A Prize in Every Candle

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An amazing smelling and burning candle is what most people want when they spend money on candles, but when you get that, and a prize to boot then that means you have one heck of a product on your hands.

Prize Candles are all of the above.

Being a candle maker myself I am very picky about how a candle burns, the scent throw, and the type of wax it is made out of.  Well, I have to say on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best I give these candles an 8.  The only reason I didn’t give them a full 10 is because the only part I am not fully sold on is the prize. All the candles have rings in them, and the rings are supposed to be worth anywhere from $10 and up.  Well, once you retrieve the ring from the candle you go to the website and input your code that you find with the ring and then you find out what the ring is worth.

So, the first ring I dug out was only valued at $10 according to the website appraisal page.
It was a cute ring, but the picture is fuzzy. This candle is the Orange Blossom.


So,  even though I was not impressed with the ring, the candle burned good and smelled good and that is more what I care about.

So, onto candle number 2.  This was a French Brulee, and smelled so good!!  Here is the ring from this candle.  It is not my taste at all in rings, and according to the site it is valued at $100.   Well, I find that very hard to believe because I couldn’t get $1 for it at a garage sale. So, I am not sure how they figure out what the rings are worth.   To me, both rings looked the same, like costume jewelery.


Just because I don’t really get the whole “jewelery in a candle” concept doesn’t mean others don’t. Non the less, it is a great candle so if you like to find fun goodies in your candles I do recommend them.

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Disclaimer ~ Today’s Work at Home Mom received product to facilitate a review.
All opinions are 100% Today’s Work at Home Mom’s.


  1. marian boll says:

    Love the idea of this candle!!

  2. amanda eldridge says:

    i love both of the ring you got in them i missed the giveaway but wanted to tell you i liked the rings you got. i would love to have them.


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