Snow Day Survival for a Busy Mom

Snow Day Survival for a Busy Mom You plan, prep and work hard to keep a schedule.  But hey, snow days happen.  With a full day of work to do at home, the weather turns and schools close.  Now along with a mountain of work to be done you have your little ones to entertain. […]

All Natural Living with Watkins (Part 1)

As a Watkins Consultant the most common question that I am asked by prospective consultants and customers alike is “Do you use the products?”  My answer?  Yes, I do.   In any business in order to be successful you must use the products that you promote or sell, right?  In my 6 years of experience I […]

Your Living room, the friendly place to work at home

Your Living room, the friendly place to work at home As the technological era is advancing, more and more people opt to work from home. This is especially convenient for mothers of small children who prefer not to spend 10 hours away from home.   (Source) Working at home also has its negative aspects. The […]

Planning a Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party

Planning a Kid Friendly New Years Eve Party Tell the babysitter to take the night off and make your New Years Eve party a family friendly place to be. Here are a few things to insure that kids and fellow party goers have a great time at your shindig. Get the kids involved. Prior to […]

DIY Christmas ~ Pintrest Fun

DIY Christmas ~ Pintrest Fun More DIY and Pintrest Fun for Christmas time. Every year my Mother and I make a beautiful center piece for our table at Christmas time.  It is a tradition that my Mother started when I was very young which I plan to continue with my own children.  This year I found a bunch of […]

Top five Christmas money-saving tips

Top five Christmas money-saving tips If you’re a little short of cash this year, you can still enjoy the festive season without going over your budget. Christmas doesn’t have to be an expensive time, so take a look at these money-saving tips and hold onto your hard earned cash. Look for deals on the internet […]

Fun Ways To UnWind

If you are like most women I am guessing you are overworked, underpaid, stressed and ready to just bust at the seams some days.  I know I sure have days like that.  Some weeks, more than others!   Between work, upkeep at home, juggling time with hubby, kid, animals, and then doing the shopping and bills […]

Decorate Your Walls with Words

If you have been to a local craft or gift store or been online at all over the last year or so I am sure you have come across Wall Words of some kind from some company.  I have seen them many times, in stores, on walls at friends houses, in catalogs, etc.  Always wanted […]

Time to Redecorate Your Home

I love to decorate, and redecorate as the seasons and holidays come and go.  I have different bedding, curtains, rugs, etc that I use in my home depending on my mood and what is going on.  Even different table cloth and centerpiece that is changed a few times a year.  Not sure why, but it […]

Quick Tricks For Around The House

Grease the “Threads” on glue and nail polish bottles and they wont stick. Ladies, if you use rubber gloves while cleaning. Try placing cotton balls in the finger tips to prevent holes from long fingernails. When you are packing for a move use items from you linen closet; wash clothes, hand & bath towels, etc. […]