Digital Fitness Channel Acacia TV

The new online, digital fitness channel Acacia TV boasts 75+ workouts available for streaming through their very reasonably priced membership options.

The channel features a diverse library of fitness instructors and workouts, including yoga, belly dancing, tae bo, Core Fusion, Olympic figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi, Kenya Moore, R.I.P.P.E.D, Bethenny Frankel and much, much more.


The channel is available 24 hours a day, and is the perfect solution to the not sure what to buy but always looking for something new fitness dilemma. I’ve personally purchased several workout DVDs that I only used once or twice and are now just collecting dust. And even the ones I love get to be a little boring after a while. But this fitness channel is awesome because so many of those workout videos are there to try out, mix up, or alternate between. You can create your own virtual fitness “playlist” to keep your mind excited, your muscles surprised and your goals reached.

Another great thing about this is that you can play them anywhere. If you’ve ever traveled and tried to work out, you know that it’s not so easy. But, you can play the workouts on iPads, computers (PCs and Macs), iPhones, Galaxy S4s and soon Roku, Samsung Smart TV and XBox, so wherever you are, you can pull up a workout and get it done.

There is a free 10-day trial so you can check out what the streaming channel has to offer, and then if you choose to continue your membership, you’ll only pay $6.99 a month, $14.99 for 90 days, or a year for $49.99. Even if you only try one new workout a month, you’ll save money over buying the DVD.

You’ll find a full list of workouts, series, and instruction on There’s nothing to lose by signing up for a free trial!

I received a complimentary membership to Acacia TV, but all opinions are 100% my own.



The Best Essential Oils For Work At Home Moms

If you are a WAHM managing house, family, and career, then you likely have any number of things going on at once.  Right this minute, for example, I am tutoring a student, baking a loaf of sourdough, doing the laundry, and writing this blog post, and that is only because my Little Mister really wanted to watch Sesame Street.  This morning consisted of countless other tasks involving my online teaching job, my natural wellness business, and my role as wife and mother.

And that is just how my day goes from about 5:30am until 11:00pm.  I have a feeling you know what I mean.  It takes an enormous amount of what teachers call withitness to work from home with children around, and it takes just as much withitness to be the moms we want to be while work is around.  Withitness combines commitment, focus, organization, flexibility, and of course, eyes and ears all over your head.  Thankfully, CPTG® essential oils have the ability to enhance those facets, so we can be goddesses of withitness who our families adore and the other mommies admire.

Best Essential Oils For Work At Home Moms

Why CPTG® essential oils?  Well, the fact that you can sometimes find essential oils at Dollar Tree should alert you to the fact that there is a wide range in price and quality of oils.  We only use dōTERRA in my home because we trust their practices.  These oils are harvested at the right time from plants that are grown in their native environment by experienced growers, and they undergo lots of testing throughout the process to ensure they are unadulterated.  dōTERRA was founded upon these principles, and that is why they adopted the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade label.  When I shop with dōTERRA, I know that I am getting the highest quality oils on the market.

Below, in no particular order, you will find my top recommendations of essential oils and oil blends that every WAHM needs within reach.

  • Peppermint:  Peppermint is an essential oil that no one should be without!  It is stimulating, so it is wonderful to diffuse or apply topically, especially in the afternoon when we need to reenergize.  It’s also helpful when we have to wake up early after being up all night with one of the little ones.  It is “essentially” the eyes and ears all over your head piece.  Peppermint keeps you alert to you know what is happening in the kitchen, the kids’ room, and the office all at once!  Peppermint is fantastic for relieving headaches and fever, too, so it is a great alternative to acetaminophen, which research indicates is not as safe as we once thought.  Finally, peppermint regulates the digestive system, so it can be used to prevent and treat all sorts of tummy issues on patients big and small.
  • Lemon (or other citrus):  Citrus oils are incredibly valuable for many reasons, especially when used throughout each day.  Aromatically, they are energizing and mood elevating.  I love to mix wild orange and peppermint and just breathe it in when I need a pick-me-up; the combination is  just divine.  In addition to being uplifting – and I would argue that lemon tops them all – citrus oils are also very cleansing, so they help detoxify the body when taken internally*.  I keep dōTERRA lemon and peppermint oils in a big pitcher of water and pour from it all day.   A glass pitcher is really important here because essential oils (especially citrus) will pull the chemicals right out of a plastic container and into your drinking water.  Yuck!  A drop of lemon on the chest can also eliminate heartburn, and it will really brighten up those homemade fruit snacks you’ve been wanting to make for your kids.
  • InTune:  One of the hardest things for me to do as a WAHM is to devote my full attention to a project when there are so many distractions around me.  When I do get a moment to work alone, it seems that I suddenly remember everything I’d been meaning to do for the last three months or so!  I could list the myriad of oils that, when combined, come together to help you maintain focus, but I lean on a proprietary blend of oils that is specifically designed for this purpose.  InTune is a blend of frankincense, lime, Hawaiian sandalwood, patchouli, amyris, Roman chamomile, and ylang ylang.  Besides being a fabulous all natural perfume, it is wonderful for enhancing focus and supporting healthy thought processes. Parents of children with ADHD are finding success using InTune to reduce or even replace medications.  Usually by the time the kids are in bed and I really need to get busy, I would much rather bury myself in a blanket in front of our Netflix series of the month.  These are the times when I find InTune so beneficial.  Often, I can focus well enough to be super productive and still have some TV time before turning in.
  • Balance:  “You gotta be cool, you gotta be calm, you gotta stay together…”  You guys remember Des’ree, right?  You gotta love that song!  And that line is what I think of when I want to describe Balance, which is pretty much what the name implies.  This blend of blue tansy, frankincense, ho wood, and spruce is very grounding, so it helps you maintain (or regain) a level head when feeling anxious or overwhelmed  (For example, you’re trying to make an important phone call and your two-year old is yelling and chasing the cat all over the house.  Or, during a trip to Walmart, with or without the kids – take your pick!) . Balance is also a good one to help promote sleep, so it is great during the kids’ nighttime baths or on their feet just afterward.  Finally, Balance is helpful for healing diaper rash!  I would be lost without my Balance.
  • On Guard:   We all know that kids are a magnet for germs and viruses, and you cannot be your best “with it” self if you or your loved ones are sick, can you?  It is important to do what you can to guard against illnesses that might slow you down.  Just a couple of drops on the bottom of everyone’s feet every day, and dōTERRA’s Protective Blend of wild orange, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus, and rosemary will strengthen the immune system to protect you and your babies against whatever strikes.  And in the event that someone does get sick, you can apply it several times a day to shorten the duration of the illness. The oils in On Guard can make it warm to the skin, so it is always a good idea to dilute with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil or olive oil to slow absorption. (Applying oils to the feet in another way to avoid issues of skin sensitivity.)  On Guard is great for a sore throat; just dilute with water to make a throat spray or with honey for a kid-friendly dose.  You can clean with it too!  Studies have found it highly effective against MRSA, so it is one of the most powerful natural antibacterial and antiviral cleaners you can use.  It has been so popular that dōTERRA has put it in convenient gel caps, toothpaste, cough drops, beadlets, foaming hand wash, cleaner concentrate, and laundry detergent!

  • Calming oils:  Being a WAHM can take a lot out of us, and we all need good sleep so that we can recharge and do it all over again every day.  Oils like lavender and chamomile are great for promoting relaxation and healthy sleep.  Vetiver is another oil that many people find helpful for a good night’s sleep.  I list several because sleep is so personal, and each person’s experiences will be unique.  My son responds to a blend called Serenity, which also includes sandalwood, marjoram, vanilla, and ylang ylang.  I apply it to his back, his neck, and his forehead (and depending on how much help he needs to relax!) just as he is climbing into bed.  By the time we are through a story, he is ready to turn out the lights.  Serenity is also known for soothing anger, so the hubby gets a good dose once in a while, too.  I love it with coconut oil and my homemade bath salts in a warm bubble bath, which I would say that every WAHM needs at least once a week.  Experiment with some essential oils for relaxation until you find the right one for you.

  • Elevation:  You Southerners out there might relate when I say that sweet tea is perhaps the most comforting thing there is for me.  I grew up on it – we didn’t know people drank plain water.  My mom probably made a pitcher of tea every day, and it was much more sugar than tea.  I don’t drink it that often these days, but when I do, it takes me back… woven baskets and church picnics, cocker spaniels chasing squirrels in the yard, floral wallpaper in shades of mauve and peach and country blue…to the bountiful love of mom’s kitchen, where the only expectation is that I’m there.  That’s Elevation for me.  It’s a delicious blend of Lemon myrtle, Melissa, tangerine, ylang ylang, and then some.  I would love to say that I do not need this essential oil blend at all, that I only wear it for the lovely scent, but that is not the case, friends.  Sometimes, the pressure and the expectations that I put on myself leave me feeling inadequate, exasperated, and even resentful.  It’s not every day, thankfully, but it does happen.  And Elevation helps me get back to the comfort of mom’s kitchen, where smiles and love and sweet tea abound.

*I do not recommend internal use of just any essential oil.  dōTERRA CPTG™ oils are rigorously tested by a third party for purity and potency, so that I feel safe recommending them for aromatic, topical, and internal use.  Please read labels carefully and only use the highest quality essential oils available to you.  You can shop with me for dōTERRA oils and products at

So, there you have it, folks, a rundown of the best oils around to help you maintain that elusive withitness that makes you the WAHM that your family and clients depend on.  Remember that essential oil usage and preference varies by individual experience, so it is important to go into this venture with an open mind and a willingness to experiment to find what works best for you.  The most important thing is that you DO go into this venture!  Give oils a try, and email me at to let me know how it is going!

business card ep

me at oki

Lindsey Beth is an online high school teacher, a consultant for dōTERRA, a wife to her beloved partner of 14 years, and a mother to a very active toddler.  As a natural wellness consultant, Lindsey Beth teaches classes each month regarding how to use essential oils to manage health and wellness, as well as classes on whole food nourishment.  She chronicles all of her experiences in natural wellness and essential oils on her blog at, and she posts tips and ideas her Facebook page as well at  You can also follow her on Twitter @LindseyC79. 



Weekend Round-Up: Homemade Natural Household Cleaning Products

Katie Schmidt has a degree in Environmental Health Science, and she uses her blog Katie Thinks to share homemade natural household cleaning products and other ways to “go green” and get healthy.

She has a huge collection of “recipes”, and here are some of her favorites:

Making your own chemical-free All-purpose Cleaner

Homemade, non-toxic household cleaners save you money and reduce the amount of chemicals in your home!

Household uses of essential oils, including the all-purpose cleaner, air freshener, and a lot more!

Homemade powdered laundry detergent, which is great for sensitive skin and a HUGE money saver.

And homemade dishwasher detergent cubes!

Homemade, non-toxic household cleaners save you money and reduce the amount of chemicals in your home!

Not only do all of these homemade products reduce the amount of chemicals in your home, they also save you a lot of money. For even more homemade, chemical-free household cleaning products, follow Katie’s DIY Household Cleaners Pinterest Board. 

Do you have favorite “recipes” for homemade natural household cleaning products, or personal care products? 

Follow Katie for more ways to go non toxic, reduce chemicals in your home, and save money. She’s on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.







Making Successful Life Changes and Reaching Your Goals

How’s it going with your New Year’s Resolutions? Did you attempt to lose those last 20 pounds, quit smoking or get organized? The Top Ten list of New Year’s Resolutions does not seem to change much over the years, which means that many people keep trying over and over again. Setting goals and following through is hard any time of the year, right?

Within a few weeks of making a change – definitely for good this time! – four out of five people get so stressed out about sticking to their plan that giving up seems to be the best option.

balance rocks

The model of Positive Stress Management by Dr. N. Peseschkian, an Iranian psychiatrist, offers some insight into the problems and solutions to this dilemma. His approach shows that an individual’s well-being is dependent on the four pillars of his/her life being in balance. Dr. Peseschkian defines those four pillars as Personal, Social, Success and Intuition. The personal pillar describes how we see ourselves and others, the social pillar refers to the relationships we have with others and how we interact with the world around us; the success pillar is what drives us – ambition, diligence and work habits. Finally, the intuition pillar contains our dreams and wishes, goals and beliefs.

According to Dr. Peseschkian, the four pillars – or areas – of our lives need to be in balance, otherwise we experience stress. Therefore, if a change we want to implement means a radical change in our habits and behavior, the areas are not in balance anymore and our bodies and minds will work towards restoring it. That’s why giving up seems like such a good idea after a few weeks…

Does this mean that all attempts at changing your lifestyle are futile? Not at all! The key to success is considering the balance in your life when setting your goals.

Here is one example – and the principle applies to any goal you might want to set: If you love to go out for dinner with your friends but want to lose weight, don’t punish yourself by not going out anymore. Instead, find a way to incorporate more exercise into your life and eat healthier on the days you eat at home. This way you will still have balance in your social life, while working on a goal that can be incorporated into your lifestyle.

Check how your goals will affect the different parts of your life, and then adjust your strategy. You’ll get it right this time!

Kerstin Auer runs a freelance writing business at

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Busy, Working Moms

As a mom, one who works at home and that has to make sure she eats throughout the day (or my sugar drops drastically), I have to try and make a healthy breakfast and lunch that sustains me. We all know how easy it is to grab some chips, drink your lunch or skip it all together. With that being said, do not forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but skipping lunch is just as bad.

Besides your hunger being satisfied, eating a healthy, balanced lunch will keep you focused, alert, energized, in a better mood and will assist you in your healthy weight goals, while keeping money in your pocket.


The first thing to remember is never skip lunch, no matter how busy you are. Studies show hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) can slow the speed at which people process information and shorten their attention span which will effect daily activities at work, plus slow your metabolism and send you running for the candy at 3 pm.

Salads are great options, but remember these tips:

· Top your salad with lean protein like wild salmon, grilled chicken or calamari, beans, or tofu. This will ensure your body is building healthy muscle that will help you burn more fat and keep you feeling full longer.

· Limit your salad dressing or use a good balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Try to “dip” your greens vs. pouring on the dressing.

· Skip the croutons and processed cheeses – instead add veggies, the more colorful the better.

Sandwiches can help you get in your veggies and lean protein. Here are some options:

· Greek sandwich (lettuce, tomato, olives, feta cheese, oil & vinegar- leftover grilled chicken)

· Turkey breast, lean ham and roast beef on a tortilla with roasted veggies

· If you are a seafood lover, mussels, grilled calamari or fresh seafood salad on some whole grain bread

· Find a whole grain bread that has fiber and protein in it. Add some grilled leftover veggies from the night before, tuna in water, canned wild salmon, some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Last night’s dinner:

· Don’t be afraid to prep some the night before – It doesn’t take a lot of time to chop extra vegetables, wash and dry extra lettuce, and reserve a portion of the evening’s lean protein while you are preparing dinner.

· Such items can be stored in individual containers in the fridge. When lunch rolls around the next day the ingredients are already prepped and just need to be assembled.

· Quesadillas and Tacos are great because you can put almost anything between tortillas and call it a Quesadilla or Taco without needing a recipe. Just take a look at what vegetable, meat or bean, and cheese options are available in your refrigerator and get creating!

· Pasta is easy to make extra…add some olive oil to it and then stir in some veggies and lean protein the next day.

Don’t forget, breakfast can be served anytime of the day! Scramble some eggs with salsa, cheese and serve on an English muffin. Add some Canadian bacon, grass fed bacon or tofu and make an omelet or scramble.

Try to avoid ordering out; pizza, Chinese, burgers, fries and drive-thrus are all going to go straight to your butt and you will regret it at 3 pm when that slump hits.

Water, lots of water – drink it all day long. Flavor it with fruit, lemon, cucumber or mint.

Avoid living on caffeine – when you do that you are asking to crash and burn. Instead take some time and take a walk around the house, stretch your legs, do a few burpees, sit-ups, push-up or whatever it takes to get your blood circulating through your body. Try and get those 10,000 steps in/day. Just because we work at home, doesn’t mean we can’t move it!

Here are some links to my favorite Pinterest boards and websites with recipes, in home workouts and suggestions for your lunches.

Pinterest – Quick & Easy Lunches

Pinterest – Paleo Lunches

Pinterest – Breakfast for Lunch

Pinterest – Jody Morgan

Pinterest – Food Babe

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Honeybear Lane

The Kitchn

7 Minute Workout

The 7 Minute Workout Challenge

High Intensity 7 Minute Challenge

I hope that as moms who work from home we can help each other and share ideas and suggestions to help keep us all healthy! Feel free to contact me or connect to me via social media so we can swap ideas.

Jody Morgan is a SAHM/WAHM in Columbus, OH. She runs Gemini Health & Nutrition as a Holistic Health Practitioner. In her free time she enjoys cooking, baking, crafts, photography, nature, fitness and entertaining. She blogs over at Now There Are Five where she talks about her journey to become a successful blended family and all things fun.

4 Stretches That Stop Back Pain

Completely You: Lifestyle

4 Stretches That Stop Back Pain

By Derek Beres for Completely You

One of the top complaints I hear from new yogis is lower back pain.
In fact, many people begin yoga at the urging of their doctor for this
exact reason. Back pain is often caused by another region of the body —
tight hips or shoulders could account for aches felt in the lumbar
region. The good news: A lot of lower back pain can be cured with a
basic regimen of stretching and breathing.

Of course, I’m not a doctor — and you should always check with yours
before beginning any exercise program. That said, we live in a society
that does not value proper body alignment. We drive all the time or
slouch at our desks for hours on end, so it’s no surprise that we end up
with aches and pains. That’s why stretching is an important component
of any effort to alleviate back tension and create an overall healthy

The following poses will help loosen up your muscles and offer
relief. Start by doing each pose three times in succession for at least
five breaths each, three times a week, and increase the frequency if
you’re seeing good results.

Cat Pose (Marjaryasana)

This pose increases back, neck and shoulder flexibility.

1. Begin on your hands and knees, with your shoulders directly
above your wrists and hips above your knees. Find length in your neck by
extending your head forward while looking straight down at the floor.

2. As you exhale, round your spine toward the ceiling as you tuck
your chin toward your chest, making sure to keep your shoulders and
knees in position. Release your head toward the floor, so there is no
tension in your neck.

3. As you inhale, come back to a neutral position on your hands
and knees, gazing on the floor just in front of your fingers, keeping
your abdominal muscles engaged. Repeat this stretch at least 10 times.

Seated Spinal Twist (Ardha Matsyendrasana)

This pose opens your hips and shoulders and strengthens your mid-back.

1. Sit on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you.
Bend your knees, putting your feet on the floor then slide your left
foot under your right leg to the outside of your right hip.

2. Laying the outside of your left leg on the floor, step your
right foot over your left leg; your right knee will point at the

3. Exhale and twist toward the inside of your right thigh. Press
your right hand against the floor behind you, setting your left upper
arm on the outside of your right thigh. Pull your front torso and inner
right thigh snugly together, pressing your inner right foot into the
floor. Lean your torso back slightly, and continue to lengthen your
tailbone into the floor. As you inhale, feel a little more lift out of
the floor, and as you exhale, sit still and twist deeper. Stay in this
position for one minute while taking controlled inhalations and long
exhalations. Repeat with the other leg for the same amount of time.

Bridge Pose (Bandha Sarvangasana)

This pose opens your shoulders and hips, and strengthens your quadriceps.

1. Lying supine on the floor, bend your knees and set your feet
down directly underneath your knees with your heels as close to your
sitting bones as possible.

2. As you exhale, press your inner feet and arms into the floor,
pushing your tailbone upward toward your pubis, firming your buttocks
without feeling like you’re gripping too hard. Lift your hips off the
floor into a bridge while keeping your thighs and inner feet parallel.

3. Clasp your hands below your pelvis and extend through your arms
to help you stay on the tops of your shoulders — you want to press
your forearms into the ground to avoid tensing your neck. Lift your
buttocks until your thighs are roughly parallel to the floor.

4. Keeping your knees directly over your heels, push them forward
away from your hips and lengthen your tailbone toward the backs of your
knees. Lift your chin slightly away from your sternum and, firming your
shoulder blades against your back, press the top of your sternum toward
your chin. Remain here for at least thirty seconds and release. Repeat
two more times.

Reclining Big Toe Pose (Supta Padangusthasana)
excellent hip opener, this stretch targets both your hamstrings and hip
flexors, and is great for easing the lower back.

1. Lying on the floor, with both legs extended straight out, bend
your left knee and draw your thigh into your torso, hugging it into your
belly. Press through your right heel to keep your bottom leg grounded
and active.

2. Straighten your left leg up toward the ceiling, holding onto
the back of your thigh or calf muscle, pressing your left heel directly
upward. Broaden your shoulder blades so that you’re not gripping around
your neck.

3. As you press your heel upward, release the head of your thigh
bone more deeply into your pelvis and draw your foot a little closer to
your head. Take this slowly, as it will increase the stretch on the back
of your leg. If you’re shaking a little, that’s fine, but the feeling
should be manageable. Remain here at least 45 seconds and breathe
deeply, then switch legs.

is Completely You’s Getting Unstuck blogger. A journalist, yoga instructor and DJ/music producer, he has written for such publications as Departures and The Huffington Post. He teaches yoga at Equinox Fitness and Yogis Anonymous, and is one-half of the music production team EarthRise SoundSystem. For more info, visit

6 Ways to Maintain Your Life Balance

We’ve all been there. There’s so much to do but there’s just not enough time in the day to do it. Getting behind with friendships, finances, and fun can be stressful and discouraging. We’re wondering if we’ll ever get caught up or if we’ll continue to drown in tasks and obligations. It’s time to conquer your hectic life. Here are many ways you can get your life back on track.

1. Devote Time For Rest and Relaxation


Image via Flickr by RelaxingMusic

You may encounter a lot of unnecessary stress due to lack of sleep since sleeplessness often results in problems with productivity. If you’re not giving your body and mind consistent breaks then you’re probably not performing as well with your job and other daily responsibilities.

In addition to eight hours of sleep every night, make sure you’re responding to your body’s needs. If you find that you’re feeling irritable or unfocused, take a twenty-minute nap. A little relaxation can go a long way.

2. Learn How To Say No


Image via Flickr by sboneham

If you agree to every event you’re invited to, you’ll likely become burnt out. Although it’s important you enjoy the company of friends and family, it can’t come at the expense of essential routines and tasks.

You’ll find that by just saying “no” every now and then, you’ll have more time on your hands to get important things done. As a result, you will have alleviated that excessive stress.

3. Prioritize Your Relationships

Description: relationships

Image via Flickr by Kevin Dooley

Are there toxic people in your life? These people ask so much of you but give nothing in return. They’re the types of “friends” who quickly eat up your time with no reward. Assess your relationships. Think about whom you should devote your precious time to. Then, say “no” the next time they want to grab lunch or need help clearing out their garage.

4. Manage Your Money with Ease

Bills have piled up on the counter. You’ve spent well over your means but haven’t reviewed your budget. You’ve thought about buying stock recently but don’t know where to begin. Life has been so frantic that even your finances are taking a toll.

It’s time you take control of your funds. Talk to a financial advisor or consider purchasing some good reads by Fisher investments for financial advice.  Get your budget back on track and you’ll feel a big weight off your shoulders.

5. Turn Off The Electronics

If your TV is always on and your cell phone is right by your side, you’re probably not making valuable use of your time. Whether you’re trying to relax with your husband or get some take-home work completed, you need to know when to turn everything off. You’ll find that you get your work done much faster and enjoy your time with others much more.

6. Don’t Forget to Treat Yourself


Image via Flickr by Puck Goodfellow

It’s vital that you frequently grant yourself time for only you. Treating yourself can mean crucial daily exercise like a run or trip to the gym. It can also mean a reward like a visit to the spa for a massage or manicure.

If you can set aside just one hour every day to do something that you enjoy, you’ll find that you’re much happier, calmer, and productive.

Balancing your life isn’t a task that can be achieved overnight. It will take time, patience, and constant reflection to begin seeing the new less-stressed, you!

How to Turn Setbacks into Bounce-Backs

Life & Beauty Weekly: Life & Love

How to Turn Setbacks into Bounce-backs

By Catherine Ryan for Life & Beauty Weekly

A broken boiler floods your basement. You miss a crucial work deadline. Your sister announces she’s getting divorced.

When unexpected crises hit, it may seem as if your world has suddenly imploded. “But in the face of significant life stresses, you can continue to thrive and be successful,” explains Russell Newman, who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is the co-author of an American Psychological Association guide to surviving dire problems.

It turns out that resilience — the ability to deal with and adapt to stressful or traumatic events — is a combination of attitudes and behaviors that help people overcome adversity. “What’s more, resilience isn’t something you’re either born with or not; it’s a set of skills anyone can learn,” adds Newman. Even if your life is going smoothly now, remember these four important ways to build resilience, and you’ll be able to clobber any curveball life throws your way.

1. Stay connected.

If you’re faced with a difficult personal issue, you may be tempted to shut yourself off from the world. But isolation can make your problems seem even bigger. “A sense of belonging and connectedness is the biggest part of building resilience,” says Newman, because you don’t feel so alone when you can lean on friends and family. Reach out and let others know you’re struggling. A compassionate listener can help you realize that your challenge isn’t the end of the world. (If you find comfort in prayer, try that too.)

2. Make a game plan.
Unexpected blows can leave you feeling powerless. Reclaim that power by creating a plan to overcome the situation. For instance, if you’ve been laid off, write out a list of steps to getting back on your feet, such as polishing your resume and calling your professional contacts. Then get going. “You’ll feel a sense of mastery and achievement when you put your plan in place, giving you control in what seems like an out-of-control situation,” says Newman.

3. Hang on to hope.
Resilient people tend to be optimistic for a reason: Maintaining a positive attitude makes you more likely to ride out the hard times without sinking into despair. If you’re the glass-half-empty type, optimism can be learned. Next time you start feeling as though things will never get better, think of your most optimistic friend and ask yourself what she would think and do in your situation. “That will put a new, more positive thought into your head so you don’t focus on the negative,” says Newman.

4. Think about your triumphs.
If you felt better after confiding in a friend, meditating or going for a walk the last time you and your husband had an argument, chances are that strategy will work the next time you two disagree. “Remembering what you’ve done in difficult circumstances reminds you of what tools you successfully used before that can help you deal with your current situation,” Newman points out. In turn, each obstacle you overcome will increase your confidence so that you can handle any setback and come out stronger.

Catherine Ryan
is a freelance writer and editor who writes on health, nutrition, beauty and green living for such magazines as
Self, Ode and
Parents. She is a frequent contributor to Life & Beauty Weekly.

Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System


Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System is a 3 step system formulated to fight ALL signs of aging.  The combination of ingredients; including Peptides which are reported to reduce the signs of aging by increasing collagen production, will shrink pores, reduce age spots, fade redness and will drastically improve deep wrinkles as well as fine lines. complete-rejuvenation-system

The first step in this system is the Original Wrinkle Smoothing Cream.  This is not an instant tightener but a luxurious, deep moisturizing cream rich in nutrients and Peptides to stimulate the cells on your skin. It increases your skins own collagen and elastin to allow the skin to heal and smooth out wrinkles.

 The second step is the Dynamic Age-Defying Serum.  It attacks 4 target areas, wrinkles, enlarged pores, redness and age spots.  This high-end serum contains Matrixyl and Renovage, also known as Teprenone which keeps skin looking younger by reducing redness and pore size giving an even texture to the skin.  

 The third step is instant gratification with long term benefit, the Instant-Effect Lifting Serum.  A light serum that has a tightening agent noticeable in a matter of minutes which I truly enjoyed. Dermagist has also added Peptides and Matrixyl to this serum for long term wrinkle removal benefits.

 I have noticed a considerable difference in the look and texture of my skin since I first began using the Complete Rejuvenation System.  This system is perfect for those who are looking for the most complete treatment for signs of aging without going under the knife. 

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