Decorating for the Holidays

Can you believe that it is almost Christmas?   Well, I know I can’t because we didn’t have much for a summer so I am kinda in denial about the whole seasons changing and the holiday’s getting closer.  But, one can’t be in denial when they live where I do.  Aside from the darn cold weather that comes to fast, we also have a beautiful display of Holiday lights when we drive into town.   There is a place called Bentlyville, in Duluth, Mn. that will bring a smile to anyone’s face when they see it.   A huge display of Christmas lights, all put together to make a story of what the Holiday’s mean to all.  One mans dream brought to life with millions of lights, and many many hours of hard work every year all by donated time from local “elves” to help make this dream come to life for the town of Duluth to enjoy.


Now I know that we don’t all decorate like this for the Holiday’s but regardless of how elaborate or non elaborate you go with your Holiday decor you of course need to find the best place to get all your supplies to make your own dreams come true.   I bet that a place like Bentlyville can benefit by using  How in the world can one figure out what to order to accomplish a grand display like they do.  Wow!

I am a simple girl when it comes to my decor.  I used to go all out when my son was little, but it is a lot of work.   And, since we trade off the “who hosts” the Holidays when it isn’t my turn I don’t do anything except a string of lights on pine tree that is up year round in my living room.  Since I decorate in lodge decor it is part of my decor all the time.   I do love my holiday’s though and my favorite part is giving gifts.   We don’t exchange because money is tight, but since I am a crafter I can’t help but make little goodie bags for everyone.  I love to use freebies that I find around the internet like these free prim tags you can print and use for whatever.   And since candles is my main craft, and most people love to get candles, my little gifts are always a huge hit.

Do you decorate ?  How elaborate do you get?

Do you exchange gifts?   Do you have a budget for gift exchange?  Share your comments with me, I love to see how everyone lives 🙂



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