4 Frugal Ways to Have Fun With the Family in Chicago

Chicago is a great place for families on a budget because there’s so many free activities to enjoy. Here are some of the best choices for a family, whether you have young children, teens, or just a partner.

Bake Sale for Charity

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Your family could choose any charity and then host a bake sale to raise funds for that group. Not only is the baking part fun, but the finished product is delicious! Even if you only raise $20 from family and friends, the idea is to empower your child to become involved in the community.

Take your kids with you to deliver the donation and let them experience the good feelings that go with charity. They will remember it for the rest of their lives.

Experience the Symphony at Ravina

For just $10 a child, you can see a live symphony at Ravina in the Summer. These concerts are held for all families to experience the moving beauty of live performances. If you want to make the day more memorable, you can opt to sit on the lawn and create your own picnic.

Pack a healthy meal and lay back as the music washes over you while you watch the stars sparkle. Remember to take a few pictures to show your extended family and to enjoy in the years to come.

Attend a Live Sporting Event

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Live sporting events are the best when it comes to vigor and enthusiasm. Your kids will be out of their seats cheering and shouting with the other spectators if you get Chicago Bears Tickets. Pack cozy blankets, hearty snacks, and plenty of water so you don’t have to brave the crowds on the way to concessions, and your family will enjoy a memorable day at the park.

If you wanted to make your sports trip more elaborate, you could make a foam finger as a craft project beforehand. Your child will love painting it to match the team’s colors and showing it off at the big game.

Farmers Market Fun

Put your dog in a t-shirt and head down to the farmers market, where pets are welcome and kids are enchanted by homemade goods like toys, treats, and games. Consider letting each of your family members have ten dollars to buy a family member a funky gift. Not only does everyone get something, but everyone will also get to experience giving a gift.

Prepare for your free walk in the park by slathering on sunscreen and wearing comfortable shoes. If you do bring a pet, consider its watering needs and bring a small bowl. Also, if you plan to pick out fresh produce as a family, you will want to bring a large bag to carry it all home.

When you want to have fun without breaking the bank, any of these options are great. Your family will grow closer and you will have memories of fun events, family closeness, and cherished moments.

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