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A Magnificent Free Photo Editing Site! Fotor!



I love taking pictures and I also am keen on to edit my photos. I think it is a good way to record every dot of my life. As a blogger, I need to edit almost all my photos and put them on my posts. There is a great free photo editing site to share with all of you. is a free and creative site. It is a fabulous way for you to create effects for your photos, adjust the lighting curve, rotate them, adjust brightness, saturation, and sharpness, change the tone and colors you name it. Meanwhile, we can also use it to make photo frame of the pictures, add text to our pics. During the holiday season,we can make photo cards for our family and friends .



The Fotor is my favorite photo editing program. It is so easy to use without sign in or passwords needed to remember. Just go to the Fotor Site and get started button. I am also fond of that they have a straightening option. While taking pictures, I take a not so straight picture and this one definitely works.



It has some awesome templates and collage options which are pretty good to collate multiple photos together in a number of cool ways. There are a great number of collage designs you can choose and upload the photos from your IPhone, Facebook, or Flickr as you like.



Fotor brings free service with so many options for any platform we are using.

Right now, it has rolled Halloween features. Make invitations to your Halloween Party at! It has all the spooky tools you need. I think you can’t miss it. It can’t wait to start editing your photos!

Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Republic Wireless for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Remember back when all we had was land lines?  Or like me, I remember even having a party line where we shared our phone line with our neighbor.  Or how about having to pay a rediculous price to call someone long distance.  Staying in touch with family and friends was hard to do because it would cost a ton of money.

Well, I for one love how times change and love that we now all (for the most part) have cell phones.   I am all about technology, and change for the better.   I know for some they think that it is less personal to be texting or emailing, but in all reality it is faster and can be done whenever.

Finding affordable phone plans can be a challenge.  Just like when we used to have to pay a bunch of money to call someone long distance, some cell phone bills can be outrageous in price.  Well not with Republic Wireless.  Low cost plans of only $19 a month.  What can one get for only $19 a month you say?  You get all the talking, texting and surfing you can handle. And you get those things without a contract, without limits and without overages. Now that’s a smartphone plan that’s just smart!

This is perfect for everyone!!  We are looking at getting my mother in law a phone so she can ditch her land line and this is a perfect phone plan for her.   And my sister has kids and they all want phones, but they can’t afford most cell plans so this is perfect for them too.   So, phones for everyone!!  Yeah!!

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Dealing With Difficult Carpet Stains

Theres nothing more annoying than installing wall-to-wall carpeting or buying a gorgeous Chinese rug, only to see it end up covered with stains. Getting stains on your carpet is a natural byproduct of living, but it can really detract from the appearance of your home. The problem is that you may be able to partially remove a stain, but unless you use a treatment that is specifically designed for it, you will not get rid of it completely.



One of the most common  and obvious stains is red wine. If you spill red wine on your carpet, then you need to take fast action. Grab a clean cloth and soak up as much of the wine as you can. Then, try to remove the rest using standard carpet shampoo and see what effect this has. If you can still see the stain, spray hydrogen peroxide over it and then follow this up with a generous sprinkling of baking soda. Let this sit for 2 to 3 minutes, and then rinse it away with water. Hydrogen peroxide does have a bleaching effect, but it is very mild compared to household bleach so it is unlikely that it will bleach your carpet. However, if you are worried, test the hydrogen peroxide on an unobtrusive area of your carpet and see if any bleaching occurs.



Salt can also cause problematic carpet stains, especially if you live somewhere like Toronto, Ottawa, or Montréal, where there is a lot of snow in the winter. All that salt on the roads gets tramped into your car, as well as into your house when people forget to take their boots off. One approach to removing salt stains is to use a 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and water. Put this into a spray bottle, and spray the affected area until it is absolutely dripping wet. Then, press a dry, fluffy towel over the wet area and leave it in place until the towel is soaked. Keep on repeating this process until the salt stain disappears. If this doesnt work, it is time to call in the pros for example, in southern Ontario, take a look at








Finally, pet stains on carpets can be a real problem. Even if you clean your carpets, vestiges of the stain and associated smell will always remain. To combat this, buy a bacteria-based cleaner of the type that is used to digest waste in septic systems. You should be able to get this at an industrial cleaning supply company. Dilute the bacterial cleaner as you would a regular carpet shampoo, and then use your rug shampooer to spread the solution over the affected area but make sure that you dont suck the mixture back. Leave this to soak for at least an hour so that the bacterial enzymes can do their job. Then, use your rug shampooer to set up the solution from the area. This normally gets rid of the stain completely, but if any remains, simply repeat the process.



TodaysWAHM is Home from Bloggy Boot Camp MPLS

TodaysWAHM is home from Bloggy Boot Camp MPLS.  Instead of hitting the couch to watch TV and relax as I usually do after a long trip, I opened my laptop and went right to blogging.  Bloggy Boot Camp gave me the motivation I needed to keep my goals and my work on track.

Friday was a meet and greet over cocktails.  Not everyone came to this making it much more of a intimate setting.  Giving us a chance to really get to know each other and spend time with sponsors and the following day speakers. LSG & TWAHM

Saturday we were early to rise for a full day of learning’s.  By 5pm my notebook, cell phone and pockets were filled with notes, photos and contacts.  I absorbed as much information as my mind and notebook could hold.  That evening we gathered for a cocktail party with a fabulous wine tasting hosted by Mirassou Winery.  As you can tell from the photo, we enjoyed ourselves.

At the end of everyday I spent a great deal of time in my hotel room reading from the blogs of all the ladies I had met and exchanged information with that day.  It was reassuring to hear that these women struggle with the same things I do.  That we share some of the same goals and strive to not only better our lives but the lives of our readers. mirassou wine2

Bloggy Boot Camp was worth the time, money and miles it took to get there.  The speakers were clear and able to break down the lessons.  So whether you were new to blogging or an expert looking to take your blog to the next level, they gave you the tools needed.

I would also like to Thank all of the speakers and sponsors who made this conference possible and incredibly enjoyable.

Great Fragrance Giveaway


Fragrance Lovers Unite!

Love fragrances?  Love discount fragrances? Love winning prizes?
Well if you answered YES to those 3 questions then you must read on.

Beauty Encounter’s is celebrating their 14th anniversary with you!
They are giving away a mini fragrance collection to two lucky winners!

Prizes are
1. Calvin Klein Miniature Collection Set for Men (Valued at $55.00)

2. Christan Dior Les Parfums 5 Piece Miniature Collection (Valued at $75.00)

What a sweet deal for 2 lucky peeps.   I love fragrances and love to smell good when I leave home.

Feeling lucky?  Then head over to their Facebook page to enter.

Disclaimer ~ Today’s Work at Home Mom was compensated for our participation in spreading the news of this giveaway.

Bloggy Boot Camp Minneapolis Here We Come

Bloggy Boot Camp Minneapolis here we come!


BBC is a one day blog and media conference where women like myself can go to get a better understanding of blogging and social media, while also building friendships and joining a community of like minded people.  This will be our first time attending and I am very excited!

The trip is booked, bags packed and tomorrow we venture to Minneapolis, MN for the conference.  There will be several knowledgeable speakers/bloggers, writers workshops and more!

What I’ve read from the testimonials, The tips, tricks and tools we receive this weekend will be plentiful.  Through out the weekend I will be keeping everyone updated, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.


EZOnlineCraft and Gift Show


Do you love to hit the local craft shows?   Well why leave the house to hit a craft show?

Come on over to EZCraftShow and shop the over 150 vendor booths.

Craft, Gift, Edibles, Printables, Jewelry, Candles, and so much more.

And, you can join us on Facebook to play games and win some great prizes from some of the vendors.

Shop from home, in your jammies.