5 Low Cost Home Business Ideas

Home businesses can be expensive, but there are low cost home business ideas that don’t cost much to start. Are you a stay at home mom who is looking for ways to earn money? And maybe all the work at home jobs don’t fit you well? I’ve been where you’re are. I wanted to raise my daughter at home and homeschool, but I needed to earn money, too.

After trying out some work at home jobs, none of them fit my situation or my personality. I think I was born with entrepreneurial gene, growing up with a mom who was and farmer grandparents. And even if you don’t feel that way, you recognize the advantages of starting a home-based business.

Home businesses can be expensive, but there are low cost home business ideas that don't cost much to start. These great ideas will get you started!

5 Low Cost Home Business Ideas

A home business has advantages and disadvantages. You have control over what you do, when you do it, and how much you earn. You are only limited by how much time and effort you put into it. However, you have to stick to it and treat it seriously. You, also, must, be patient until usable income is there. And finally, it up to you to know what to do and when to do; you have to keep yourself accountable and be organized. To me the pros definitely outweigh any cons when compared to a job that limits your earning potential and could taken from you at any moment. Here are some low-cost ideas to get you started.

Start A Blog or Website

This is my favorite so I wanted to talk about it first. What I like about it is that just about anyone can do it. With all the free resources and training online, you can start a complete newbie to blogging. For the cost of a domain name and monthly web hosting, you can have a business started writing about a niche/topic that you love or a need you see a lot of people want help with. Maybe it’s a challenge you want to overcome. Ruth of Living Well, Spending Less began her now successful blogging business because she wanted to overcome her spending habits. Now she trains others at Elite Blog Academy and makes a 6 figure income.

Don’t shoot yourself down thinking you can’t write. All things improve with practice. You don’t have to be a novelist, you just need to use decent grammar and spelling while sharing your insights about a topic. To learn more read these posts: The First Steps to Starting a Blog, 5 Important Tips When Blogging for Profit, and 7 Tips to Successful Blogging.

Sell Stuff Online

Another low cost home-based business idea is selling items you find at a discount and reselling them online. If you start small, the cost in both time and dollars is minimal. Begin with items you don’t want around your house anymore, or buy a few items at garage sales. Sell a product you make if that appeals to you. Eventually you can connect with a wholesaler, possibly one who will dropship items or sell in larger lots at a great discount. I’ve personally done this off and on over many years on Ebay and more recently in Facebook Groups. Sarah Titus has a lot of experience selling on Ebay, you read her story here:  7 Tips to Making a Living on eBay. By the way Sarah went onto becoming a successful blogger, too, she’s written several books about it, available on Amazon.

An area of this kind of business is booming on Amazon. It’s called Amazon FBA, or fulfilled by Amazon. Sellers search products they can buy at good price, instead of packing and shipping orders the products are shipped to an Amazon warehouse. The seller lists them on Amazon and Amazon ships the products and pays the seller the purchase price minus fees. Several books are available about starting a Amazon FBA Business.

Babysitting or Daycare

Starting a babysitting or daycare service is lost cost and works well when you have own children at home with you. It’s lost cost and you can start small with just one or two children. If you find this a good business for you, you can expand by going through the steps of becoming a home daycare.

You can choose what ages you want to sit for. If preschoolers are your favorite age range, you can offer learning activities that parents will thrilled about. Or do something unique like being a mommy/daddy date night where you sit for a family one night a week to give the parents a well-needed date together. Sites like Care.com and Sittercity.com let you register your services so you can reach family across your community.

Personal Wardrobe Stylist

Love clothes? Do people go crazy over your outfits? Are friends asking you to help them shop? You could turn it into a career as a personal wardrobe stylist! All you need to get started is business cards and maybe a brochure of your services. Help clients sort and organize their wardrobe, then help them go shopping to find the outfits they need. You could add a service as personal shopper and go shopping for them.

This is a potential well earning business as your best clients would be in higher income range. Network with boutiques and tailors for referrals. And having a friendly tailor is good to have when a client needs alterations done. Later you can start your own website and list your services; even create an online course on wardrobe and style advice. Locally, you could do group workshops or mini fashion shows with those boutiques you got friendly with! Read more in this post at PennyHoarder.com, How to Become a Personal Stylist.

Sell Your Handmade Products

Take your passion for a craft and turn it into a thriving business. Who wouldn’t love to spend each day doing a hobby they enjoy while earning an income? There are more types of handmade products then I can list here. Start up can be low by designing a small line of products. To keep costs low, you can also design them to be similar. An example of this would a line of stenciled wall signs. They all use the same supplies.

Your creations can be unique or mainstream, popular. What’s important is creating well made products, offering excellent customer service, and learning how to market your business. Besides the cost of supplies, you will need a website. You can start on Etsy.com, but it’s recommended you have your own website, too. This way you can market with blog posts and have more freedom from transaction fees and the style of your store. In addition to selling your handmade items, you can use your website as you would a blog business, creating more income streams in addition to your sales.

Think of what you know and like to do best. Then find a way to offer these services or information to the public. Find a home business idea on your budget and start doing what you want to do.


  1. Other than the daycare business wondering how many of these actually succeed in making a regular income? Are they more hobbies I just have never known anyone who really made a living from these businesses. Sure there are just wondering if there were any stats.

    • Katharine says:

      The number of people making a living with their own home business has been increasing all the time. I follow trends in the craft business industry, for example, and more people are quitting their jobs to run their handmade business. It is possible when you stick to it and treat it like a business. Owning a business, especially from home, takes dedication and the ability to stay motivated. Usually when a business fails it’s because they are lacking those traits. You can find examples of business owners earning over 100k in blogging, handmade business, virtual assisting, writing, selling on Ebay or Amazon, Direct Sales, etc.

    • Candy I’m a blogger myself and I also work as a freelance writer and Virtual Assistant for other bloggers, many of whom earn a very good living at it. That is, if you’d call about $350,000 a year a good living…I sure would. Although I haven’t reached this level of success myself, I am able to make an income working from home that contributes to our household while working around the schedule of my family.
      Here are a couple posts that might help: https://bloggerspassion.com/bloggers-income-report-how-much-money-do-top-bloggers-make-and-how/

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I just started getting into baking/cookie decorating. I’m hoping in the future (and with a lot more practice) I could start selling baked goods!

  3. These are great ideas! I am self-employed working from home and I do three out of these five lol! 🙂 Katie x

  4. I hear there’s definitely money to be made on Amazon FBA. I listened to a recent Side Hustle Show podcast from guys making 7-figures doing it with tips for sellers in 2017. Something to check out if anyone’s interested.

  5. I’m currently doing 3 of the 5 including Mama of 3!

  6. The key for me was the find my passion, then I was able to stick to it better.

  7. I agree with this list! I am currently blogging and babysitting. I used to sell handmade products but don’t do that much anymore. No time to do blogging, babysitting AND making stuff. Maybe one day when I manage my time better.

    • Katharine says:

      It’s hard to do so many things. I’ve tried managing multiple business and without hiring help it’s not possible. If there’s fulltime businesses. There’s only so much time in the day. 🙂

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