Four Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Utilize Space Around the Home to Boost Business Prospects

Utilize Space Around the Home to Boost Business Prospects.

With the global economic downturn still affecting millions of people all around the world, it is perfectly understandable to try and find different ways of creating more revenue. Self-employed workers will always be looking for options in order to expand their business prospects and in truth they can be improved by making some space-saving changes around the home and garden.

I believe that simply making some more room for yourself will help you to expand the services you offer and the amount of time you will have spare on these. Storage spaces are at a premium in most homes and you might just have to think outside the box to create a little bit more room in the home.

Start with the garden

The garden is as good a place to begin with as any because in all likelihood it has more dormant space than any other parts of the home. I find that gardens can quite easily get a bit cluttered if you don’t keep on top of them and so a general tidy up will ensure that you have a bit more space to work with than before.

You can also get rid of anything that you don’t use so that you have as much of a blank canvas to work with as possible.

A metal shed can help to hold all of your tools

While it may seem obvious, a metal shed can help you to keep all of your tools in one place, as well as ensuring that your greenspace is a bit more tidy. The big question that remains is what sort of shed would fit into your garden best. Personally, I prefer a bigger space to work with because you don’t want to be struggling to access your shed when all you’re after is one tool at the back of it or something like that.

Not only can you store your tools in the shed, you can also give a home to your garden chairs, parasols and tables during the winter or simply when it is raining. The most obvious advantage to a metal shed is the fact that they are very easy to assemble and they allow for greater security, which is important if you’re going to be storing some of your work and tools in there for long periods.

Don’t let any space go to waste

The key to utilizing the space you have is to ensure that no area of the home is wasted. For instance if you’ve got a dedicated workshop, ensure you’ve got plenty of storage space so that you haven’t got items lying all over the place which could hinder work. I prefer to have some metal drawers in my workshop to keep all of my odd bits and pieces together, with each drawer dedicated for something different.

Keeping everything in order will help you to use your space as smartly as possible. This can also aid in streamlining your activities as you won’t be spending ages trying to find certain tools – they will be in their dedicated home. In truth, all of this is about giving you that platform to take extra business on and deal with that demand, or to expand the services you provide to your customers.

How to Build Your Own Pet Home

How to build your own pet home

If you have pets at home, keeping them safe is hugely important. This can be a particular concern for pet owners who have animals that live outside the house, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. With an assortment of wild animals likely to pass through your garden at night, as well as the bad weather we frequently have to endure in the UK, you need to make sure your pet is well protected.

However, buying a rabbit hutch or a home for your guinea pig can often be expensive. Building your own pet habitat means you can create a unique home that suits your pet’s specific needs, as well as saving you money.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when building your own rabbit hutch or outdoor pet home.


You need to make sure you have all the required tools before you begin. Think about the materials you will be using as well, and then you should get a good idea of the tools you need. You’ll mainly need some wood – plywood or cedar wood is suitable – and some wire mesh, but you may also want to add features such as door latches and feeder boxes. Don’t forget some nails and screws to fasten the various parts of your hutch together.

With these things in mind, the tools you will require are likely to include a saw, a sander, some wire-cutters and some pliers. You may also like to consider air compressors hire for this task, as staining the wood is a great way to add a professional-looking finish to the job.


Think carefully about how you would like the hutch to look, and what features it needs to provide a comfortable home for your pet. You’ll be able to find plenty of hutch designs and ideas on the internet, so spend some time researching the project and make sure you find the best one for your needs.

As well as looking the part, it needs to be practical. Consider how easy it will be to clean, as well as how you will access your pet when you wish to take it out of the hutch. These are all important considerations for pet home design.

Another factor to think about is size. How much room do you have in your garden for the hutch, and how much space will your pet need inside? You don’t want to build something that will leave the animal feeling cramped, but it also needs to fit within the allotted space in the garden.


Remember to work safely as you construct the hutch, wearing eye protection when you use the saw. Also, you need to ensure that the home does not contain anything that could harm your pet once it is inside. For example, all the wire mesh should be bent away from the inside of the hutch to avoid injury to the rabbits.

You should also avoid using treated wood when you source the materials for your hutch, as the chemicals in it will be harmful to rabbits and other animals over time. Why not take the eco-friendly option and recycle any old scraps of wood you have lying around the house? Perhaps an old desk or unwanted bookcase gathering dust could be repurposed as a brand new pet home.

Top tips for creating the perfect nursery

Top tips for creating the perfect nursery

For expectant parents, the months leading up to the birth of a child can be an exciting and emotional time. There will be a lot that has to be done before your new bundle of joy arrives – including setting up the nursery.

Creating the perfect nursery can be a lot of fun for parents-to-be. But it can also be a bit tricky – after all, you’re creating a bedroom for somebody you haven’t yet met. What will his or her favorite color be? Will he or she prefer giraffes or zebras? In fact, you might not even know if you’re having a boy or a girl.

With so much to learn about your new arrival, parents may worry about whether the new baby will like their room. However, the best way to approach the project is to create a space that you like and which is cozy and calming. If the room is a tranquil space where you feel at ease, your baby will sense this and feel comfortable as well.

•       Choose a color scheme or theme

There are many schools of thought when it comes to the color palette to use in a nursery. Some experts suggest bright and bold shades to stimulate brain activity, while others say more soothing tones will promote better sleep patterns. If possible, it might be a good idea to create a balance between these types of color, but in any case be sure to keep the room feeling light and airy.

Deciding on a theme might be a good way to approach the task of decorating the room. Not only will this make it easier to decide on what colors to use, but as your child grows, the theme will encourage imaginative play. A jungle or underwater theme might be fun, while fairies, cute dragons or retro robots are other ideas you might want to consider. Alternatively, pick your favorite children’s story and base the room’s decor on that. You can even choose a color scheme by selecting shades used in the book’s pictures.

•       Select the furniture

A nursery will need to have a cot, a changing table and a comfy chair for nursing and spending time with your baby. In addition, plenty of storage space will also be necessary to hold items ranging from nappies and bedding to clothing, toys and books.

•       Opt for easy-maintenance flooring

A nursery floor will eventually become the floor of a toddler’s room, then a young child and then a teenager. It’s safe to say that floor is going to get a lot of wear and tear, so opting for a durable surface that’s easy to keep clean and which will last for many years is the best choice.

At UK Flooring Direct, you’ll find a variety of beautiful wood floor products that will work well for a child’s room. Oak floors are a timeless option, while bamboo and cork are sustainable and contemporary options that will also look fantastic.

•       Accessories, soft furnishings and lighting

For the perfect finishing touch, think about ways of adding softness and texture to the room. Cushions, throws, curtains and area rugs are all good options, while dimmable lighting and carefully-placed lamps will make it easy to transform the nursery from a place for sleeping to a place for play.

Your Living room, the friendly place to work at home

Your Living room, the friendly place to work at home

As the technological era is advancing, more and more people opt to work from home. This is especially convenient for mothers of small children who prefer not to spend 10 hours away from home.



Working at home also has its negative aspects. The main disadvantage of this kind of work arrangement is occasional difficulty to focus on work due to inappropriate “office” conditions, either because house members intrude and can’t remember their parent is working there, or because the furniture is not exactly work friendly.

How to Turn Home into Office

There are ways to take care of this problem. The very first step before starting work from home is to choose a room that will be your office every work day for a certain amount of time. Since many people don’t actually have that many rooms in their apartment to be able to turn one into a study room, the living room is usually the most obvious choice for an office.

The next step is talking to your partner and reaching an agreement that the living room will be “off limits” to other members of the family during work hours. Children are more problematic here; if they are small, they won’t really understand the concept of “off limits”. That is why you need to find a person who will take care of them each day, take them outside, entertain them in some other room and leave you focused on work for at least 4-5 hours a day. If your partner is also working from home, you can take turns watching your children.

Some Important Living Room Decoration Tips

If you are serious about work, you need to accommodate your living room so that it really feels like an office, but still functions as the living room after work hours.


1) Choose a spot in your living room that will be your work corner. It can either be a chair at a dining table where you will place your laptop, a small computer desk in a corner, or even a sofa or a recliner chair where you’ll curl up with a laptop on your knees every day. This last choice is not a very good one, because sitting in that position every day is detrimental to your spine.

2) Once you’ve chosen your working spot, try not to change it, at least not often. When a place of work has become part of your routine, interrupting it and getting used to a new spot will slow you down with work. You can mark your place of work in some way: with a name tag, a pillow with your name on it or similar.



3) Try to choose a spot in such a way that your back is turned to the TV. Don’t ever work with a TV on, even if you think it doesn’t bother you. The sounds and images coming from TV cannot be anything but distracting.

4) Avoid recliner chairs at work. Even if you have a very comfortable one in your living room, pretend it doesn’t exist, as it will surely keep you away from work if you submit to its comfy charms.

5) Keep the doors of the living room closed and make it a rule that no one enters while you work.

Once you get into the right mindset, you’ll start viewing your living room differently when you’re “at work” and after work hours. The same room will become two different spaces in your mind. That’s when you’ll be the most successful at what you do.


Decorate Your Walls with Words

If you have been to a local craft or gift store or been online at all over the last year or so I am sure you have come across Wall Words of some kind from some company.  I have seen them many times, in stores, on walls at friends houses, in catalogs, etc.  Always wanted to give them a try but never had a wall I could use them on.  See, we have been remodeling for about 9 years, so I have been kinda living in a half decorated house do to my worry of stuff falling off walls when hubby is pounding, sawing, rebuilding, etc.  But, we are just about done with our living room/office area so I finally got my paint out and painted the one wall that is not paneled and put some words up that I had gotten a while back from Uppercase Living.   If you are looking for words, sayings, fun designs or more to put on your walls, furniture, craft products, etc. then you have got to check out Uppercase Living.   They also sell some very nice jewelry.

Here is my wall above my computer/office area.   I painted my wall a coffee color.   So, here is my freshly painted wall that is naked.

Now, here are a couple pics of my newly decorated wall.  I have always loved photo’s and what they represent.  Family, friends, cherished moments, etc.  So, I dug out some of my favorites, put them in frames of all sorts and hung some fun slat wood shelves.  And, at the very top is a Wall Word Art from Uppercase Living.
It says ~ A picture is worth a thousand words.   ~ So true!!

Do you have words on your walls?   I have found a new love!!  When I get time to paint my one wall that isn’t paneled in my bedroom I am going to find some perfect words for that wall too!  Click Here for Coupon.

Are you an Uppercase Living Rep?   Would you like to see this post linked to your business?  Contact me to find out how you can do that.   ~

Time to Redecorate Your Home

I love to decorate, and redecorate as the seasons and holidays come and go.  I have different bedding, curtains, rugs, etc that I use in my home depending on my mood and what is going on.  Even different table cloth and centerpiece that is changed a few times a year.  Not sure why, but it makes me feel good to change things up.  I even like getting new furniture and accent pieces from time to time.

We recently got a new couch and I am waiting for my recliner to finally give out before we replace it.  Mainly because the recliner has special meaning as it was from my husbands Grandma.  But, we love our new couch.  However, with our new living room remodel I was even looking at corner sofa as it would fit good but not until our chair is done for. Wide range of corner sofas is available online and in stores around the world. I have been scoping them out and have a few picked out that might work well for us.   Take a look at a few I have on my list.  I like the chaise lounge on these.  Looks comfy right ??

So, do you like to decorate and redecorate?  I would love to hear your decorating tips, stories, and even see pictures.  If you have ideas to share leave me a comment or visit us on Facebook and share your pictures.  You can find our Facebook and Twitter buttons on the top of the right column.

Quick Tricks For Around The House

  • Grease the “Threads” on glue and nail polish bottles and they wont stick.

  • Ladies, if you use rubber gloves while cleaning. Try placing cotton balls in the finger tips to prevent holes from long fingernails.

  • When you are packing for a move use items from you linen closet; wash clothes, hand & bath towels, etc. to wrap all your dishes. This will eliminate waste of packing materials. Plus, when unpacking you can put away clean dishes and clean linens. Two jobs in one.

  • To fill your home with a pleasant aroma place a few drops of scented oil on a cotton ball and place it inside your vacuum cleaner. As you clean the carpets the air will begin to smell and will last for a long time after wards. Try oil of cinnamon, it will make your home smell like baked apple pie. 

  • Save money on razors. Take a medium mason jar, or any jar with a lid. Fill it with enough mineral oil to cover the head of your razor when you place it in the jar. Keep razor here after rinsing and using it. This will help lengthen the life of you razors.

Finely Crushed Ice Trick

Here is an awesome trick I picked up for making finely crushed ice for daiquiri’s, snow cones, etc.

Save your plastic milk cartons. Thoroughly rinse out carton, fill with water and store in freezer. When ready for finely crushed ice simply remove from freezer, find a solid concrete sidewalk or patio & slam it against the cement on all four sides until it quits going “Crack” & starts to go “Thunk”.

Open top and pour out your crushed ice. If you only need a little, replace cap & return it to the freezer. This is great for when you have unexpected guests or a bunch of kids to entertain. No need to waste money on an ice crusher.