Action and Intention

Action and intention in the springtime

It is April! We have more light through the day if we are subjected to the horrors of daylight savings time and then the rites of spring. The warmer days creep up in rapid succession and before you know it Easter is overtaken by Memorial Day then the 4th of July then school starting again.

This rapid onslaught happens unless you take a moment to step back and be present. Being present can be very hard for us moms who have the demands of our little one constantly tugging on our clothing as well as a million other responsibilities.

In my yoga classes where I work with mothers around their childbirth journeys I cue special themes at this time of year to hopefully gear them up to make the most of the beautiful weather and what it does for our souls. Perhaps my favorite theme is “action and intention” at this time of year.

Before spring hits and we have to leave our domestic cocoons is a fantastic time to pause, breathe, then honestly reflect if your actions align with your intentions.

For the woman who spends a great deal of time at home it is easy to lose sight of your intentions because life happens. If this is your first step, then take a moment to think about how you want to be conducting yourself in your daily affairs. If you know the path you want to be on then honestly hold a private conversation to determine if you have been walking that path or imagining it from far away.

Some examples of intentions to examine are:

Are you eating the right kind of foods you said you would eat when the winter holidays passed?

Are you and the family moving as much as you had planned on?

Are you interacting with your relationships as warmly as you think you do?

When working from home are you setting boundaries of when you are working and when you are able to wear your mom hat?

Have you been practicing your religious or spiritual discipline if you have one?

If you did a vision board or set any long-term goals then reflect on those. Next set up some sort of realistic accountability to align your action with intention. And then go forward into spring feeling empowered to fully utilize the newness of the season.

Above all treat yourself with gentle kindness if your actions do not perfectly line up with your intention. This is the case for pretty much all of us, especially moms who have to deal with the balancing act of life for us and our littles.

It is April! It is spring! Use this time to your advantage or at least enjoy the peace and quiet as you sip on a nice glass of wine to reflect on this post.

Kia Ru wears many hats. She is an Ignite Fitness and COCreate Organizer, ShiftCon speaking coordinator, yoga instructor at-large, an ecologist on parenting hiatus, and a writing and image contributor on wellness, green and parent topics. She blogs at:


  1. Love this, especially about being gentle with yourself. We too easily beat ourselves up over missed goals or bad behavior, when often times we’re the only person in our corner!

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