4 Home Business Ideas for Cooks

If you love cooking, let me inspire you with these home business ideas for cooks. Using your love of cooking and a little creativity can help you develop a business doing you enjoy. I’ve come up with 4 home business ideas for cooks.

If you love cooking, let me inspire you with these home business ideas for cooks. Here are four businesses you can start and share your love of food.

Home Business Ideas for Cooks

You don’t need to be a chef to find a career in cooking. Your talents and skills for creating delicious food is the only experience required. That and commitment to learn how to launch your business. I’m going to share these ideas in order of complexity in setting up.

Cooking Blog

Starting a cooking a blog is the probably the easiest, fastest, and most flexible way of all the home business ideas for cooks. But that doesn’t make it have the lowest earning potential. The blog industry is booming and people area always looking for a new favorite cooking blog for recipes to try. You can pick a niche of cooking you love the most. It could be centered around baking, clean-eating, paleo, family-friendly, gourmet, etc.

You’ll want to learn how to set up your blog, market it, and how to take great, shareable food images. To learn more about blogging check out these articles: The First Steps to Starting a Blog7 Tips to Successful Blogging.


Online Bake Shop

If your passion is baking or making candies, then you can start your own baked good shop online. From homemade truffles to cookie bouquets, talented makers are selling their delicious creations online with their websites and marketplaces like Etsy.

You can take it local, too, by participating in local events like farmer’s markets and festivals.


Personal Chef

If your idea of the best home based business is to cook small meals for just a couple of people, you may want to consider becoming a personal chef. You do not need to be an actual chef to run this type of business. What makes this a best home based business is that it is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S.

It’s similar to catering but on a smaller scale. You can build a list of clients based on how much work you want. And you can be creative with this idea! I can see this as not just seeking high income clients. Busy families, new moms, chronically ill or disabled, and elderly all need help prepared healthy, delicious meals.

It does require some travel but you can still work at home to prepare ingredients before heading to your clients’ home or you could prepare meals to be delivered.



Catering is a $5 billion dollar a year industry and continues to have an annual growth rate of 5 percent. People are always having parties and events that need catering. And, if you learn some basic business principles, you can run the business while making great food and putting smiles on faces.


Final Considerations

Regardless of which business you choose, you still need to do some preparation. You will want to develop your food preparation skills so that you are showing people your business succeeds. You can gain experience in the food industry doing volunteer work, working in a restaurant, or helping friends and family.

Also, be sure to investigate food regulations in your area. Cottage food laws vary from state to state. Make sure before  you start that you can meet the requirements of preparing food in your home. You can also consider renting or sharing a kitchen.



  1. I’ve been talking to my daughter about starting her own food blog. She loves to cook and share her recipes. She has created several good ones of her own.

    • Katharine says:

      That would awesome for her to learn. I envy that young women have options like blogging early in their adult years. It would have been ideal opportunity for me to work at home while raising a family. I can’t imagine where it would be 20-30 years on now! 😀

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