5 car accessories for the work at home mom

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5 car accessories for the work at home mom

As a work at home mom, you’ve managed to escape the daily commute, but the school run can be just as challenging. If you struggle to get the kids up and out each morning, this guide to 5 of the perfect car accessories could make your mornings run a little smoother. From backseat storage to how to keep the kids entertained, PassSmart are here to make sure you’ve got your morning sorted.

Hands free Bluetooth

If multi-tasking is your thing, a Bluetooth in-car headset could be just what you need. When you’ve got the kids in the back and rush hour traffic to contend with, talking on the phone can be riskier than you might think. A hands-free Bluetooth kit will make sure you keep your hands on the wheel whilst allowing you catch up on important business calls.

It might be best to keep the most important calls until after the drop off though, as we all know kids aren’t afraid to make noise, no matter who you’re on the phone too!


In-car storage units aren’t exactly exciting, but they’ll make getting the kids in and out of the car a whole lot easier. You can buy storage units online and in many retail outlets, and you’ll be surprised at how much space they’ll free up in the car.

We know how easy it is to just fling everything in the back, but having an organized car can shave minutes off the school run. Say goodbye to rifling around for the kids soccer boots in the trunk and make sure you know exactly where everything is!

Car seat covers

For times when breakfast is an on-the-go affair, seat covers will protect your upholstery. They’re great for longer trips with the kids, too, if they’re going to be eating, drawing and drinking back there. Instead of spending hours scrubbing strawberry jam off your seats, simply wipe clean, ready for the next inevitable spillage!

Car seat covers don’t have to be ugly. They come in a range of different designs, so you can even make a style statement with them too.

Air freshener

Your car goes through a lot, and whether it’s the smell of muddy sports kits, this morning’s breakfast or tonight’s dinner, the car is bound to need a bit of a freshen up. Air fresheners are cheap and offer a great solution to stale in-car smells.

You can buy them in a range of different fragrances, or you could even make your own with your favorite essential oils. Get the kids to help you, and you’ve got a creative Saturday afternoon sorted!

Backseat DVD

Backseat DVD players are fantastic for car journeys with the little ones. When you need the kids to quieten down, put it on and they’ll soon be entertained. Have some of their favorite DVDs in the car ready, and you’ll always be prepared.

In-car DVD players are best for long journeys, as they probably won’t want to be torn away from their favorite film when they reach the school gates!

This content was written by the British service for learner drivers and driving instructors, PassSmart.com.
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What is Multi Level Marketing

Today’s Work at Home Mom is all about helping those who, Work from home.  More and more, every day I run across new businesses online, and new people who work from home.  I have many times been approached by people with the question ~ What is a Multi Level Marketing business, and why should I join one as a job?

Well, I figured since I am asked often that many of you are probably asked as well.  So, I decided to simplify it here so you can share this with anyone who asks you.

Multi Level Marketing ~

While not all MLM opportunities or companies are legit, there are many that are.  Anytime you see an opportunity that asks for money up front for nothing other than being a part of their business is a scam.  I am not talking about buying a kit or product or paying for a website, as those are legit.

Multi Level Marketing is simple and a good way to bring in extra money or an actual income full time.  All depends on your goals, how hard you work and how dedicated you are to growing your business.  If your company sells products, and recruits others to be in your team or downline who also sell products you are in an MLM. If your company is run by the more you recruit the more money you make, then you are in an MLM.  This keeps an endless supply of money for the company as their is always new recruits joining and selling.

Keep in mind that if you find a company that peaks your interest to check it out, and Google it.  You will find vast amounts of info on just about any company you are interested in.  Yes, it is true you will find good and bad info so you need to read it all and make an educated choice on if this company is right for you.

Any time you come across a business opportunity that asks you to pay to join, stay away.   Like I said before, this is aside from a consultant kit or a website hosting fee.

Being in a MLM company has many advantages and disadvantages.  I know people who make $5000 or more a month and people that make $0 a month.  It is all how you run it.    Don’t ever look at what others make, just work your business, for you.

Top Health and Wellness Direct Sales Companies

Top Health and Wellness Direct Sales Companies

Every year the awareness of being healthy and fit grows.
So, why not join a direct sales company that helps others learn about being healthy?
Here are the top health and wellness companies you can join.








Nature’s Sunshine


It Works

These are just a few, as I am sure there are many more out there.  These are the top companies of 2012.

Top Direct Sales Businesses for Women


Top Direct Sales Businesses for Women

Every day thousands of women join a new direct sales company.  Working from home is becoming more and more popular and the way that many people are supporting their families these days.   There are many successful direct sales consultants out there.  The key is getting into a company you love, and actually working it.  Not waiting for the orders to come to you, but getting out there and working your business.  Just because it is a “work at home” job, that doesn’t mean you should lay around in your pj’s all day and expect to make a ton of money.

The key to being successful is being part of a company you love and believe in.  Also, being in a company that is geared toward women.   Here are just a few companies that are geared toward women.


Mary Kay

Pampered Chef


Creative Memories

There are many many more, but these are a few top women focused companies.



2012 Top Direct Sales Companies

There are hundreds of Direct Sales businesses out there today and many new ones are popping up every month.  It just amazes me to see what comes and goes in the field of direct sales.  I thought I would let you all know what the 2012 Top Direct Sales/MLM Companies were.

Mary Kay
Natura Cosmeticos
Forever Living
Nu Skin
Tahitian Noni
Natures’ Sunshine
Stampin Up
Jewels by Park Lane
The Longaberger Company
Tastefully Simple
Pampered Chef
Southern Living

I know the list could go on and on, but I wanted to outline just the top few.   Is your business listed?  No?  Well maybe it’s time to start thinking about a new company?   No matter what you sell, if you work your business you will do well.

Do you have your company listed on Today’s Work at Home Mom?  Check out our Advertise rates.

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Top Mom Blogger

Are you a blogger?  Do you spend hours and hours sitting at your computer trying to get your blog noticed?  Working hard to get your name out there, and start earning money from your blog?   Do you get frustrated because you see others doing what you are, and they are making money?  I get it!  I totally get the frustration and confusion when it comes to the old question of how to make money online or how to grow your business.  But, have no fear because Top Mom Bloggers is here!!  Finally, two amazing women have teamed up to bring all of us bloggers great tips, resources, training, networking skills and so much more.  If you are a blogger this is the place you will want to be!

This site is packed with audio libraries, video libraries, training calls and a huge library full of posts about blogging.
I am so excited to be a part of Top Mom Blogger, and to learn all I can do really soar in my blogging business. I am taking time every day to read all I can and soak it all in so I can kick my blog into high gear for 2013!

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