Candy-Coated Popcorn Party Mix (Gluten Free)

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I whipped this up for my girls’ Easter parties at school, but because of all of the seasonal M&Ms, it would be perfect for any holiday or party. I was inspired by this recipe I found on Pinterest, but because both girls are gluten free, I adapted it a bit. It’s so versatile, though, you could really add in anything you wanted! It’s really quick and easy to whip up, too. Here’s my recipe for (Gluten Free) Candy-Coated Popcorn Party Mix:

Candy-coated popcorn party mix


The following instructions make about two cookie sheets worth of mix, or about 15 treat bags. I doubled the recipe in order to make enough for both classes.


One package plain M&Ms

2-3 cups Corn Chex cereal

1 bag popcorn, popped (I used Act II light butter popcorn)

1/2 package Candiquik Vanilla Candy Coating (I used the package with the microwaveable tray)

Candy-coated popcorn party mix


Carefully pour popcorn into a large mixing bowl (in order to keep the unpopped kernels from falling in, or just pick them out if they do), top with cereal and M&Ms.

Cnady-coated popcorn party mix

Melt the candy coating according to instructions on the package. Carefully drizzle the melted candy coating over the mix in the bowl, then stir thoroughly to coat all of the ingredients and distribute them evenly.

Candy-coated popcorn party mix

Spread the mixture onto one or two wax paper lined cookie sheets, and place into the refrigerator until candy coating is hardened.

candy-coated popcorn party mix

Break party mix into pieces and enjoy! (Or try not to enjoy TOO much, and fill treat bags for a party. Ahem.)

Be careful…this mix is super addicting! But so, so easy to make. 


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