Back To School: After School Routines

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again….BACK TO SCHOOL. One of the hardest things for our family (other than the dreaded transition from summer schedule to school schedule) is getting the kids into an after school routine that allows them time to eat, play, relax, AND get their homework done. Sometimes, you can […]

Popping the Perfect Family Movie Night Popcorn

In our family, we have a weekly “pizza and popcorn” night. We make homemade (gluten free) pizza and pop a bag (or two) of popcorn. They go perfectly together, and we go through so much of both that I shed a few tears when I accidentally burn a bag of the popcorn. But get this….there’s […]

Tips for Finding a Daycare Provider

Selecting a daycare provider is one of the hardest things a parent will ever do, regardless of the reason for why you are doing it. Some of us have to work for financial reasons (like me) or because we know our mental health would never hold up to staying home (like me) or just because […]

Quick Tip Tuesday: Keep Track of Library Books!

Deborah Gilboa of is full of great parenting advice, and she has today’s Quick Tip Tuesday: how to keep track of library books.   Be sure to subscribe to Doctor G’s YouTube Channel so you never miss a great parenting tip! Quick Tip Tuesday is just what it sounds like…a super quick way to make your […]

Five Tips for Keeping the House Clean

One of my girlfriends recently announced she’s pregnant. With another baby in the house, she’ll be chasing two sweeties around. She called out to me via Facebook, “How do you keep up with two babies all day long!?” I replied with a reminder that in the summer, I have three kids that I chase around […]

Five FREE Summer Activities

Ah summer. The kids are home and all of a sudden work output decreases because there are children under foot and in the cupboards and needing all the things. So what do you do with these kids that doesn’t cost you an arm, leg, and the neighbor’s dog?  Well, since I am on a tight […]

Four Tips For Surviving the Summer Schedule

For nine months of the year, my daily routine is pretty set. Since I teach high school, I would say it’s even more structured than most people since a bell drives my deadlines and tells me when I can npee each hour. But in the summer, I am suddenly thrown into the unstructured world of […]

Father’s Day Recipe: Steak with Blue Cheese Sauce

Hello fellow work-at-home moms! Would you like an idea for dinner that takes ten minutes to make and will have your husband thinking you are a rock star? Introducing . . . steak with blue cheese sauce!   You’ll need a thick steak for each of you. Like this.   This recipe is just for […]

Summer Birthday Party Ideas

Summer birthday parties are a blast, but sometimes it’s hard to think of new, fun ideas that kids and adults will all enjoy. The beauty of summer birthdays is that there are so many different things to do and themes to try (how many Frozen birthday parties can a kid go to, anyway?). Here’s a […]

Quick Tip Tuesday: Grocery Store Delegating

For Quick Tip Tuesday this week, Dani Stone (of is sharing how she gets grocery shopping done faster….with grocery store delegating!   If you’re in the store with kids that are old enough to leave your sight for a few minutes at a time, give each of them a short list of specific grocery […]