Flexible Work at Home Jobs – Non Phone Remote Jobs

Many people who come home to work dream of the freedom that flexible work at home jobs give. Instead of arranging your family around your work you arrange  your work around your family. Flexible jobs often either let you pick your own schedule from week to week. Or, they have no schedule and allow you to work a few minutes or a few hours at a time, depending on how much work you want to get paid for. I’ve gathered a list of flexible work at home jobs to make your job hunt a little easier. To make this easier, I’ve only chosen non-phone jobs.

Many people who come home to work dream of the freedom that flexible work at home jobs give. Here's a list of non-phone remote jobs to get you started!

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Flexible Work at Home Jobs are Real

The work at home job market is continually growing. And every year more companies shift from having offices of workers to hiring remote workers. That gives you more opportunities to find great employment from home. There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your success in finding the a job that fits you and your home life.

Figure out what kind of job you want.

Do you have specific skills you can use? Is phone work possible or a no-go? How much income is your goal? Keep these in minds to weed out jobs that don’t fit. Then you can focus on job opportunities that fit well. It becomes a balance between what you ideal job is and having some flexibility.

Stay diligent and consistent.

If you really want a job then you must keep looking and applying. Even after you get a job, you may want to continue keeping your eyes open for better opportunities. With contract jobs, is always good to have other opportunities close by in case the job dries up unexpectedly.

Speaking of having a job disappear overnight, consider having 2 or 3 part time jobs instead one full time. Many companies hire part time contract workers instead of seeking full time employees. By you having a few “eggs” in your basket, if one breaks, you still have income from the others. Some flexible work at home jobs are seasonal or by project. And as far I can see all these are non-phone remote jobs.

3 Play Media

Editing transcripts. Work when you want, at least 15 hours a week. Need to type 75 wpm. Pay is $10-$30 per hours depending on your skills.

Ask Wonder

Get paid doing research. You choose when you and how much you want to work. Pay is per search, $6-8 via Paypal. Reports states some of their researchers earn $2000 a month.


Tutoring with your own schedule. You need a 4 year degree, teaching certification preferred but not required. Pay is $10 per tutoring session lasting about 1 hour. $7 per hour while you wait for absent students to show up to their session.


Tutoring English (ESL) to students. Work when you want and when sessions are available. Pay is per minute, adding up to $10.20 per hour. Pays weekly through Paypal. No experience needed.

Clara Labs

Scheduling assistant. Set your own hours. Pay varies per project, around $15 an hour. Qualifications include professional schedule experience and experience with Gmail and Google calendar.

Crawford Media Services (Metaforce)

Metadata writing and tagging projects. Set your own schedule with a minimum hours required. Pay is $10-18 depending on the speed and quality of work.

Elevate K12

Tutoring working anytime between 8 am to 6 pm. Pay is $12 per hour. Tutoring or teaching experience needed. Also, at least one year of college needed.


Search evaluation projects working at least 10 hours per week. Choose your own hours. Pay is $13 per hour via Paypal or Direct Deposit monthly.


Search evaluation projects. You choose when to work – no work shifts to schedule. Pays $13 per hour and paid by direct deposit or check monthly. A college is ideal but not required.


Transcription and scoring listening to student read aloud and type out their errors. Hires during school year. Pay is $10+ per hour through Paypal. Your pay gets better with experience.


Search engine evaluation and non-phone task work. Work when you want up to 20 hours a week. They hire in several locations worldwide. Pay varies depending the job, averages $13 an hour.

Measurement, Inc.

Scoring tests. Flexible hours during Monday to Friday. Pay is about $11 per hour. A 4 year college degree is required. Hiring is done by project. Attendance during training at the beginning of a project is mandatory.


Community/social media moderation. Set your own schedule. They also hire for phone support in customer service. Online reports say pay is around $8 for new hires and averages around min. wage.

Stitch Fix

This flexible work at home jobs pays you to curate monthly subscription boxes by choosing clothing for customers. Choose your own schedule, working at least 15-30 hours a week. According to resources pay is $15 per hour. Their hiring area is limited to Austin, Cleveland, Dallas, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay areas.

Write Source

Scoring student essays. It’s seasonal work. Online sources reports pay is $8-15 per hour, varies by scoring speed. They list their jobs on Careerbuilder when available.


Scoring tests. Work anytime with a 20 hour minimum. Pay is $10 an hour, paid by direct deposit. Requirements are a Bachelor’s degree from a US college and quiet work environment.


Get paid to review images. Choose your own schedule working a minimum of 25 hours a week with 5-8 hours on the weekend. You need 2+ years professional photography experience.


Tutoring with flexible schedule. They hire college student, teachers and professors in several subject areas. Pay is $9-13 an hour during tutoring sessions.

Zero Chaos

Ad quality/search engine evaluation. Set your own schedule working 10 to 30 hours. Pay is $15 per hour, paid weekly by direct deposit. Requirements say you either needed a college degree or experience. This is temporary work because they only hire for a max of 12 months.

Flex Jobs 

Flex Jobs is a top resource for people serious about working from home. Many of the top companies list their job opening with Flex Jobs. The membership is a very reasonable price and well worth the investment to find the hottest flexible work at home jobs available.

Task Jobs

These are jobs that fairly easy to get hired. You complete tasks for pay. Some pay very small amounts but you can complete them quickly. I can’t say you’ll make minimum wage but it’s a decent fill in between your other work or while you’re waiting to get hired.  Some people work these regularly and have gotten very skilled at it which makes it more profitable.


Crowdsurf – this company has jobs in Mturk. Qualifying for their tasks opens more tasks you can complete. Look for their HITS in Mturk after you  get accepted and apply to qualify. The tasks is transcription work.




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