10 Common Household Fixes for Busy Moms

Common household fixes for busy moms

Common household fixes for busy moms

Time is a hot commodity for moms. There’s a lot going on in your home, and you can’t afford to slow down because of a faulty appliance or home repair issue. Here are 10 common home fixes for busy moms to try before they call a repairman:

Light switch doesn’t work

When a light switch doesn’t work, check the electrical panel to see if the circuit breaker is in the proper position. If that doesn’t solve the problem, change the light bulb.

Refrigerator runs warm

Your refrigerator isn’t as cold as it should be. If your household has pets, there may be a simple fix to your problem—check the coils behind the refrigerator and brush off the pet hair on the black grids.

Gas stove won’t ignite

You keep turning the stove burner on, but nothing happens. The culprit may be sauce that spilled over the burner. Take a toothbrush and clean the burner thoroughly, and your stove should ignite again.

Noisy faucet

As you grab that glass of water at night, you hear a screeching noise from your faucet. The likely problem is a rubber washer that hardened over time. Replace this washer and the problem is corrected. For more quick faucet fixes, check out Popular Mechanics.

Cloudy swimming pool

The kids want to go for a swim, but you are concerned about the cloudiness of the water. Try using a pool clarifier weekly to alleviate this problem. It collects all the smaller particles over the span of the pool. Turn to the In the Swim blog for more troubleshooting help with common pool issues.

Vacuum cleaner won’t suck

There are two potential fixes for this problem: 1) It’s time to empty out the canister that collects the debris and clean the filter out, or 2), the hose might be clogged, and you need to remove it to clean out the extra hair from the tube. Repair Clinic offers additional help on a variety of vacuum cleaner problems.

Electric oven won’t heat

Your electric oven doesn’t work. There may be an easy fix to this problem. Sometimes ovens are set on a pre-timed setting and won’t turn on until the delay or hold button is inactivated.

A faulty garbage disposal

You flip the garbage disposal switch and nothing happens. Is it time to call the plumber? Before you reach for the phone, your disposal might be overloaded and hot. Let the disposal cool and then push the reset button. Chances are it will work without any additional repairs.

Mold on bathroom tiles

Sometimes pesky mold grows in the bathroom on the tiles because of the moisture that collects on the floor. Use a fair amount of bleach and water and scrub the affected places.

Dryer won’t heat

If the dryer is not heating, then check the filter and determine if all the lint is cleared. Another embarrassing possibility is that you’ve set the dryer to fluff cycle and not on the heat setting.

Moms on the go don’t have the time to dedicate to involved home repairs or waiting for a service repairman. Try these easy fixes before picking up the phone.

How to Boost Productivity at Home

According to the United States Census Bureau, almost 10 percent of workers have a home-based office and about half of those work the majority of time from home. With more than 10 million women-owned businesses, we can guess that many of these home-based offices started as stay-at-home-mom ventures. Trying to maintain a favorable work and home balance while being productive on both fronts can be a task. Happily, there are some experts with tips on how to boost productivity at home, in your home office.

How to boost productivity at home

According to Psychologists

Music and workplace productivity have been studied by psychologists since mp3 players became commonplace in the office. Overall, music has a positive effect on productiveness with few caveats. Music with lyrics can be distracting, leading to loss of concentration. Oddly enough, these disruptions are counteracted with fewer mistakes. Research on people that type as part of their job description found that people typed slower but made fewer errors, with a net positive effect on productivity. If you are going to rock out at home, you may need a good pair of headphones to drown out the sounds of kids or TV shows in the background.

According to MBAs

A social networking company called the Draugiem Group, using the DeskTime productivity app, found that there is an ideal ratio between work and break. The study found that we should have a 17 minute break for every 52 minutes of work to get the maximum recuperative benefits. The importance of breaks is not new in the business field. Not only does a break renew your mental energy, breaks are also times of creative thinking that reduce stress and increase overall health. Since most people tend to forget to take breaks, set a timer to go off every 52 minutes. Make the 52/17 rule a part of your daily routine.

According to Doctors

Twenty minutes of exercise in the morning and another 20 in the afternoon may be the best way to increase workplace productivity. In a American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine study, researchers found that people that have physical exercise, even if it was enforced, report increased levels of self-reported productiveness. Not only did productivity go up but sick day usage went down and overall health went up. Breaking up the workouts into two smaller at home exercise routines stretches out the neurochemical high associated with physical fitness so that it lasts throughout your day. It also lessens some of the negative effects of over-exercising.

According to Your Kids

There is a reason that you are working from home. It probably involves making money and seeing your children. Your real bottom line is that you want happiness, both for you and your family. Positive psychologists are recently figuring out what children have always known. The best life is one full of happiness and fun. The good news is that fun is not contrary to productivity. Scientists are finding that happy people are more productive at work. Find your happiness in your home office. Let your kids be your guides to a happy and productive workplace.

Fall Fixes: 4 Ways Busy Moms Relax and Recharge

Autumn means back-to-school madness, busier work weeks, more social obligations, holiday preparations and, to top it off, shorter days. It can be easy for moms to get overwhelmed, especially working moms. Almost three-quarters of surveyed mothers said they frequently experience stress, according to Pew Research. As you get swept up in this busy season, don’t forget to take some time to relax and have a moment to yourself. Use these quick fixes to recharge and show yourself some appreciation.

5 Ways Busy Moms Relax and Recharge

4 Ways Busy Moms Relax and Recharge


If you think adding an exercise routine to your already jam-packed schedule will only make things more hectic, think again. Any form of exercise will help relieve stress. Even light and moderate exercise causes the release of endorphins, which give you that feeling of euphoria right after physical activity. Concentrating on running up a hill or completing that set of crunches will take your mind off the hassles of the day. Other benefits of exercise include better sleep, higher self-confidence and reduced anxiety and depression. Get your kids involved by taking them along on a hike or playing tag with them in the backyard.

Retail Therapy

What better way to melt stress away than a therapeutic shopping trip? According to a study by the Journal of Psychology and Marketing, 62 percent of shoppers have bought something to cheer themselves up. Buying a new dress or pair of shoes might not make you happier or less stressed in the long run, but the act of shopping can help you relax, escape monotony and even boost your creativity. Keep in mind, however, that this doesn;t mean you should blow your money on a bunch of frivolous things. But splurging on that new phone you’ve been wanting or treating yourself to a luxurious new handbag you’ll treasure for years will add a little pleasure to your life. Plus, you deserve it.

Social Hour

We all love our kids and know they can be a lot of fun, but sometimes we need time with our adult friends. Social connections are a great way to reduce stress and feel supported. Talking through frustrations and relating to some close friends can help you work through the tough stuff and feel better physically and emotionally. Try to schedule some quality time with friends at least once a month. Whether it is a quick lunch, drinks after work or a game night with lots of laughs, friends will help you stay happy and healthy.

Mindful Meditation

In an article for Harvard Health Publications, Dr. Elizabeth Hoge, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, said effective meditation methods, such as mindfulness meditation can help treat anxiety and stress. “People with anxiety have a problem dealing with distracting thoughts that have too much power,” Hoge said.

Mindfulness meditation helps you distinguish your thoughts from your worries and teaches you to relax and separate them from your life. You can practice meditation at home for 10 or 20 minutes a day, or find a group near you to practice together. Whatever helps you to relax and reduce stress, it’s important to stay healthy and happy.

The Secret Society Hidden Mystery Game

I became a stay-at-home-mom almost nine years ago when my oldest was born, and having been working freelance writing jobs and keeping up with two websites since then. But I recently started a part time job, mostly from home, that involves coordinating a lot of people and juggling a lot of balls in the air. I need to be able to focus in order to not drop any balls, not miss any deadlines or forget about what I should be asking and answering of everyone, but after days of doing that, I also need to be able to turn my mind off and relax. A game I recently discovered, called The Secret Society Hidden Mystery game from G5 Entertainment, is helping me do both of those things.

In the game, you play as the nephew of a man that has disappeared in order to protect the “Seekers.” The story goes that he was part of a Secret Society called the Order of the Seekers that can do magic. He took pictures but had to destroy them so whomever he was trying to disappear from wouldn’t find the pictures and discover clues to his whereabouts. But, your job as his nephew is to take his place in the Order and put those pictures back together to figure out where he is.

Basically, the game is a series of puzzles. You earn coins, experience points, tools, and energy from solving the puzzles, which give you clues and unlock other puzzles.

Secret Society: helping moms relax

For example, there’s a picture of a Christmas scene. You can unlock it after you’ve found specific objects in other puzzles and earned a certain number of coins. The first thing you have to do is put the picture back together that your uncle has torn apart.

Secret Society: helping moms relax

Secret Society: Helping moms relax

Once you’ve done that, you can “Research” the scene to find hidden objects and earn goodies. The more you play a certain scene or puzzle, the more you earn and the further you advance in the game.

Secret Society:helping moms relax


There are also other puzzles, like matching games and brain teasers, and those are my favorite. This isn’t a game that I would normally ever even look for, let alone download. I didn’t even have games on my phone until now….I would normally just kill time on Facebook or Instagram. But I find myself relaxing at the end of the day by playing Secret Society for a few minutes at a time, looking for hidden binoculars or trying to turn the pipes so they line up or matching cards to each other. It actually feels really good to use my brain in this way, and I’m finding that when I am working my job during the day, I’m better able to remember things and stay focused on what I’m doing.

The game is free to download, and you can earn tools and other helpful things by playing solving puzzles or making in-app purchases of coins and crystals to speed up your progress. I’ve become hooked on the hidden object adventure game and look forward to spending a few minutes on it here and there every day.

The Secret Society – Hidden Mystery is available to download for iOS, Android, Kindle/Kindle Fire, Windows 8, and Mac.

I received credits for in-app purchases in the game, but was not compensated otherwise for my review. All opinions are 100% my own.



Quick Tip Tuesday: Keep Track of Library Books!

Deborah Gilboa of AskDoctorG.com is full of great parenting advice, and she has today’s Quick Tip Tuesday: how to keep track of library books.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Keep Track of Library Books!


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Quick Tip Tuesday- work intervals using a timer

Quick Tip Tuesday is just what it sounds like…a super quick way to make your life easier, more manageable, more organized, more SOMETHING. Simple, yet effective. Ingenious even. If you love it, pin and share it!

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Cleaning and Cardio

Today’s Quick Tip Tuesday comes from Dani Stone of DaniStone.net. It’s all about staying fit while multi-tasking and you can easily include the kids or get it done on a hot summer day. Her solution: cleaning and cardio!

Quick Tip Tuesday: Combine Cleanign and Cardio

How to combine cleaning and cardio to get things done around the house and get your sweat on and burn some calories without feeling like either is taking up your whole day? Set a timer for 10-15 minutes, blast some good, fast, get-your-heart-rate-up tunes on the radio, and tackle some chores. Deep clean the kitchen as much as you can, or the bathroom. Change the sheets on all the beds and pick the toys up off the floor. Scrubs the baseboards that you haven’t touched in a few months, or dust all of the ceiling fans. Do it fast and don’t stop until the timer goes off. Do that a couple of times (or more) one day a week or so, and your house will be much cleaner while you’ve been “working out!”

Quick Tip Tuesday- work intervals using a timer  Quick Tip Tuesday is just what it sounds like…a super quick way to make your life easier, more manageable, more organized, more SOMETHING. Simple, yet effective. Ingenious even. If you love it, pin and share it!

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Never Iron Again!

Today’s Quick Tip Tuseday comes from Lydia of Cluttered Genius, a busy work at home mom of three little ones. She’s a woman after my own heart, with a tip on how to never iron again (yay)!

Quick Tip Tuesday: how to use a sock so you never iron again!


Lydia’s tip is a simple yet effective one…the kind we like best, right? Simply find one of those mismatched socks we all have, wet it with some water, and throw it in the dryer with whatever item of clothing you’re trying to get the wrinkles out of. Easy, peasy!

Quick Tip Tuesday- never iron again!

Quick Tip Tuesday is just what it sounds like…a super quick way to make your life easier, more manageable, more organized, more SOMETHING. Simple, yet effective. Ingenious even. If you love it, pin and share it!

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Get A Handle on Laundry

Dan Morris shared this simple yet effective tip. Why didn’t I think of that?!

Quick Tip Tuesday: Get a Handle on Laundry

quick tip Tuesday: get a handle on the laundry


We all know that when laundry piles up, it stresses us out and ends up a literal mountain to be done. Doing a load of laundry every day is the perfect way to keep it under control, because one load is easily manageable, makes a big difference, and you can catch up the next day if you miss one. But, Dan’s tip is this: every single morning, before you do any other work or chore, put a load of laundry in the washing machine. You automatically get a load done AND the rest of the day is multi-tasking. Even if your day goes downhill, you KNOW you’ve gotten something done.

So easy, right? But make it a habit, and not only will you always get something done every single day, but you’ll avoid the laundry mountain of doom.

Quick Tip Tuesday!


Quick Tip Tuesday is just what it sounds like…a super quick way to make your life easier, more manageable, more organized, more SOMETHING. Simple, yet effective. Ingenious even. If you love it, pin and share it!

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Don’t Lose Your Keys

Anna of An Inch of Gray has this simple yet effective tip to share.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Don’t Lose Your Keys

Quick Tip Tuesday: Don't Lose Your Keys

Quick Tip Tuesday is just what it sounds like…a super quick way to make your life easier, more manageable, more organized, more SOMETHING. Simple, yet effective. Ingenious even. If you love it, pin and share it!

quick tip tuesday: carpool secrets (looking like you've got it together)

Making the Most of Your Family’s Schedule (Video Tip)

Do you have a wall calendar for keeping your family’s schedule straight? Are you making the most of your family’s schedule? Kari of Driskotech is sharing awesome tips today.

Tips from Driskotech on making the most of your family's schedule

Kari Driskell is a previous middle school math teacher, mother of two busy lil blonde headed girls, wife of a busy high school football coach, a Premier Designs Jeweler, and owner of DRISKOTECH. Driskotech is a brand new company that specializes in helping direct sellers and small business owners create fun and engaging videos, meant to be shared via social media, and especially during their online Facebook Parties! In her spare time she enjoys THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, folding laundry, and watching her kids on the soccer field… and not particularly in that order. She is an avid run-on sentence writer. Check out her DRISKOTECH Facebook fanpage at: www.facebook.com/DRISKOTECH