Bloggy Boot Camp Minneapolis Here We Come

Bloggy Boot Camp Minneapolis here we come!


BBC is a one day blog and media conference where women like myself can go to get a better understanding of blogging and social media, while also building friendships and joining a community of like minded people.  This will be our first time attending and I am very excited!

The trip is booked, bags packed and tomorrow we venture to Minneapolis, MN for the conference.  There will be several knowledgeable speakers/bloggers, writers workshops and more!

What I’ve read from the testimonials, The tips, tricks and tools we receive this weekend will be plentiful.  Through out the weekend I will be keeping everyone updated, so don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.


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My name is Allie Alexander-Ridlon and I am a freelance content publisher. In other words, I blog on other's blogs :)
Here at Today's Work at Home Mom I will be sharing helpful tips on working from home, reviews and giveaways and little bit of everything else.

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