Get Your Finances In Order For A Stronger Home Business

If you want to get started with your home business, you will first need to make sure that you have got your finances together as sensibly and as completely as possible. This is hard to ensure, and it can take a long time to get right – but as long as you are keen to […]

Revive Your Wardrobe with 7 Charming Sisters Jewelry

Need to revive your wardrobe? Is it feeling out of date or just plain blah looking? Jewelry is a solid way to rev up those boring outfits. Thanks to 7 Charming Sisters I got some beautiful jewelry to review in exchange for sharing about them with you! And, my my, I was not disappointed with […]

NannyPay Makes Paying Household Help Easier

NannyPay is making paying household help easier than ever. If you hire baby sitters, nannies, tutors, housekeepers or any type of household help you may notice how much it costs to use a third party service. Allow me to share with you how NannyPay  can help you save money and help you keep your expenses […]

Rescued from Dirty Floors by Shark® Ionflex™ 2X Duoclean™ Cordless Ultra-Light Vacuum

I confess my dirty floors were giving me grief. After moving to our new home three years ago, I got my first experience of having wood floors in our living room and kitchen. It was soon realized what struggles I would have trying to keep these floors clean. Disclosure: I am partnering with Shark Ninja […]

Start a Sewing Business at Home

If you’re enjoy sewing then a sewing business at home might be perfect for you. Do you enjoy sewing clothes for yourself or your children? Are friends and relatives always asking you to make sewing repairs? If so, then you have the perfect beginnings for a sewing business. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When […]

How to Make Money on Your Blog with Affiliate Marketing

There are different ways to make money on your blog. And, one of the most popular ways is affiliate marketing. If you’re just getting started trying to make money online, you might have heard of affiliate marketing, but you don’t know what it means. You need to keep reading then. And, for you who already […]

Open A Wedding Planner Business from Home

The wedding planner business is booming! Every year, almost 2.5 million couples tie the knot in the United States, spending an average of $26,000 a couple — making it a $72 billion industry. Planning and organizing a wedding is still a major undertaking and many couples simply don’t have the time to devote to it […]

Coconut Snowmen Cupcakes

Celebrate the holidays with these coconut snowmen cupcakes. They are almost as fun to make with your family as they are to eat together. And, don’t worry they aren’t hard to make so you don’t have to be pro in the kitchen. Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you click and purchase through these, […]

This Fire Safety Month Learn How to Keep Your Family Safe

You want to keep your family safe and that includes fire safety. October is Fire Safety Month. And, we are partnering with First Alert to help you and your family safe from fires. In this sponsored post we’ll share with you tips and equipment you can use to improve your family fire safety plan.   […]

Get Beautiful Lips with LipSense

I recently had the opportunity to try LipSense Lipcolors and Gloss. They provided me with samples to tryout in exchange for this review.  I’m happy to share with your my transparent and positive thoughts about LipSense. LipSense Waterproof Lip Color Before sharing about my experience trying LipSense, I want to share a little bit about […]