Five Tips for Keeping the House Clean

One of my girlfriends recently announced she’s pregnant. With another baby in the house, she’ll be chasing two sweeties around. She called out to me via Facebook, “How do you keep up with two babies all day long!?” I replied with a reminder that in the summer, I have three kids that I chase around […]

5 At-Home Date Ideas

Every time I have a baby (I’m currently at three total), I seem to go into lockdown mode. Getting away when you are the baby’s source of nutrition or comfort can be really difficult. In fact, it seems like every time I try to leave, the baby has a weird day or night. He suddenly […]

Stealing Moments for You

Working from home means that you never leave the office. If you’re like me and you have your email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on your phone, you really never leave. Then, as is the nature of a work-at-home-parent, there’s your 24/7 job of, well, being a parent. My for-pay job(s) has me on the computer […]

Best YouTube Channels for Babies and Toddlers

Working from home means entertaining my children while balancing a student request or co-worker email. Sometimes, I do depend on the iPad for some great videos to help my children actually learn while watching something on a screen. I try to limit their screen time, and I definitely don’t use the iPad as a babysitter. […]