5 Ways to Reach Your Customers

Generating leads is a major part of building your business. Once you’ve landed those customers, you’re also charged with keeping them happy and loyal. You can meet both objectives by reaching out and making a connection with your customers using the following tactics.

Events – Live or Online

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Events are a powerful way to reach your customers in person. A whopping 90 percent of nonprofits and 78 percent of B2C companies feel that events are important to their success. Live events allow you to reach out a warm hand to your leads. Whether you set up a table at a trade show or meet your customers online in a video conference, the event gives your company a face and personality, making it easier for potential buyers to form a personal connection with you.

Most events are educational in nature. Think of something you can educate your customers about and host a special event to get your current and future clients in-the-know.

Email Marketing

A Sales Force study revealed that 44 percent of email recipients made a purchase based on a promotional email. Emails are a great way to communicate with a large number of people because they’re incredibly cost-effective. The drawback of email marketing is that you have a lot of competition and your messages must get past the problematic spam filters to actually reach your customers.

As you’re crafting your emails, take the time to research email tips for real-world retailers. The most effective messages are concise and well-written. If your subject line packs enough punch, you can even make an impression on customers who don’t elect to actually open the message.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing can include newsletters, catalogs, flyers, letters, and coupons. Direct mail has a deeper impact on consumers than electronic media. There’s something more engaging about an item that you can actually touch and hold. When direct mail pieces are well-designed, they can make a big impression on potential customers.

Online Videos

Online videos on YouTube are an increasingly popular way to connect with customers. Unlike television ads that viewers often mute or tune out, viral YouTube videos are something that customers will actually seek out and pass on to their friends. You won’t get this kind of reaction with just any video, but if you touch on something unique and engaging, the potential for reaching new customers is almost limitless. Push the boundaries with this type of marketing and try something really revolutionary.

Text Message Marketing

Text messages are an effective way to reach your customers because an impressive 95 to 98 percent of texts are read within just minutes of receipt. You can use brief messages to alert your customers to a sale, offer a coupon code, or promote a new product. Shortened links in these messages can point customers to your mobile optimized site. From there, you’re just a few clicks away from a sale.

These marketing tactics will help you connect with your customers and build a profitable and long-term relationship. Employ a diverse marketing plan with several of these options.

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