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Black Friday / Cyber Monday Craft Show

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Craft Show


Looking for something to do other than heading out at midnight to get in line, and wait forever to get that awesome deal, only to get to the counter and the person right before you go the last one of whatever you thought you needed to wait in line for 5 hours to get?
Well, don’t leave home, shop online.   Support the small businesses by shopping EZCraftShow’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday event.  All vendors sell hand made crafts, one of a kind items, product made with love.  Nobody needs to support corporate America… we need to support people just like us, working from home.

Join us, for great deals, amazing crafts, and wonderful people.

Blueberry Pumpkin Streusel Muffins


Blueberry Pumpkin Streusel Muffins

Engage your sweet tooth with you fall spirit, while enjoying these muffins.


I enjoy using things I have on hand when I get the urge to bake, and I always have a variety of goodies on hand.  Decided to dig out a few things and whip up something unique.

Ingredients ~

Box of Betty Crocker Wild Blueberry Mix  ~ Can use any kind, but must have wet blueberries
1 Egg
1/2 C Almond Milk   (can use regular milk)
1/2 C Pumpkin Solid Pack
1 1/2 TBLSP  Oil

Drain and set aside the blueberries.  Mix above ingredients together till well blended.  Fold in blueberries.
Scoop into muffin tin coated with non stick spray.

Topping ~

1/3 C Brown Sugar
1/4 C  Oats
4 TBLSP Melted Butter

Mix topping ingredients all together, sprinkle on top of muffins.


Bake muffins at 350 degrees for 25-35 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.
Let cool 10 minutes or so before removing from pan.


You can see how the topping got nice and carmalized on the muffins.
Perfect with or without butter as they are so moist.   They have the perfect mix of pumpkin and blueberries.



Are You Excited for May 30th 2014? #Maleficent

I know I am!!   Why?  Well because I love Angelina Jolie and this movie looks so amazing!!


Check out the Trailer ~

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MALEFICENT releases in theaters everywhere on May 30, 2014!

Decorating for the Holidays

Can you believe that it is almost Christmas?   Well, I know I can’t because we didn’t have much for a summer so I am kinda in denial about the whole seasons changing and the holiday’s getting closer.  But, one can’t be in denial when they live where I do.  Aside from the darn cold weather that comes to fast, we also have a beautiful display of Holiday lights when we drive into town.   There is a place called Bentlyville, in Duluth, Mn. that will bring a smile to anyone’s face when they see it.   A huge display of Christmas lights, all put together to make a story of what the Holiday’s mean to all.  One mans dream brought to life with millions of lights, and many many hours of hard work every year all by donated time from local “elves” to help make this dream come to life for the town of Duluth to enjoy.


Now I know that we don’t all decorate like this for the Holiday’s but regardless of how elaborate or non elaborate you go with your Holiday decor you of course need to find the best place to get all your supplies to make your own dreams come true.   I bet that a place like Bentlyville can benefit by using  How in the world can one figure out what to order to accomplish a grand display like they do.  Wow!

I am a simple girl when it comes to my decor.  I used to go all out when my son was little, but it is a lot of work.   And, since we trade off the “who hosts” the Holidays when it isn’t my turn I don’t do anything except a string of lights on pine tree that is up year round in my living room.  Since I decorate in lodge decor it is part of my decor all the time.   I do love my holiday’s though and my favorite part is giving gifts.   We don’t exchange because money is tight, but since I am a crafter I can’t help but make little goodie bags for everyone.  I love to use freebies that I find around the internet like these free prim tags you can print and use for whatever.   And since candles is my main craft, and most people love to get candles, my little gifts are always a huge hit.

Do you decorate ?  How elaborate do you get?

Do you exchange gifts?   Do you have a budget for gift exchange?  Share your comments with me, I love to see how everyone lives :)



Vinyl Flooring: The Perfect Flooring Choice?

I take great pride in my home and how it looks.  No, I don’t have people here every day to see my home, but I know that I feel better when it’s clean. But, keeping up on the daily chores to have my home look like I want is a lot of work. Dusting, vacuuming, beds, bathrooms, mopping.. it is a full time job for anyone! 

Let’s face it, who has time to constantly clean their floors? If only there was an easy to maintain flooring option that doesn’t require a ton of tender, loving, care. Vinyl flooring might be the solution you’re looking for! Easy to clean, and even affordable to install, vinyl flooring is a great flooring choice for virtually any room of your house.

With new technology that helps manufacturers create luxury vinyl flooring, you can find a plethora of amazing patterns and designs that mimic more expensive flooring options. From the look of hardwood flooring to stunning stone and tile, vinyl flooring comes in many styles that resemble these more expensive flooring options.

Cleaning vinyl flooring is also a breeze! Water and non-abrasive cleaners usually get the job done, and with its water resistant qualities, vinyl flooring is perfect for any room in your house. Vinyl flooring is also soft underfoot, making it a great addition to your most used rooms. With the endless options of vinyl flooring at Flooring America you can be confident that you’ll find the perfect vinyl flooring that coordinates with your existing décor and provides a lifetime of satisfaction. Click here to find out more about vinyl flooring.


Relax at Home with a Game of Bingo

Life is busy, winter is coming, and being that I work from home I like to stay in my lounging clothing as much as possible.  Why bother putting on tight fitting jeans, when I sit at my desk all day, clean the house, do laundry, cook meals, run up and down stairs making candles, vacuuming, etc.   Why?   Why bother getting all dressed up to be at home.

Just because I am at home all day some might think that I would like to get out in the evenings.  No, not me.  I am a homebody and enjoy my home so I like to do things here.  Hubby on the other hand likes to go as much as possible.  It is always a battle on his days off.  Him wanting to go, me wanting to stay. LOL!  Tis life, right ?  Well when I win, that means we get to stay home and do what I like to do, play games.   I love many kinds of games, but online games are my favorite, especially online bingo. I grew up helping my Grandparents run the local bingo night and love playing bingo for money.  Nothing better than spending a few bucks for some relaxing fun and walking away with a few more bucks than you started with.   I always seemed to do pretty good back then.

Well, did you know you can play bingo online and right from your comfy computer chair to boot!   Luckity is an online bingo site where players create a secure account, deposit funds, purchase bingo game packs and play.  Cash bingo game prizes and winners are determined by the outcomes of live horse races taking place worldwide.  So, if you love watching those horse races now you can get in on the action right from home.  All the info is at their site, check it out. Luckity is the only legal website in the US that offers bingo players a chance to win real cash prizes.

Wanna join me in my bingo fun ?  For all my readers who join, and add money to their account and play will receive a $15 credit.  Players must deposit and play a minimum of $10 to receive the $15 FREE.  The FREE $15 must be played.   Players may keep any winnings from the $15.   And, all who register will also receive an entry to a $100 sweepstakes.   Sweet!!   Use this code uii47 when you join to get your FREE $15. ~ need to input the code during registration.

Now, let’s stay home, in our loungwear, and play some BINGO!!! VCB-Cash-4-1[3] VCB-Clover-12-4[3]