The ASEA Business Opportunity

I love to host and advertise work at home businesses here, to get the word out about different opportunities for moms looking to make an income while raising their kids at home. It’s what this site is all about! Today, I’d like to bring you an opportunity from ASEA, healthcare products making a difference in […]

5 Ways to Make Social Media Marketing Work for Home-Based Business

While it is still important for an entrepreneur to know about traditional advertising (newspapers, flyers, direct mail, signage), these tools are quickly out lapped by their digital counter parts that are not only more powerful, but are also less expensive (i.e. Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media). Of course, some technical prowess or support […]

The Best Jobs for Moms

It’s tough being an entrepreneurial mom. It can get stressful coordinating childcare, work at the home office, housekeeping, and a social life. Some entrepreneurial endeavors are more profitable than others, and some depend on the amount of time and effort put into them. They all depend on a mom’s interests, talents, abilities, availability, and resources. […]

Quick Tip Tuesday: Work Intervals With a Timer

Today’s Quick Tip Tuesday is great for the summertime, when you don’t really want to work (you’d probably rather be at the pool or enjoying the sunshine or reading a good book, right?) but really need to because business doesn’t stop when the weather is nice and the kids get out of school. Short bursts […]

The Right Degree Can Help Make the World a Better Place

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” Giving back to the world is a personal and internal quest, a combination of passion, ability and resources. First you must raise yourself up, then bring your community with you. Select a degree or […]

Four Tips For Surviving the Summer Schedule

For nine months of the year, my daily routine is pretty set. Since I teach high school, I would say it’s even more structured than most people since a bell drives my deadlines and tells me when I can npee each hour. But in the summer, I am suddenly thrown into the unstructured world of […]

Adopt a Startup Mentality to Freshen Your Business Practices

Capturing the entrepreneurial spirit of a progressive startup company can benefit businesses of all sizes. Even massive corporations can learn from upstarts that transcended their humble beginnings in home offices and meager corporate plazas to exceed investor expectations. Not everyone can make money hand over fist like a Facebook or eBay, but these wildly successful […]

Quick Tip Tuesday: Planning Ahead Your To-Do List

Today’s Quick Tip Tuesday is brought to us by Erin, a successful work at home mom with a jewelry business*. Her tip? Planning ahead your to-do list. Erin’s advice is this: take 5-10 minutes before bed every night to plan your to-do list for the following day. Doing so will set your mind at ease […]

Etsy Seller Spotlight: Juncture9

I’m sharing another Etsy Seller Spotlight today, this one on Teresa at Juncture9, a jewelry designer. How Etsy Helped My Jewelry Business Grow When I was asked to write this guest post about my Etsy business I was quite excited!  I am just getting my feet wet in the world of blogging and I appreciate […]

Quick Tip Tuesday: Be More Productive Working From Home

Kari at Driskotech is sharing a SUPER easy tip she learned on how to be more productive working at home. Check this out. What do you think? Do you do this already, or are you going to try it? Quick Tip Tuesday is just what it sounds like…a super quick way to make your life […]