Bat Those Beautiful Lashes

It seems that long, lush, beautiful lashes are only a thing you see on boys!  Why is it all boys are born with the lashes girls dream of having?  I know when my son was born he had black, long, thick, beautiful lashes and I was so jealous.

Well, now us women can bat our beautiful lashes and make everyone who sees us envious.  How?  By using lash growth serum of course.  Have you ever thought about trying a lash grown serum? Well did you know that the MD lash grown serum is non irritation, simple to use, has no harmful side effects, nourishes and conditions lashes and brows, helps fortify lashes to maximum fullness and length, dries clear and is clinically tested and safe. In as little as 4 weeks you can see results.

Once your lashes are beautiful you can show them off with a lash amplifying mascara.  I love using an amplifying mascara because it makes my lashes look great!  The MD lash amplifying mascara makes your lashes longer and more luscious, creates the effect of bigger and bolder eyes, has peptides to leave lashes soft and supple, contains a lengthening and thickening fiber, is long lasting and smudge proof and water resistant and has a fun precision brush to guarantee smooth application.   What I do is apply the Primer and let dry a few seconds, then apply my mascara.   Gives me beautiful lashes that others are jealous about.   And, best part is these are natural beauty products. Using natural is the way to go 🙂   I love how this makes the lashes look so naturally full.

You can find these products at any of these great retailers ~ Mijer stores, Pharmasave, Bed Bath & Beyond/Harmon, & Walgreens.


Disclaimer ~ This is a sponsored post thru  All opinions are 100% Today’s Work at Home Mom’s.

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