15+ Data Entry Jobs from Home

Data entry jobs from home are one of the most popular work from home jobs out there. The reason is because they usually don’t require a lot of experience or skills. This makes them very sought after by people looking for their first job at home. I’m going to talk about data entry jobs and include several links to help you get started making money.

Data entry jobs from home are one of the most popular work from home jobs out there. Find out more about this type of work where to look for jobs.

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Data Entry Jobs from Home: Real or Fantasy?

Have you come across those ads that look like a job ad for data entry? Then when you actually read the information it’s actually an ad trying to get you join a paid money making program? Discouraging isn’t it?! After while it makes you feel like there aren’t any real jobs out there. Before you give up, there are are legit work from home data jobs. You just need to know where to look. Lucky for you, you’ve found this post which includes real companies that hire data entry workers.

What Skills Do I Need?

  • Type fast and accurately. Test your typing skills at TypingTest.com. They have free typing training, too! Also, you may need to be comfortable with your keyboard number pad.
  • Ability to read quickly.
  • Computer skills including Word processing and spreadsheet, and database software.
  • Reliable high speed internet.

What’s the Pay?

Pay varies depending on the company, their pay structure, and experience required. Data entry jobs from home may be paid hourly, per-piece, by keystrokes per minute, or by word. The Bureau of Labor Statistics report data entry keyers get paid $14 per hour on average. But, remember that is counting in-office jobs.

Pay attention to the pay structures when looking for jobs as some complicated per-piece project can range from just $1 per hour up to the average amount mentioned a moment ago.

Legit Companies That Hire for Data Entry Jobs

AccuTran Global 

Specializes in data entry, transcription, and other administrative support. Work from home data entry workers are The Bureau of Labor Statistics. Founded in 2002, this Canadian company hires in Canada, USA, and UK. I’m not sure what the rates or typing requirements are for their data entry. However, it is $.005/word to $0.0066/word and a typing speed of at least 60 wpm, with 70 wpm preferred. A part time employment. They have specific hours when they need workers.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

The largest micro jobs site. Get paid by completing HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) including data entry, transcription, image tagging, and more.

Axion Data Services  

In business since 1996, specializing in data entry and internet research projects. They hire data entry workers as independent contractors. They are a small company with little worker turnover. Do let that discourage you from applying. It’s reported that projects are short forms that take 2-4 minutes each. These projects are paid $0.04-0.08. The hourly range comes to about $9.50 per hour. Some tasks are larger and are paid more per project. Flexible work with now required work hours. They don’t guarantee hours but it can average 20-25 hours a week.

Capital Typing

Located in South Carolina, they hire independent contractors to work in data entry, transcription, market research, translation, and customer support. Data entry work includes data extraction, research, database development and management, and marketing services. Those who have worked for them enjoy the flexible scheduling and reliable supervisor assistance. To apply go the employment page and you’ll find the resume email address.

Cass Information Systems, Inc.

A national leading provider of payment and information services for Corporate America’s freight, utility, waste and telecom expenses. Data Entry as  an offsite payment specialist. It requires training at their Bridgeton, MO office for 10-14 weeks and occasional meetings after. They also require the applicant to be able to type at 8,000 keystrokes per hour.


Provides task work solutions for major companies. Clickworkers are freelancers to complete tasks: writing, translating, researching, data processing. Work your own schedule from anywhere in the world with a personal computer and internet access.

Dion Data Solutions

Missouri based company specializing in data management hires both in-house and work at home contractors. Qualifications include typing 60 wpm. Must be a US citizen.


Started in 1997 and located in Los Angeles, they are database of drivers, documents, and firmware. They hired freelance (independent contract) and part-time employees. I wasn’t able to find a job page on their website. However, I did see they have profile on Flex Jobs.


Large marketplace where freelancers can advertise services including data entry. You can create a profile to offer your skills and set your own fees.

Flex Jobs

A highly recommended website with 50+ job categories, including data entry jobs. It’s one of those few paid subscription sites worth paying for to make your job hunt easier and faster.

Great American Opportunities

US based, this company has specialized in school fundraising since 1975. They hire independent contractors for data entry work. This is seasonal work: twice a year in June and December. It entails typing and entering in information from school fundraising forms. Pay is reported to be around $10 per hour, more or less depending your typing speed. Flexible work schedule, work when you want. To apply email them at gaomailbox@gafundraising.com. They also have a contact page with a form and another email address.

Indeed Jobs

You can sometimes find data entry jobs on Indeed. To help you find them use “data entry” in the What Box and “remote” in the Where Box: “data entry” jobs in remote

LionBridge-Smart Crowd

A community management team working with global market leaders. Pay is per task based. There is a variety of tasks in addition to data entry: data research, language, testing, etc. Pay is once a month. After you sign up, you will have access to evaluations to show your skills. After evaluations are completed they will contact you when work comes available. You need to complete at least one evaluation to be considered for any work. This is more as extra income. They have a $30 threshold before you can be paid.

Note: Keys for Cash became Virtual Bee and is now part of Lionbridge Smart Crowd.


Complete tasks, including data entry, for pay.


Processing  voter registrations and petition signatures. For US independent contractors only. Requires 2 computer monitors in addition to some other system requirements. They pay through Paypal.

Smart Locating

Founded in 2005 and located in Austin, TX hires data entry workers to help people find apartments by gathering data on apartments. Works need to be a legal resident of the US and at least 18 years old. No prior experience required.


60 year old company offers professional services for Federal, State, and commercial clients. When they have data entry openings, make sure it says “work at home” or similar, otherwise it’s not a work at home position.


Has more than 8,000 employees working from home. Occasionally hires work at home data entry workers. To find these select “virtual” under the options of the job search. Most of their remote jobs are as employees, instead of as a contractor, so they include benefits.

In conclusion, data entry is just one of the way you can break into the work from home job world. It may start out as extra income until you find one or more ideal job/client opportunities. Even after you find some work, continue improving your skills and looking for better opportunities. Some companies hire sporadically or at certain times of the year. You’ll want to take time to check availability occasionally. Consider other types of work along with data entry. Transcription, for example, uses similar skills.


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    I was considering working for Amazon as well. I thought about working Ebay as well. Have been doing data entry/typing with computers for work since 1984.

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