Don’t Freak Out Over Your Direct Sales Launch Party

Many direct sales companies recommend you have a direct sales launch party when you join their company as an consultant. It’s a chance for everyone you know come and support your new venture. Your “Grand Opening” can be a fun, relaxing time; not something to freak out about. How you prepare, plan and present your business will determine if you look at it with anticipation or with nausea.

Many direct sales companies recommend a direct sales launch party when you become a consultant. Here's some helpful tips to make your launch a success.

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Preparing for Your Direct Sales Launch Party

Usually an open house format is your best option.  With a great product line, you won’t need to sell it – you’ll simply need to share it to others. Because nothing sells itself,  you need to tell people about it. And, this is where your launch party comes into play. It’s your opportunity to showcase and introduce the entire line you will be selling.  Also, referrals are an great way to grow your business. Therefore,  people need to know what products you have to sell, or they won’t be able to give your referrals.

Think about timing

Consider when to have your direct sales launch party.  Obviously, you want as many people as possible to attend. Choose a day when the majority of your family, friends and associates can come. Keep in mind that no matter what date you pick, there will be some who can’t come. Don’t let a few turndowns bother you.  Instead, over invite then you will be more guaranteed to have enough guests come.  You could invite 150 people and have 12 people show up, and that’s actually considered a pretty good turnout.

Weekends tend to work best, especially for an open house format.  Send invitation at least two or three weeks before the event.  Request R.S.V.P.s to get a headcount for food, take home packets, etc. Be prepared to not getting very many responses.  This is common and why it’s important you follow up with a phone calls.  Experience and history has shown only those who R.S.V.P. or whom you actually speak with will show, and even then you’ll have some no-shows.

Remember that your feeling can project upon others when you share about your new business. If you’re acting doubtful or nervous; others may not be super enthusiastic about it. And that in turn can increase your own anxieties. Instead, put a positive foot forward and show you potential guests and customers how confident and happy you are about being a direct sales consultant. Don’t let a few turn downs or negativity gain control and ruin your potential success.

Keep in mind what you want to accomplish

Stay focused on why you are having a launch party. Likely it is because you want to:

  • Let people know about your new business and its products.
  • Provide a non-pushy, no-pressure environment.
  • Have products available for sale (optional, but encouraged if you can manage it).
  • Have recruiting information available.

Your starter kit should be adequate to introduce your business. If you don’t have any extra inventory to cash and carry, don’t panic or feel that you need to charge up a credit card that you really can’t afford. It is certainly acceptable to use your starter kit as samples.

Details, Details

If you remember nothing else, remember this: keep it simple.  For an open house, there is a couple of hours that your guests can pop over to talk with you, mingle, eat and look at products.  It reduces the pressure and should be a casual, light environment.

Have a separate table with your products displayed along with your catalogs and business cards. People like takeaways too so if your business is conducive, that is a good place to set up goodie bags for them to take home. Include a recruiting brochure in it as well. You never know if they may be silently interested or know of someone who is.

Have your snacks set up on a table for a self service. This takes the pressure from you feeling that you need to wait on your guests. It also gives them an opportunity to do as they please, according to the amount of time they have to stay.

It’s Show Time

On the day of your launch party, decorate your mailbox with something obvious such as balloons and/or yard signs to alert all your guests. Now is no time to fly under the radar. Put a sign or notice on your door that invites guests to “come on in.” You’re not going to be playing butler for the day, but rather your focus should be on introducing your new business and the product line.

Use this opportunity to book hostess parties, sell products, and let people know how easy it is to order.  Encourage online orders. Remember to relax, have fun and that you don’t have to have all the answers. Keep it simple, and you’ll be fine.

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