4 Types of Work at Home Jobs

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Looking for online work at home jobs can be confusing. With 1000’s of websites on the web, all suggesting this or that kind of work at home job, your head is spinning. When I began looking for work at home jobs. I became overwhelmed quickly. There are so many websites and kinds of work at home jobs out there. More and more companies are catching on that hiring people to work at home is smart business.

n this first post of this work at home jobs series, we'll explore the four types of work at home jobs so you can decided which fits you best.

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After while I began to recognize how to categorize jobs into types. It helps in deciding what jobs you should be looking for to meet your goals. You don’t waste precious time on jobs that don’t fit you. Over the next few days I’m going to talk about the four main types of work at home jobs, starting with a brief overview.

A brief look at the 4 types of work at home jobs

In this series, we’ll focus on each of these types of work from home jobs. They include task jobs, independent contract jobs, traditional employee jobs, and freelance jobs. Each varies in both pay scale and income potential. Skills and experience needed are, also, a factor in each job area. Jobs with specific skills such as customer service, transcription or journalism can potentially earn more than those with less work experience.

Task Jobs

Task jobs are the first type of work at home jobs in this series. These jobs have a tendency to be on lower earning scale because of the very nature of how they’ve been developed by companies. The worker completes a task in exchange for pay. The volume of work varies. Workers are independent contractors making them responsible for income tax. In part 2 of our series we will talk more about the types of tasks, skill requirements, and companies that hire. 

Contract Jobs

Contract jobs are in the middle pay range, generally. They can vary in the number of hours available to work and pay scale. Contracted employees work mostly part time jobs from home. As an independent contract worker, just like the task jobs, workers must keep track of their own taxes receiving a 1099 form for filing taxes. In part 3 of our series we go more in depth about what type of jobs are available and companies that hire independent contracted employees for these work at home job positions

Traditional Jobs

Traditional jobs are both part time and full time work at home jobs, but they hire employees much like they do for offline jobs. Employees receive pay with tax deductions subtracted. They receive a W2 for tax purposes. They sometimes offer a benefits package with insurance and 401k savings options. In part 4 we will examine the job market of these at home jobs along with the requirements to be hired.

Freelance Jobs

Freelancers are usually hired as an independent contractor. Pay varies greatly on the job description and the volume of work. And it’s not just the pay that varies; the types of jobs available, also, cross many types from writing to graphic design. Businesses contract freelancers both short term and long term projects. It could be writing an article for a magazine or providing technical help developing a new website. In part 5 of this series on work from home jobs we’ll look into the world of freelance jobs to learn more.

In conclusion, while you wait to read our next part of this series, start to think over what kind of work from home job might fit you best. Ask yourself how many hours you have free to work, what kinds of skills and experience do you have to offer and what are your income goals. These questions will help you evaluate each type of work at home job we will be examining in our future posts.

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