colors such as white, black, or beige.

Example: If a patterned shoe with gold toes has you stumped, try wearing a simple white blouse or choosing any one color from the shoe to wear.

Textures and Sheen of Shoes Count

Beware shoes that shine or sheen like satin paired with dull textiles like linen. Unless you know what you are doing, shiny shoes should be coupled with understated (but smooth) fabrics such as fine black slacks. Similar issues arise when you select a satin cocktail dress to go with dull flats: try to keep fabrics similar to avoid odd texture pairs. However, the worst possible thing you can do is pair shiny shoes with a shiny dress; this style should stay in New Jersey and brothels, so that no one has to see it!

Example: Shiny ballet flats with a gold decal will pair well with gold hoops and a silk top.

Special Occasion Shoes & Costumes

Sometimes you need an ensemble fabulous enough to match your funky clown shoes, glittered Dorothy toes, or thigh-high cowgirl boots. Halloween, costume parties, and sometimes high school reunions demand outfits that scream for attention. If you want to wear sensible school girl Keds with knee-high socks, then you should choose something like an adult cheerleader costume. However, if you want to keep it modest for a special occasion outfit, think fabulous shoes and subtle outfit (such as moon boots with an enclosed goldfish tank with a sweet shift dress).

Example: Flower child sandals with floppy leather daisies call for a tie-dyed blouse and solid colored pants.

Everyone knows shoe basics, such as that black shoes might clash with a brown bag. However, advanced shoe pairing requires taste, style, and sophistication. Try to browse fashion magazines for ideas of outfits that can work with your new fancy shoes.

4 Frugal Ways to Have Fun With the Family in Chicago

Chicago is a great place for families on a budget because there’s so many free activities to enjoy. Here are some of the best choices for a family, whether you have young children, teens, or just a partner.

Bake Sale for Charity


Image via Flickr by Tom Nguyen

Your family could choose any charity and then host a bake sale to raise funds for that group. Not only is the baking part fun, but the finished product is delicious! Even if you only raise $20 from family and friends, the idea is to empower your child to become involved in the community.

Take your kids with you to deliver the donation and let them experience the good feelings that go with charity. They will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Experience the Symphony at Ravina

For just $10 a child, you can see a live symphony at Ravina in the Summer. These concerts are held for all families to experience the moving beauty of live performances. If you want to make the day more memorable, you can opt to sit on the lawn and create your own picnic.

Pack a healthy meal and lay back as the music washes over you while you watch the stars sparkle. Remember to take a few pictures to show your extended family and to enjoy in the years to come.

Attend a Live Sporting Event


Image via Flickr by Andrew Malone

Live sporting events are the best when it comes to vigor and enthusiasm. Your kids will be out of their seats cheering and shouting with the other spectators if you get Chicago Bears Tickets. Pack cozy blankets, hearty snacks, and plenty of water so you don’t have to brave the crowds on the way to concessions, and your family will enjoy a memorable day at the park.

If you wanted to make your sports trip more elaborate, you could make a foam finger as a craft project beforehand. Your child will love painting it to match the team’s colors and showing it off at the big game.

Farmers Market Fun

Put your dog in a t-shirt and head down to the farmers market, where pets are welcome and kids are enchanted by homemade goods like toys, treats, and games. Consider letting each of your family members have ten dollars to buy a family member a funky gift. Not only does everyone get something, but everyone will also get to experience giving a gift.

Prepare for your free walk in the park by slathering on sunscreen and wearing comfortable shoes. If you do bring a pet, consider its watering needs and bring a small bowl. Also, if you plan to pick out fresh produce as a family, you will want to bring a large bag to carry it all home.

When you want to have fun without breaking the bank, any of these options are great. Your family will grow closer and you will have memories of fun events, family closeness, and cherished moments.

Bat Those Beautiful Lashes

It seems that long, lush, beautiful lashes are only a thing you see on boys!  Why is it all boys are born with the lashes girls dream of having?  I know when my son was born he had black, long, thick, beautiful lashes and I was so jealous.

Well, now us women can bat our beautiful lashes and make everyone who sees us envious.  How?  By using lash growth serum of course.  Have you ever thought about trying a lash grown serum? Well did you know that the MD lash grown serum is non irritation, simple to use, has no harmful side effects, nourishes and conditions lashes and brows, helps fortify lashes to maximum fullness and length, dries clear and is clinically tested and safe. In as little as 4 weeks you can see results.

Once your lashes are beautiful you can show them off with a lash amplifying mascara.  I love using an amplifying mascara because it makes my lashes look great!  The MD lash amplifying mascara makes your lashes longer and more luscious, creates the effect of bigger and bolder eyes, has peptides to leave lashes soft and supple, contains a lengthening and thickening fiber, is long lasting and smudge proof and water resistant and has a fun precision brush to guarantee smooth application.   What I do is apply the Primer and let dry a few seconds, then apply my mascara.   Gives me beautiful lashes that others are jealous about.   And, best part is these are natural beauty products. Using natural is the way to go :)   I love how this makes the lashes look so naturally full.

You can find these products at any of these great retailers ~ Mijer stores, Pharmasave, Bed Bath & Beyond/Harmon, & Walgreens.


Disclaimer ~ This is a sponsored post thru  All opinions are 100% Today’s Work at Home Mom’s.