The 3 Most Popular Kids Toys

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Children require an excellent combination of fun and learning whenever they have to play with their respective toys. As there can be literally hundreds to thousands of different classes or types of toys, we have decided to make a poll to find out which among these toys are currently ranked as the most popular today. You’d be surprised at what we found out. Here are the 3 most popular kids toys you can ever find today.

  1. New Monster High Dolls

From the same creators of Barbie, one of the most iconic fashion doll line in history, comes one of the most popular kid’s fashion doll series ever. The New Monster High Dolls is a collection of miniaturized dolls with more animated look than their Barbie counterparts. These dolls have slightly larger heads, more pronounced facial features, and come with more outlandish costumes and getups that, at first, you may find offensive. However, if you do try to understand what makes a New Monster High doll so unique, then you will also fall in love with these lovely figures. New Monster High Dolls are beautifully designed and elegantly styled personas of characters in the paranormal and supernatural world. In many cases, most of us, especially children, are always given a picture of a vampire, a witch, or even Medusa as someone that’s scary. But once you get to see these monster dolls, all of those fears will simply melt away. Instead, you will also learn to adore these creatures. Like Barbie, dolls in the New Monster High series come with a variety of accessories from clothes to styling products. They also come with a variety of storylines which kids can collect to create their very own world of the New Monster High kids.

  1. Shopkins

In the eyes of young kids, many of the items they see can really be intimidating. That’s why Melbourne-based toys company Moose Toys launched their Shopkins Collectibles in 2014. Barely 3 years, the Shopkins brand has grown to include the classic miniature “shopping item” characters, collector cards, YouTube videos, and even books. It is now one of the most popular kids’ toys. And why not? Kids are given the chance to collect their own grocery items from fruits and vegetables to food items and electronic items. If one has to follow their YouTube channel, Shopkins now has 7 seasons under its belt. Each season of the Shopkins features a variety of items with which kids can collect. For instance, in Season 1, they can collect fruits and vegetables, sweet treats, baked goodies, dairies, and even one for health and beauty. Season 5, on the other hand, featured tech items, music, and sports items. So, it comes as no surprise at all if your kids will also be filling their own shopping baskets with these Shopkins and revel at the bright and friendly faces of these miniature toys.

  1. Minion Toys

Nobody understands them better than kids. Of course, we actually don’t need to understand them because their funny antics are already great sources of warmth for the heart. Minion toys are becoming more and more popular ever since they first graced the big screen in 2010. Today, with Despicable Me 3 coming this summer of 2017, we are pretty confident kids and adults alike will be flocking to their toy stores again to get the latest of Stuart, Kevin, and Bob and the rest of our jeans-wearing yellow cuddables. Minion toys range from plush stuffed toys to organizers to watches designed specifically for kids, and a whole lot more. The thing is that kids will never really want to be separated from the yellow lovables, just as the Minions have been known to be inseparable from their Big Bosses. The team at My Kid Needs That have published a great post on the most popular Shopkin toys at the moment.

With these 3 most popular kids toys, we can guarantee your kids will love you more for it. Just imagine the big smile on their faces and their warm embrace and you know you’ve made the right choice.

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