Being the Mom that Always Comes Last (or My Adventures in Teeth Whitening)

Disclosure ~  I received the at-home whitening kit and custom trays for review purposes, but the results and opinions are all my own.
Before and After photos were taken in the same room with the same camera settings and were only cropped and tagged (no other editing).


The thing about being a Stay at Home or Work at Home mom is that it’s way too easy to forget to take care of yourself. It’s less stressful to just throw on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt to get groceries or run to the post office or just hang out with the kids all day. I know that I got stuck in the rut of putting the kids first and not putting any effort into how I look for way too long.

I mean, raise your hand if your kids have ever asked you where you’re going because you put on actual clothes and makeup. *raises hand*

The older I get, though, the more I have seen the connection between not putting the effort in and really low self-esteem. I just don’t feel good about myself, I feel blah. I start to feel sad about the cute clothes in my closet and the absolute lack of places to wear them.

In the last couple of years, I’ve started to try to put myself together more. I learned what kind of clothes work best for me and got rid of the ones I don’t wear or don’t do me any favors (hello, skinny jeans and tunics), I found a great lipstick and bought all of my favorite colors, I whitened my teeth, I cut my bangs and figured out how make my wavy hair more beachy and less frizzy.

Just because my kids are all in school now doesn’t mean I’m any less busy or have any extra money. I actually work out of my home more now, go to more appointments that I used to avoid, enjoy more “me” time during the day.

One thing that I did for myself that doesn’t cost a lot (especially in comparison to going to a professional to have it done) and that was easy to do after the kids went to bed and while reading or watching TV (or doing the dishes or working on the computer) was at-home whitening trays. I used the set from Smile Brilliant, the company that sends you completely custom trays that can be used over and over for the initial whitening and maintenance, and pro-strength whitening gel AND desensitizing gel.

I drink A LOT of coffee, and about three weeks of using the trays at night (most but not every night), the surface stains were gone. I still have plenty of the gels leftover to use every few months or when I need a refresher. I’m not going to lie….I’ve always had a pretty bad gag reflex, so creating the molds for my custom trays and then using the trays themselves took some getting used to. And my gums were a little sensitive after the first couple of nights using the whitening gel. But, I got used to it all pretty quickly, and after the first week or so, I only took the trays out because I had to go to sleep (not because they were uncomfortable).


At the end of the process, my teeth had become several shades whiter, and I feel a lot better about flashing a smile (with or without my lipstick on).  You can get a discount on your order.  5% off using coupon code: todaysmom5

What have you done for yourself lately?



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Fall Fixes: 4 Ways Busy Moms Relax and Recharge

Autumn means back-to-school madness, busier work weeks, more social obligations, holiday preparations and, to top it off, shorter days. It can be easy for moms to get overwhelmed, especially working moms. Almost three-quarters of surveyed mothers said they frequently experience stress, according to Pew Research. As you get swept up in this busy season, don’t forget to take some time to relax and have a moment to yourself. Use these quick fixes to recharge and show yourself some appreciation.

5 Ways Busy Moms Relax and Recharge

4 Ways Busy Moms Relax and Recharge


If you think adding an exercise routine to your already jam-packed schedule will only make things more hectic, think again. Any form of exercise will help relieve stress. Even light and moderate exercise causes the release of endorphins, which give you that feeling of euphoria right after physical activity. Concentrating on running up a hill or completing that set of crunches will take your mind off the hassles of the day. Other benefits of exercise include better sleep, higher self-confidence and reduced anxiety and depression. Get your kids involved by taking them along on a hike or playing tag with them in the backyard.

Retail Therapy

What better way to melt stress away than a therapeutic shopping trip? According to a study by the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, 62 percent of shoppers have bought something to cheer themselves up. Buying a new dress or pair of shoes might not make you happier or less stressed in the long run, but the act of shopping can help you relax, escape monotony and even boost your creativity. Keep in mind, however, that this doesn;t mean you should blow your money on a bunch of frivolous things. But splurging on that new phone you’ve been wanting or treating yourself to a luxurious new handbag you’ll treasure for years will add a little pleasure to your life. Plus, you deserve it.

Social Hour

We all love our kids and know they can be a lot of fun, but sometimes we need time with our adult friends. Social connections are a great way to reduce stress and feel supported. Talking through frustrations and relating to some close friends can help you work through the tough stuff and feel better physically and emotionally. Try to schedule some quality time with friends at least once a month. Whether it is a quick lunch, drinks after work or a game night with lots of laughs, friends will help you stay happy and healthy.

Mindful Meditation

In an article for Harvard Health Publications, Dr. Elizabeth Hoge, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, said effective meditation methods, such as mindfulness meditation can help treat anxiety and stress. “People with anxiety have a problem dealing with distracting thoughts that have too much power,” Hoge said.

Mindfulness meditation helps you distinguish your thoughts from your worries and teaches you to relax and separate them from your life. You can practice meditation at home for 10 or 20 minutes a day, or find a group near you to practice together. Whatever helps you to relax and reduce stress, it’s important to stay healthy and happy.

The ASEA Business Opportunity

I love to host and advertise work at home businesses here, to get the word out about different opportunities for moms looking to make an income while raising their kids at home. It’s what this site is all about! Today, I’d like to bring you an opportunity from ASEA, healthcare products making a difference in customers’ lives and those of the sellers of the products.

Learn about Asea, Renu 28 and the unique business opportunity
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ASEA RENU 28 encourages the strength and resiliency of your skin cell reproduction in partnership with your body’s natural efforts to keep your skin healthy. The powerful science behind ASEA’s RENU 28 delivers gentle, effective treatment to repair and comfort aging or damaged skin. Through ASEA’s proprietary Redox Signaling technology, the unique RENU 28 gel provides essential support to the all-important cellular mechanisms that are the foundation of your skin’s structure. Vital to the health of living cells, RENU 28 provides critical connections and communication between cells with Redox Signaling molecules to ensure optimum renewal and replenishment.

German Dermatological testing lab Dermatest – RENU 28 received their coveted 5 STAR RATING! To be rated 5 stars by Dermatest, the product has to meet 7 criteria with NO REACTION AT ALL…Dermatest does not just give out 5 star ratings…PERIOD!

The Dermatest study tracked 20 women over 28 days; they then took 3-D digital photos which showed 6 separate points that hit OVER 10% IMPROVEMENT… 5 of the 6 were OVER 20% improvement.  No other product can make that claim.

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The Truth About Invisalign for Teens

This post was sponsored by the folks at Invisalign, but all opinions and genuine interest are my own! (I’m saving my pennies to get them for myself!)


I went to the Blogher blogging conference this summer, and I had the chance to speak with several great companies. One of them, Invisalign, hosted a daytime cocktail party and invited a local-to-California orthodontist to come speak about what Invisalign had to offer as an alternative to traditional metal braces, not just for adults, but pre-teens and teens as well.

Most of us have heard of the clear plastic teeth-straightening devices, but I didn’t, and maybe you don’t, know the specifics of how they work, why they work, and who makes great candidates for the system. In fact, I learned how and why Invisalign for teens is an effective, popular option.

A lot of moms at the party were concerned about the fact that, like a retainer, you remove the nearly-invisable plastic Invisalign aligners when you eat (it’s recommended that you where them 21 hours every day). They weren’t sure if their tweens and teens would be responsible enough to not lose them.

But, the orthodontist had a couple of good points: one is that you change sets every two weeks, so if you lose one close to that two week mark, you’re probably fine to go ahead and start using the next set. Two, when you get the sets from your orthodontist, you get extras…six free replacement aligners.

And you get several sets at a time, so every two weeks, you change to the next set without having to go back to the orthodontist for an adjustment. The moms that were at the party whose kids had been wearing Invisalign said that they didn’t have any trouble with their teens losing or forgetting to wear the aligners, however. And I believe it…my 7 and 8 year olds recently got glasses, and they been good already about remembering to wear them. I think that when kids know how important something is, they really step up to the plate, given the chance. And they learn to be more responsible in the process.

Not every orthodontist recommends or uses Invisalign regularly, but you can get online and find one close to you that does if you’re interested in a consultation or learning more.

Invisalign for teens: Invisalign compared to braces

Here are some myths about Invisalign and the truth behind them:

Myth: I won’t be able to tell if my child is wearing Invisalign often enough for it to be effective.

Setting it Straight:  Invisalign Teen aligners are made with small blue dots, officially called compliance indicators, that gradually fade as aligners are worn. It’s a quick visual check for parents and teens to confirm they wearing aligners long enough to get results. In fact, clinical data from orthodontists confirms that teens wear their aligners an average of 21 hours per day, just as recommended.

Myth: If my child loses their aligners, it’s going to cost me an arm and a leg to replace.

Setting it Straight: We know kids lose things, even their aligners! That’s why you get up to six FREE replacement aligners with Invisalign Teen.

Myth: After Invisalign Teen, my child’s teeth may revert back to their original position.

Setting it Straight:  Studies show that without retainers straight teeth can gradually shift back towards their initial position. This is a common occurrence with all orthodontic treatment including braces, but is one that can easily be overcome. Ask your doctor. about Vivera retainers from the makers of Invisalign.

Myth: I don’t need to take my child to see an orthodontist until they are a teenager.

Setting it Straight: The American Association of Orthodontics recommends taking children for their first orthodontic check-up no later than age 7.  The American Dental Association says this is because, “Your child’s dentist can spot problems with emerging teeth and jaw growth early on, while the primary teeth are present.”

Myth: Invisalign takes longer to complete than braces.

Setting it Straight: The length of Invisalign treatment is comparable to braces. The average Invisalign journey averages about 12 months for adults. The length of treatment time for teens may vary depending on the severity of the case and can only be determined by a doctor.

Myth: If my child’s dentist or orthodontist recommends braces over Invisalign, I should trust their opinion.

Not all orthodontists specialize in Invisalign Teen. Visit and select “find a doctor” to locate experienced Invisalign and Invisalign Teen doctors in your area. If you are told your teen is not an Invisalign candidate, it may be worth getting a second opinion from more than one orthodontist. Doing so may help ensure that you have all the information you need to make an educated decision.

Myth: Braces work better than Invisalign.

Setting it Straight:  Invisalign Teen was developed with leading orthodontists to correct the most common teeth straightening issues – from severe cases to more minor, cosmetic adjustments.  Invisalign Teen’s clear aligners are removable and can straighten teeth without a mouth full of metal and all the disruption and sacrifice that comes with it.  With Invisalign, teens look better and feel more confident than they ever could in traditional braces.

Myth: We can’t afford Invisalign.

Setting it Straight:  Invisalign Teen is covered by many dental insurance policies just like traditional braces — up to 50% of the cost may be covered by insurance. Even if dental insurance doesn’t apply, many doctors will help parents find options to make straightening their child’s teeth more affordable. Many offer flexible and affordable monthly finance plans that can be as low as $99 per month.

Invisalign Teen clear aligners straighten teeth without traditional wires and brackets giving teens the confidence to live life to the fullest while improving their smile.  Visit the Invisalign website for more information.

You can find out a ton of information on the Invisalign website, including FAQs, finding a doctor in your area, how it works, and if you or your teen would be a good candidate for the system.

And check out the Infographic here!

Also, make sure you enter the sweepstakes to win an Invisalign system for yourself or your teen! (Ends Oct. 1, 2014)
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Have your kids had an orthodontic consultation yet? Have you ever considered Invisalign for them (or yourself)? 

The truth about Invisalign for teens


Quick Tip Tuesday: Cleaning and Cardio

Today’s Quick Tip Tuesday comes from Dani Stone of It’s all about staying fit while multi-tasking and you can easily include the kids or get it done on a hot summer day. Her solution: cleaning and cardio!

Quick Tip Tuesday: Combine Cleanign and Cardio

How to combine cleaning and cardio to get things done around the house and get your sweat on and burn some calories without feeling like either is taking up your whole day? Set a timer for 10-15 minutes, blast some good, fast, get-your-heart-rate-up tunes on the radio, and tackle some chores. Deep clean the kitchen as much as you can, or the bathroom. Change the sheets on all the beds and pick the toys up off the floor. Scrubs the baseboards that you haven’t touched in a few months, or dust all of the ceiling fans. Do it fast and don’t stop until the timer goes off. Do that a couple of times (or more) one day a week or so, and your house will be much cleaner while you’ve been “working out!”

Quick Tip Tuesday- work intervals using a timer  Quick Tip Tuesday is just what it sounds like…a super quick way to make your life easier, more manageable, more organized, more SOMETHING. Simple, yet effective. Ingenious even. If you love it, pin and share it!

Read more Quick Tip Tuesday tips!

Staying Fit in the Summer

Staying fit in the summer can be tough to do. The weather is H-O-T HOT most places, the kids are home from school, there are camps and activities to shuttle everyone to, and did I mention it’s HOT?

There are ways to stay active, though. Here are a few:

staying fit in the summer

1) Use your time wisely: if you’re a runner or play tennis or some other outdoor sport, do it during the coolest part of the day. Usually that means early in the morning, but it could also be at dusk or in the evening if where you’re going is well-lit. Always remember to stay safe, though! Carry your phone, stay in lighted areas, keep focused on what’s going on around you, and go with a buddy if you can.

2) Remember to dress appropriately when you’re out running or exercising outside…your body heats up quickly. Wear light, wicking fabrics so the sweat won’t stay against your skin and make you even more uncomfortable. A headband or visor can help keep the hair and sweat off of your face, but a hat isn’t necessarily a good idea….it can trap the heat on your head and make you even hotter.

3) STAY HYDRATED. This is so, SO important. The more you sweat, the more water you lose and the more you need to take in. A great tip is to freeze a water bottle. It will keep you cool while you hold it, and it will melt as you run or exercise, keeping you hydrated. And use an electrolyte tab or drink before or after your workout to replace what you lost.

4) Take advantage of the gym. It can be a nice, cool place to get your workout in, and if it has childcare, you can take the whole family. It can also help keep you from getting bored, with the variety of equipment and classes offered.

5) Swim! Swimming is such good exercise. It’s low impact but fantastic for the heart and muscles. And the best part? It’ll keep you cool. Some gyms even have different aqua classes that you can take, like water aerobics, lazy rivers, and deep end classes. Get double the workout if you’re at the beach and can run or walk on the sand and then swim to cool off.

6) Grow a garden. Not only will you have fresh produce and/or flowers to enjoy, you’ll work hard to keep it up. Weeding, digging, and planting all burn a lot of calories.

What are your favorite ways to stay active in the summer?

Thanks so much to the ladies in the Mamavation Facebook group that contributed to this article!

Action and Intention

Action and intention in the springtime

It is April! We have more light through the day if we are subjected to the horrors of daylight savings time and then the rites of spring. The warmer days creep up in rapid succession and before you know it Easter is overtaken by Memorial Day then the 4th of July then school starting again.

This rapid onslaught happens unless you take a moment to step back and be present. Being present can be very hard for us moms who have the demands of our little one constantly tugging on our clothing as well as a million other responsibilities.

In my yoga classes where I work with mothers around their childbirth journeys I cue special themes at this time of year to hopefully gear them up to make the most of the beautiful weather and what it does for our souls. Perhaps my favorite theme is “action and intention” at this time of year.

Before spring hits and we have to leave our domestic cocoons is a fantastic time to pause, breathe, then honestly reflect if your actions align with your intentions.

For the woman who spends a great deal of time at home it is easy to lose sight of your intentions because life happens. If this is your first step, then take a moment to think about how you want to be conducting yourself in your daily affairs. If you know the path you want to be on then honestly hold a private conversation to determine if you have been walking that path or imagining it from far away.

Some examples of intentions to examine are:

Are you eating the right kind of foods you said you would eat when the winter holidays passed?

Are you and the family moving as much as you had planned on?

Are you interacting with your relationships as warmly as you think you do?

When working from home are you setting boundaries of when you are working and when you are able to wear your mom hat?

Have you been practicing your religious or spiritual discipline if you have one?

If you did a vision board or set any long-term goals then reflect on those. Next set up some sort of realistic accountability to align your action with intention. And then go forward into spring feeling empowered to fully utilize the newness of the season.

Above all treat yourself with gentle kindness if your actions do not perfectly line up with your intention. This is the case for pretty much all of us, especially moms who have to deal with the balancing act of life for us and our littles.

It is April! It is spring! Use this time to your advantage or at least enjoy the peace and quiet as you sip on a nice glass of wine to reflect on this post.

Kia Ru wears many hats. She is an Ignite Fitness and COCreate Organizer, ShiftCon speaking coordinator, yoga instructor at-large, an ecologist on parenting hiatus, and a writing and image contributor on wellness, green and parent topics. She blogs at:

Ways To Relax When Working From Home

There is nothing better than avoiding the daily commute to and from the office by either having a fully work from home job or being allowed to work your job from home on specific days by your boss. Working from home is great for many reasons, but it can be just as stressful, if not more, as working in an office as many people feel that they have to prove, and more importantly show, that they working even harder than they would under the watchful eye of their manager. This can lead to working from home being difficult and you needing to unwind at the end of the day or, if you can manage it, during work hours. My top ways to relax when working from home are as follows.

How to relax when working from home.

  • Shopping

No, not food shopping, the shopping used to relax yourself while working from your own home office, sitting room or even bed is spending your hard earned cash on something irrelevant or an item that you have been after for a while. I find that firing up Ebay or Amazon and spending a relaxing couple of hours browsing the sites before settling on something eases the tension of putting in the extra work while at home to justify the fact that I did not have to travel into the office for the day.

  • Gaming

This can take many forms with either playing the standard games of Minesweeper, Solitaire or Hearts on your machine or web games available all over the internet both excellent ways to wind down for 4/5 minutes while you’re still busy with work. Sometimes while dealing with stressful customers or even jealous colleagues on communicator who are stuck in the office a quick game of cards or Pac-Man online is a great way to recompose yourself.

If you have a little more downtime for some gaming action, then I find online gambling to be a perfect way to relax, especially when I win some cash! I like to play online bingo when I get the opportunity as the game is automated and is relaxing to watch, while taking a relatively short time to complete. Playing online slots is also a greatly relaxing thing to do while staying sat at your computer and if you can manage a 15-20 minute break at minimum then a few hands of Texas Hold’em poker is also refreshing and gets me back in the right frame of mind for more work. You can play on my favorite site, just click here.

  • Exercise

Exercising is known to release ‘feel good’ endorphins in your brain so if you’re suffering from a lack of motivation or are feeling lethargic, possibly as you’ve got the cover pulled over your head after going back to bed with the laptop sitting on the floor to show as online to your colleagues (not that I’ve ever done this!), then five or ten minutes of exercise – such as some sit ups, crunches or even turning the music up loud and dancing around like a loon – helps you feel less stressed, more awake and completely relaxed and reinvigorated.

  • Baking

This is one of my favourite ways to unwind while I’m meant to be working from home as I have a tasty treat as a reward at the end of it. I bring my laptop into the kitchen and leave it on the table with the sounds on the communicator turned up loud so I can hear if anyone is looking for me and then throw myself into baking myself some cupcakes following the recipes on Fantasia Cakes that I can sit down and pig out on once they’re done. The best part is that I don’t even have to share them with my colleagues! Good times!

How do you relax at home when you’re working from your home office?

Thank you to for sponsoring this post. Amazon link is an affiliate.

Five Workouts For Work At Home Moms

Twenty four hours a day barely seems like enough time for the work-at-home mom to juggle her business and family responsibilities. The work-at-home mom is smart though; she knows if she doesn’t take time to care for herself, other important facets of her life suffer. Exercising is non-negotiable. Here are five workouts for work at home moms, to make it happen and fit it into your lifestyle.

Five Different Workouts for Work At Home Moms

Strength Training — Muscle Building & Calorie Burning

“Life is easier when you’re strong,” says Steve Kamb of Nerd Fitness. Carrying groceries into the house. Taking a laundry basket full of clothes upstairs. Putting your kid in his car seat. With muscle strength and a strong heart, a mom—who’s part Superwoman anyway—can more easily perform her daily duties. Other optimal side effects of strength training include an increased metabolism, more energy, boosted confidence and less anxiety. You don’t have to lift a barbell or do bench presses for hours at the gym to enjoy the benefits of strength training. As long as you have a wall and chair, you can create lean muscle mass and manage your weight with these six strength-training exercises provided by, including push-ups, tricep dips and squats.

Fitness Videos — Schedule Committed

The full-time working mom can feel like a slave to her schedule. From replying to emails to sterilizing bottles, every minute counts. If your calendar is your sacred bible and you live by a regimented timeline, at-home fitness videos are an effective workout solution. offers a diverse collection of video workouts that range between 10 minutes to an hour. Schedule the type of workout you want ahead of time — and you’ll know that from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., after the little one goes down for his morning nap and before your conference call, you’re going to get ripped with Jessica Smith or Mari Winsor.

CrossFit WODs — Varied & High-Intensity

You’re a CrossFitter at heart but had to give up your box membership to help fund your startup. Perhaps your demanding schedule kept you from making it to classes. There’s no shame in being a home WODer. Just because you can’t be in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t stay challenged and sweat hard. Invest in a couple key pieces of equipment, such as a kettle bell, jump rope, plyobox or medicine ball. Check out Reebok CrossFit One’s “no excuse, no equipment needed” CrossFit WODs that are bodyweight-focused. Then change it up and do workouts posted to the Pinterest board “CrossFit WODS I can do at home.”

Yoga — Stress Reliever

Rather than rant on Facebook or pull out a bag of chips from the pantry, turn to your phone and hit the mat, your yoga mat that is. A fussy toddler and unsettling email can put emotions into an uncontrollable whirlwind. It can happen any day, any time. Use yoga on your phone as your impromptu remedy for stress management. Even if you can’t dedicate time to an entire session, taking 10 minutes to engage in poses and breathing exercises can restore balance. The yoga app Pocket Yoga encourages a consistent yoga practice and offers 27 different sessions. 5 Minute Yoga offers quick-fix asana sessions that can settle the mind and body when time is limited.

10K Training — Goal Oriented

Is your business and livelihood founded on setting goals and achieving them? One right after another? You have the makeup to be a hardcore runner. For the beginner, make a goal to complete a 10K race. In order to cross that finish line of six miles, you’ll train so many days a week and conquer a certain number of miles per day. You may even want to sign up for a 5K race as momentum and inspiration. After you run that 10K, you can move on to train for a half marathon or strive to improve your PR (personal record) with a faster time. Envisioning the medal and glory of achieving what you set out to do will get you out the door and in your running shoes.

5 Ways To Fit In Exercise When You’re a Work At Home Mom

5 great ways to fit in exercise as a work at home mom

Working at home can be awesome, but it can be isolating. If you don’t plan correctly it can also be sedentary. If you’re like most women “exercise” and “me” time is usually low on your priority list.

When I made the leap to work at home mom from work outside the home, my expectations were a little skewed. My working days were exhausting as I tried to juggle exercise with the responsibility of raising 3 kids and bringing home a paycheck. I’d daydream about rising before my family to exercise. I would then wake them gingerly with the aroma of fresh baked whole grain bread wafting from the oven. I’m pretty sure I was wearing a bikini in this scenario.

Though I did bake bread once the first week I was officially self-employed, it’s pretty much been Wonder White since. Finding time to exercise has been its own struggle. I’ve been a committed runner most of my adult life, but found it difficult to stick to a consistent schedule since my husband worked odd hours. I took a significant pay cut to work from home and raise my children, so I couldn’t really justify spending money on an actual sitter just to workout.

It didn’t take long for a day or two without exercise to stretch into a week and then a month. A modest weight gain caused by replacing running with a few glasses of wine in the evening for stress relief caused a downward spiral toward depression.

Luckily I was able to recognize the problem and find a solution before I really hated the life I chose and/or became an alcoholic. I had a frank discussion with my husband about what I needed and we both brainstormed to find something workable.

5 Great Ways to Fit in Exercise when you’re a Work at Home Mom

Trade childcare with a neighbor for an hour. Yes, it takes 2 hours out of your day instead of one, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Find a used treadmill on Craigslist. Take advantage of someone’s failed good intentions and save money on an essential piece of fitness equipment for a work at home mom. With a treadmill you’re not limited by weather or daylight. When my kids were small, I logged many miles on a treadmill.

Tip: To make it more tolerable, try catching up on your favorite television series or listen to a podcast specific to your industry. I personally love multi-tasking.

Find free workouts on YouTube. Not only is this method economical, it is a great way to mix up your routine.

Consider investing in a good jogging stroller. Whether you are power walking, running, or taking a leisurely stroll, a buggy specifically for the purpose of exercise will make the experience positive.

Schedule exercise into your calendar and commit. You wouldn’t cancel a meeting at the last minute, right? This hour from your day will most likely result in  greater productivity and increased patience.

Whatever method you choose to get in your workout, consistency is key. Neglecting yourself for the sake of family is not doing anyone any favors. I chose to work at home because I wanted the privilege of spending as much time with my kids as possible. I also have a responsibility to behave in a way I want them to emulate. Choosing to make my health and well being a priority is a perfect opportunity.

Poppy Marler is a runner, writer, and mother of three from the Pacific Northwest. In between Nyquil Martini Benders and triathlon training, she can be counted on to look up from her keyboard long enough to shuttle a teenager to the mall or dole out requisite maternal affection. Poppy is the author of the lifestyle blog and 1/3 of the Blogging Betties Podcast (