Weekend Round-Up: Homemade Natural Household Cleaning Products

Katie Schmidt has a degree in Environmental Health Science, and she uses her blog Katie Thinks to share homemade natural household cleaning products and other ways to “go green” and get healthy. She has a huge collection of “recipes”, and here are some of her favorites: Making your own chemical-free All-purpose Cleaner Household uses of […]

Trash to Treasure Dining Room Set

My semi-flexible hours have made it possible to frequent local thrift stores during the day every few weeks. Much of what I see is absolute junk, but some of it, upon second glance, has promise with just a little tweaking on my part. Saving money on thrift store (and even curbside) furniture helps with our […]

Tips On How To Keep Your House Clean

I like things to be neat and tidy. Working full-time makes keeping my home in that state a challenge. I would love to hire a housekeeper, but until I get a significant increase in pay or win the lottery, that isn’t possible. In an effort to maintain my sanity I’ve come up with four tips […]

Decorating for the Holidays

Can you believe that it is almost Christmas?   Well, I know I can’t because we didn’t have much for a summer so I am kinda in denial about the whole seasons changing and the holiday’s getting closer.  But, one can’t be in denial when they live where I do.  Aside from the darn cold […]

Vinyl Flooring: The Perfect Flooring Choice?

I take great pride in my home and how it looks.  No, I don’t have people here every day to see my home, but I know that I feel better when it’s clean. But, keeping up on the daily chores to have my home look like I want is a lot of work. Dusting, vacuuming, […]

Dealing With Difficult Carpet Stains

There’s nothing more annoying than installing wall-to-wall carpeting or buying a gorgeous Chinese rug, only to see it end up covered with stains. Getting stains on your carpet is a natural byproduct of living, but it can really detract from the appearance of your home. The problem is that you may be able to partially […]

Save time and money on the never-ending laundry cycle

Save time and money on the never-ending laundry cycle There are certain continuous noises that you associate with any family home. The sound of children – happy and sad, bored and excited; the chatter of the television as favorite DVDs are played again and again; and one other that any mom will be very familiar […]

Take Your Indoors Outside

The home is the perfect retreat to rest, relax and enjoy your surroundings without having to deal with the typical stresses that come with daily life. The home is a place that you have chosen to allow you to grow and raise a family and place that is just yours, containing the things you love […]

Become a Barista: Coffee Machines at Home

  There’s nothing more valuable than a good cup of coffee first thing  in the morning.   The right brew will get you in the mood  to destroy that workload, nail that interview or simply to stay awake  all day following a rather heavy night before (we’ve all been there).   What’s even better is that, these […]

Get Your Flirt on in the Kitchen

with Flirty Aprons. Who ever said you can’t look hot while cooking hadn’t ever seen Flirty Aprons before. Here is a sale you won’t want to miss.  Flirty Aprons Super Sale, minor imperfections mean huge savings on aprons, mitts, and bibs, Everything under $13.00. Check them out, and get your flirt on.