Five FREE Summer Activities

Ah summer. The kids are home and all of a sudden work output decreases because there are children under foot and in the cupboards and needing all the things. So what do you do with these kids that doesn’t cost you an arm, leg, and the neighbor’s dog?  Well, since I am on a tight […]

One Mom’s Work At Home Schedule

Ok so the title is misleading: I’m not technically a Work At Home Mom. I’m a Work Out of the Home, Work in the Home, Work in the Car, Work Work Work Mom. I’m a high school teacher and writer. For nine months of the year, my teaching job structures my working day, but during […]

Organizing Your Work and Family Calendars

In my almost nine-year marriage to my husband we haven’t argued about many things. We don’t bicker about money or putting dirty laundry in the hamper. There aren’t many dishes stand-offs or laundry pile ups. The thing that we go around and around about is the family calendar. My husband is a computer geek. He […]