Become a Barista: Coffee Machines at Home


There’s nothing more valuable than a good cup of coffee first thing  in the morning.   The right brew will get you in the mood  to destroy that workload, nail that interview or simply to stay awake  all day following a rather heavy night before (we’ve all been there).   What’s even better is that, these days, we don’t have to make do  with naff coffee anymore; we have the option of having genuine, barista-quality  brews at home!  That’s why we’ve put together this mini guide  as to the different types of home coffee maker.

A pod machine

Perhaps the most simple and easy to maintain type of coffee-maker  on the list, pod-based machines are gloriously easy to use: simply lift  back the catch, insert your pod, close the slot, and press a button.    Some twenty seconds or so later, the drink will pour into the mug.    The one downside of these machines is that the pods themselves can be  a wee bit pricey in the long run, but my god is it worth it.

Filter coffee machines

Having been around far longer than the pods, filter coffee machines  have a serious fan base, and with good reason.  Despite having  to wait around for the kettle to boil, they’re incredibly easy to  use, and are a relatively cheap way to get fresh, great-tasting coffee  without the hassle.  Essentially, hot water simply drips slowly  through a basket of ground coffee and into the pot.  Easy, delicious  and there’s usually a hot plate to keep the pot warm.  The one  piece of necessary maintenance is cleaning out the filter (though some  models have disposable filters, which are cheap and ideal if you’re  feeling a bit lazy)!

Bean-to-cup machines

Now this is some serious luxury.  As you might have guessed from  the name, bean-to-cup machines provide about the freshest coffee it’s  possible to get without going over to Colombia and sourcing the beans  yourself.  What’s more, many of the machines are virtually automatic:  add water, fill the bean hopper and press the button.  Cue some  truly stunning coffee, and cue you skipping off to work, full of caffeine-induced  energy.  Needless to say, this machine of epic luxury doesn’t  come cheap, but wonderful things like this never do.  If money  is no object, this is where your money should be going.

Espresso machines

Otherwise known as pressure machines, these machines are steam-driven,  and were created with the aim of making seriously strong coffee –  the sort junior doctors rely on.   Essentially, the water  is boiled in a chamber, building up pressure and steam until the pressure  forces the water through to the coffee itself.  What’s great  about these is, not only do they make up an espresso that could wake  up a hibernating grizzly bear, but the froth caused by the pressure  is ideal if you want to whip up a nice cappuccino.  You can then  sip it whilst reading the Financial Times and wearing a monocle.   Probably.

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