Become a Cooking Instructor with Healthy Hands Cooking

Take your love of cooking and become a cooking instructor? You may be wondering how that’s possible. Or wondering why you should even consider it. I’m excited to share with you about Healthy Hands Cooking today. I’ve partnered with them to tell you all about their wonderful cooking instructor certification.

Did you know you could be using your love of cooking to make money? Learn how to become a cooking instructor with Healthy Hands Cooking.

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We’ve seen all around us how obesity has become a serious health concern. The American Heart Association reports 1 in 3 children and teens are overweight. We are a society that survives on convenient foods and take out. Instead of eating out only for special occasions, it is now regular habit to eat out or grab fast food. Less and less do people even know how to cook healthy meals. Fewer schools offer home economics courses. Today, we are raising future generations who can’t cook and don’t know the basics of good nutrition.

Healthy Hands Cooking

Started in 2012, Healthy Hands Cooking has trained 100’s of people across the United States as cooking instructors. They follow a philosophy of teaching kids and families the value in eating real wholesome food. The goal is help them improve their health by learning about eating clean, real foods.

The Role of a Cooking Instructor

A cooking instructor is a trained individual who shares their knowledge to others lacking cooking skills and knowledge of nutritional meal planning. The teaching is done through a hands on cooking class, Instructors can be moms, dads, teachers, nutritionists, health & wellness advocates, and entrepreneurs with a passion for teaching healthy cooking.  And, there is a variety of ways a cooking instructor can teach: after school programs, summer camps, family cooking boot camps, at schools, scout troops, and more.

This is perfect for both as a part time or full time business. One instructor, Amy McClain of The Learning Spoon, reported she is earning $15,000 a year with one class a week.  Another instructor reported earning over $100,000 in yearly gross revenue after just 1 1/2 years in business.

The Certification Course

Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor Certification program is made up of 11 modules. It’s an online, self-study course, allowing you progress through it at your own pace. Modules include all the training needed to get started as an HCC cooking instructor and grow your business. The cost of the course is $497 one time fee, plus a monthly membership fee starting at $39 per month. Also, there are a couple fees, under $20 each, for background check and food safety course.

I really see no cons about this business idea. The pros I see are several.

  • Low cost start up for a small business startup. You will probably have some other costs for marketing materials, etc, but the cost it still relatively low compared to other small businesses.
  • Quality training and support.
  • A service that makes a lasting impact on the community and health of families.
  • Get to earn money while doing something you enjoy.
  • Flexible hours you can choose how many and when you work.

Visit Healthy Hands Cooking to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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