The Best Summer Crafts and Activities For Kids

Summer is right around the corner! For a work at home mom, that can mean a lot less time to get actual work done because the school-aged kids are home all day. Not to mention all of the sports, lessons, trips, camps, etc that you have to schedule your work around. It’s not easy to do, and work can slow down during the long, lazy days of summer, but it doesn’t have to stop! I’ve compiled a round-up of the best summer crafts and activities for kids to do when they’re home, so you can be productive.

Best Summer Activities and Crafts for Kids

Lydia of Cluttered Genius already shared her favorite YouTube channels for toddlers and preschoolers, and she also has a list of the best apps for them. Because sometimes, a little screen time is the best way to get things done.

A Busy Box is a brilliant idea for the little ones, especially if you save it for only when you’re working. Tuck one away when you need 30 minutes or an hour to get work done, and because it’s not an every day thing, it will be way more exciting for the kids. See Vanessa Craft has a list of Busy Bag Ideas for toddlers, and the same idea can be used for older kids…find crafts or art projects that are reserved for “busy time” and need little supervision…a special LEGO set (you can purchase several small ones and hand them out one at a time), a loom bracelet kit, water colors, kinetic sand (a big favorite around here), playfoam (fun for preschool and early elementary-aged kids, and so much less messy than play dough, plus it’s gluten free), special coloring books and crayons or markers. Fill a large tote or basket with these items, and allow your child (children) to choose one thing to work on at any given day. 

Best summer activities and crafts for kids

Along the same lines of the busy box, special toys can be saved for “mama’s work time.” A box of dolls and doll clothes, a race track with extra cool race cars, a train track and trains, a box of puzzles, magnetic dress-up dolls, a toy kitchen, a set of dress up clothes. Keep these in a closet, your office, or the garage, out of sight, and it’ll be like Christmas any time you bring one out.

Set up an outdoor work station, if possible. You can make phone calls, hand write in a notebook (or type on a laptop or tablet) blog posts, organize boxes of inventory, or do other tasks while you keep an eye on your children in a sandbox, on a trampoline, or even in a backyard pool (with older kids), all from a porch or deck or spot in the yard.

Pinterest has a ton of crafts and summer activities for kids as well. Again, the key is to find things that the kids can do with supervision but little actual help from you, so you can work!

When all else fails, fill your living room with blown-up balloons or huge cardboard boxes, and let the kids at them!

What are your favorite summer crafts and activities for kids?

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