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Disney – Frozen


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Share your Heart and Home


There are thousands of moments that inner-city children remember about their Fresh Air Fund summers: walking barefoot through the grass, roasting s’mores over the campfire and catching fireflies at night. The Fresh Air Fund has been giving these priceless gifts to New York City children for 137 summers. Visit for more information.

Look Your Best for that Special Day

dressfirst_logo From the time we are little girls, most of us dream about it, talk about it, plan it and even obsess about it.  That special day when we walk down the aisle and say “I Do” to that special person we want to spend our life with.    Or even before that special day we girls look forward to special days in school like Prom, Homecoming, Coronation, etc.    I remember being so excited in my high school days, to go dress shopping.   I wish Dress First had been around when I was dress shopping.  The selection they offer is amazing and the prices are affordable.

I am married, but if I was to ever get married again I would want to do so on a beach.   I got married in my backyard under a colorful maple tree and it was beautiful.  But if I ever, for whatever reason, was to be married a second time I would love to do it on a beach.  Maybe my hubby and I could renew our vows on a beach.  If so, I would be sporting this beautiful dress ~ A-Line/Princess Sweetheart Court Train Chiffon Wedding Dress With Lace Beadwork.   I love how simple, elegant and flattering it is.  dressfirst1

Or this one ~ Mermaid Sweetheart Chapel Train Satin Tulle Wedding Dress With Lace Crystal Brooch  (totally in love with this)


What is so great about Dress First is that they are not just wedding dresses.  They have dresses for any special occasion.

Now I don’t get out much, since I work from home and live in the middle of nowhere.  But I hope to some day be able to be invited somewhere that I can wear a nice cocktail dress.   I am so drooling over all the hot little cocktail dress at Dress First.  Check this out ~ It is so me!
Hot and sexy, oh how I love a little black dress ~ Sheath Sweetheart Short/Mini Chiffon Cocktail Dress With Ruffle Beading


They have dresses, shoes, accessories, special sales, like dresses under $100, and so much more.  Check them out, you will thank me for saving you money!  😉

Credit Cards – Choosing the Best One for You

In this age of relatively easy credit, pretty much anyone can fill in an application form and get their hands on a credit card.

From store cards to high-interest credit cards marketed to people with poor credit ratings, even the least financially solvent among us are usually able to access some amount of credit.

With so much choice it can be rather difficult trying to figure out which is the most suitable credit card for you, so if you’ve decided to lay your hands on some plastic, this article should provide you with a few useful nuggets to make the job of deciding a little easier.

The first question you’ll need to ask yourself is how are you going to be using the card?

If you’re going to pay your balance in full every month then a charge card might be more appropriate, whereas if you’re going to carry balances over from month to month, you might be better off considering a credit card with a low interest rate.

A low interest rate credit card will also be a more suitable choice if you want to use it for balance transfers.

After settling on the variety of card you want, you should begin comparing different credit card lenders to find out what they offer in terms of annual percentage rate or APR, credit limits, grace periods, and so on.

Most credit card companies provide around 28 days for you to pay off your balance in full before interest and other charges are applied; this is what is referred to as the grace period. APR is simply the amount of interest applied to balances you carry over beyond the grace period.

Another quick note on APR – different credit cards and different lenders will sometimes apply different APR to purchases and balance transfers, so again, be sure to opt for a card which has an appropriate APR for your intended uses.

Credit limits can vary greatly from lender to lender and according to your credit score; most first time credit card users will be given a small credit limit initially but this can rapidly be increased by using the card regularly while always being prompt with your repayments.

You should also keep an eye on the fees applied to any instances where you exceed your credit limit; some lenders can apply some fairly hefty charges so unless you are absolutely confident you will never go over your limit, you’ll probably want to avoid any cards with ridiculously high over-limit charges.

We’re almost there, the final piece of advice is to use comparison sites to compare credit cards; this will provide you with a detailed side-by-side comparison of each lender and their cards so that you can clearly see all of the costs and benefits involved with each option.

Websites such as and are a good place to start, and using sites like these will save you a massive amount of time and spare you the task of having to look at each lender individually.

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5 Ways to Reach Your Customers

Generating leads is a major part of building your business. Once you’ve landed those customers, you’re also charged with keeping them happy and loyal. You can meet both objectives by reaching out and making a connection with your customers using the following tactics.

Events – Live or Online


Image via Flickr by Maryland GovPics

Events are a powerful way to reach your customers in person. A whopping 90 percent of nonprofits and 78 percent of B2C companies feel that events are important to their success. Live events allow you to reach out a warm hand to your leads. Whether you set up a table at a trade show or meet your customers online in a video conference, the event gives your company a face and personality, making it easier for potential buyers to form a personal connection with you.

Most events are educational in nature. Think of something you can educate your customers about and host a special event to get your current and future clients in-the-know.

Email Marketing

A Sales Force study revealed that 44 percent of email recipients made a purchase based on a promotional email. Emails are a great way to communicate with a large number of people because they’re incredibly cost-effective. The drawback of email marketing is that you have a lot of competition and your messages must get past the problematic spam filters to actually reach your customers.

As you’re crafting your emails, take the time to research email tips for real-world retailers. The most effective messages are concise and well-written. If your subject line packs enough punch, you can even make an impression on customers who don’t elect to actually open the message.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing can include newsletters, catalogs, flyers, letters, and coupons. Direct mail has a deeper impact on consumers than electronic media. There’s something more engaging about an item that you can actually touch and hold. When direct mail pieces are well-designed, they can make a big impression on potential customers.

Online Videos

Online videos on YouTube are an increasingly popular way to connect with customers. Unlike television ads that viewers often mute or tune out, viral YouTube videos are something that customers will actually seek out and pass on to their friends. You won’t get this kind of reaction with just any video, but if you touch on something unique and engaging, the potential for reaching new customers is almost limitless. Push the boundaries with this type of marketing and try something really revolutionary.

Text Message Marketing

Text messages are an effective way to reach your customers because an impressive 95 to 98 percent of texts are read within just minutes of receipt. You can use brief messages to alert your customers to a sale, offer a coupon code, or promote a new product. Shortened links in these messages can point customers to your mobile optimized site. From there, you’re just a few clicks away from a sale.

These marketing tactics will help you connect with your customers and build a profitable and long-term relationship. Employ a diverse marketing plan with several of these options.