5 Steps for Starting Your Own Blog

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So, you have been reading blog after blog and thinking to yourself, I want to start a blog but not sure how.  Well, good thing you found Today’s Work at Home Mom, and this post! Here are  steps on how you too can become a blogger. In 5 easy and quick steps you can be up and running in no time, and with a little hard work even making some money from your blog, like so many do.



Step One ~

Decide on a name for your blog/business.  Once you come up with a few you feel fit your writing style or what you want your blog to be about head on over to GoDaddy and see if the name is available.  Once you have made sure your name is available, buy it asap!  I have found that if you don’t buy it when you find it, it might be gone next time you look.  Not sure how, but somewhere there are people who know what names are searched for and they buy them up, and then ask more for them on other resell sites.  So, don’t hesitate.. buy it!

Step Two ~

Find a great hosting company that offers quality hosting and support.  I highly recommend HostGator. You want a company that will be reasonable, with good customer care, unlimited bandwith and not break the bank. That is totally HostGator.

HostGator Web Hosting


Step Three ~

Once you have set up your hosting, then you can follow the steps within your hosting panel (dashboard) to install WordPress.  WordPress is what you want for blogging as it is the easiest and can be customized to what you have in mind for your business look and feel.

Step Four ~

Now that you have downloaded your WordPress, it’s time to set up your blog.  There are ton’s of website designers to choose from but there are also lots of free or inexpensive themes ones can use.  I love Studiopress and all the awesome themes they have to offer.

Step Five ~

So, now you have your domain, hosting, wordpress, and theme all done.  It’s time to start blogging!!  Start by writing about you. Why you want to blog, and tell your audience about your life. Start blogging about your passion, your experience, your visions, your love of things, etc.  Being a blogger isn’t a “one size fits all” thing. Every blogger is different and has their own reasons for wanting to blog.   And, many bloggers do more than one blog, like myself.  Niche blogs are hot because they are easier to SEO, but don’t let that stop you from doing whatever kind of blog you have in mind.

Enjoy your journey in setting up your new blog, and learning all their is to know about blogging.   Keep watching Today’s Work at Home Mom for more great tips on blogging, growing your blog, getting traffic, and even working with brands.

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