3 Surefire Ways to Make Money from Home

Our digital age has opened more ways to make money from home than ever before. At one time, working from home was once merely a dream for most people. It wasn’t feasible for companies to hire employees to work from home. And to start a business from home meant a lot of extra work with limited marketing options. But now, working from home is a reality giving you more opportunities than ever before. So how do you choose?

While your goal is finding ways to create steady cash flow, the best ways are those that you can enjoy doing long term. Also, it’s good to pick one that grows over time, increasing your income as you work. Here’s three surefire ways to get you started earning money.

Ways to Make Money From Home

1. Start a Direct Sales Business

One way to create an quick cash flow is to start business with a direct sales company. Now, this may surprise you. However it is possible to start earning income quickly and steadily through direct sales. The main advantages of a direct sales business is: low startup cost, product availability, downline income, and support. Some direct sales cost below $100 to start. Instead of having to search for products from a wholesaler, you get exclusive access for products that are proven sellers. You can build a team and receive commission from their sales in addition to your own. Lastly you have the support of the company and others on your team.

It’s all about how you go about launching your new business. Be ready to sell your product by having a big launch party. Learn how to share about your business through home parties and local events. Your company and team will provide you with a endless supply of tips and ideas on how to promote your business. The difference is in how you use the training. If you stick with it and not be afraid of trying new things you’ll succeed. Be professional, courteous, and sincere with people. It pays off better than being pushy or salesy.

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2. Start a Service Business

A service business is a favorite of mine for several reasons. First, is the low startup cost. Some service businesses can be started immediately with almost no investment. Second, service businesses can be started without needing a lot of space in your home. For many service businesses all you need is a computer and reliable internet. You can work on your couch if you want! The types of businesses are many. A few popular ones I’ve written about in other posts are: writing, virtual assisting,  and pet sitting. There’s a service business to match any talents, skills, or interests you may have.

Another perk of launching a service business is that you can scale the business to fit you. Whatever number of hours you have available to work, you can control that by the number of clients you keep. And lastly, you have options between working with local clients or picking a service business that can be completely online.

3. Blogging

Blogging has become one of the most popular methods of making money online. That’s because it requires little investment, no experience, and  you have complete control over your schedule. Also, you pick from just about any topic you’re interested in. Though, it can take a little while to get making money with blogging, it is possible to see those earnings increase over time.

It’s also nice because it lets your pick from different methods of earning income: affiliate marketing, advertising, paid sponsor posts, digital products. You can pick which you want to focus on for your blog or do them all. You can even combine with it with a direct sales or service business to increase your income further. That’s what makes a blog business so great: it offers both a lot options and much potential.  Learn more about starting a blog in these posts:

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In closing, I picked these 3 ideas as being surefire ways to make money from home because they are tried and true income earners. There really is no secret to why these work for some people and not others. If you work hard and not give up. If you put in the effort to learn how to do the work well. And if you are willing to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. That’s when you’ll also see success happen to you!



  1. I’ve done all three of the above and blogging is by far my favorite way to make money from home. It allows you to show your creativity and there are so many different ways to earn. Very good post, thanks for sharing!

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