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How to Make Money on Your Blog

Have you been seeing some of the income reports of bloggers lately? Like you, they once asked, “How do you make money on your blog?”. These same bloggers are now making 4,5, and even 6 figures per month. It didn’t happen overnight for them, but with hard work and perseverance they are finding success. I […]

4 Mistakes Damaging Your Virtual Assisting Business

You made the decision to start a virtual assisting business. Maybe it’s because you enjoy helping others. Perhaps you have skills from your old job. Be it your intention to do this full time or part time, you want all the time and energy you put in it to be as profitable as possible. Just […]

How to Find Freelance Writing Success

Do you dream of finding freelance writing success, but reality has fallen pitifully short of the goal? I’ve been there, too. Back in 2008-9 content writing was booming. There were several sites hiring people as independent contractors to write for content websites. I jumped on the chance to write for a couple of these companies. I […]

Freelance Writer Earns $1000 a Month Working 10 Hours or Less a Week

I have another inspiring freelance writer story share today! I’m keeping these posts short so you get right to the good stuff: hearing the success story directly from writers. Yesterday, I shared with you Laura’s amazing story (how adorable is she??). Today I wanted to share with you Sally Miller’s story. Like Laura, Sally is a […]

Why Your Etsy Shop Gets No Sales

Have you started on Etsy and wonder why your Etsy shop gets no sales? This week I’m keeping to a theme of mistakes made starting and running different home businesses.  Today I’m going share my experiences on why Etsy shops fail and tips on how to fix it. I started my Etsy shop in 2011 […]

Learn How Laura Makes $100 Per Post Freelance Writing

Curious about becoming a freelance writer? Find out how this writer make $100 per post freelance writing! Deciding to take 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success off of the market was a tough decision for my friend Gina last fall. When her students heard about it, they wanted to share their success with the […]

How to Beat 3 Common Blogging Mistakes

Are you a casualty of common blogging mistakes? I was its unknowing victim for some time. My first time was almost 10 years ago. Again and again over the years I repeated one or more these mistakes. It didn’t sink in until last year when these mistakes became visible to me and I looked for […]

Make Your Home Office Family Friendly

What’s your home office look like? Is it a spare bedroom, corner of the living room, or have you taken time and space to create a dedicated work space? Personally, I’ve done it all. I used to have an office space in our master bedroom. I also had a loft which I shared with my […]

Should I Join a Direct Sales Company Because I Love the Products?

When considering to join a direct sales company as a consultant, there are many choices to make. One thing that seems to often come up is the question: do you love the products? But should this be the only reason you base your decision upon?   Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you click and purchase through […]

5 Low Cost Home Business Ideas

Home businesses can be expensive, but there are low cost home business ideas that don’t cost much to start. Are you a stay at home mom who is looking for ways to earn money? And maybe all the work at home jobs don’t fit you well? I’ve been where you’re are. I wanted to raise my […]