How to be Happy Calm and Focused #giveaway

I was recently contacted by a company, asking if I’d like to try a supplement called “HCF” (which stands for Happy Calm and Focused). I was skeptical, of course, that a pill full of amino acids could have any of those effects on my brain, but I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. Since […]

Five Safety Features For A Teen’s First Car

Being a parent of a teenage driver can be nerve-wracking, particularly when the National Center for Health Statistics names motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of death among 15- to 20-year olds. If you’re a worried mom, you can implement several safety features that will help keep your child safe on the road. These […]

Get Ready to Shop at the Spring EZCraft & Gift Show

Got the winter blues? Tired of being stuck inside because it’s too cold outside? I have the perfect solution for you. Shop, from the comfort of your home, starting Feb 5th 2014 at Noon CST at the Online Spring EZCraft & Gift Show. has been around since 2001 and continues to bring amazing and […]

Relax at Home with a Game of Bingo

Life is busy, winter is coming, and being that I work from home I like to stay in my lounging clothing as much as possible.  Why bother putting on tight fitting jeans, when I sit at my desk all day, clean the house, do laundry, cook meals, run up and down stairs making candles, vacuuming, […]

Stay in Touch with Your Loved Ones

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Republic Wireless for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Remember back when all we had was land lines?  Or like me, I remember even having a party line where we shared our phone line with our neighbor.  Or how about having to pay a […]

Bloggy Boot Camp Minneapolis Here We Come

Bloggy Boot Camp Minneapolis here we come!   BBC is a one day blog and media conference where women like myself can go to get a better understanding of blogging and social media, while also building friendships and joining a community of like minded people.  This will be our first time attending and I am very excited! […]

Credit Cards – Choosing the Best One for You

In this age of relatively easy credit, pretty much anyone can fill in an application form and get their hands on a credit card. From store cards to high-interest credit cards marketed to people with poor credit ratings, even the least financially solvent among us are usually able to access some amount of credit. With […]

Fuel A Better You with Nutrisystem #FuelABetterYou

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nutrisystem, Inc. for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Are you tired of being tired? Tired of carrying around extra weight? Tired of trying diet after diet and nothing works?  Well, I am not trying to sound like an infomercial here but I am […]

Stress Free Airport Parking

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Parking Spot. All opinions are 100% mine. I know that the whole idea of a vacation is to get away from stress.  But, for most of us the getting ready for and the returning home part is very stressful.  Yes, being away sometimes […]

Bat Those Beautiful Lashes

It seems that long, lush, beautiful lashes are only a thing you see on boys!  Why is it all boys are born with the lashes girls dream of having?  I know when my son was born he had black, long, thick, beautiful lashes and I was so jealous. Well, now us women can bat our […]