Get Beautiful Lips with LipSense

I recently had the opportunity to try LipSense Lipcolors and Gloss. They provided me with samples to tryout in exchange for this review.  I’m happy to share with your my transparent and positive thoughts about LipSense.

LipSense Waterproof Lip Color

Before sharing about my experience trying LipSense, I want to share a little bit about my struggles with lip makeup. Because lip color has been such a frustrating part of using makeup, I sometimes don’t even wear it. Different things about lipstick bother me. First, is fragrance. I can’t stand a lip color that smells or tastes perfumey. I don’t mind flavored lip gloss. But, any makeup with fragrance irritates my nose. Second, I don’t like lipstick that feels thick and heavy. If it feels that way, I usually wipe it off after a few minutes. And third, I have trouble with lipstick coming off quickly. It’s like I’m so conscious of it on my lips I press them together a lot. And, then it gets rubbed off when I drink or eat a meal.  Lastly, I struggle finding the right colors. My pale skin makes pinks and plums my best colors. I don’t look good at all with frosty or peachy lip colors.

So as you’ve probably figured out I’m super picky about lip products. When I learned about LipSense, I thought I’ve got to try this! LipSense isn’t your usual lipstick. It’s not made with a wax. It goes on very light, applied in layers. And it lasts 4-18 hours while protecting your lips from the sun. After applying 3 layers of lip color, a gloss layer is applied to keep lips moist and plump.

My Experience with LipSense

I picked the color Berry and a matte gloss. There are lots of shades to choose from! When it arrived I tried the lip color right way on my hand. The Berry is a really pretty shade against my very light complexion. I applied one layer and it stayed on my hand the entire afternoon and into the evening, even after washing my hands a few times. I was impressed how light it felt going on and I couldn’t feel on my hand at all. And it’s stay power is fantastic!

The next day, I put on makeup and included the LipSense Color and Matte Gloss. I don’t usually wear makeup at home but I wanted to see how the lip color would look wearing full makeup. I applied the lip color as directed followed by the gloss. It felt so light, not at like heavy lipsticks I’d experienced in the past. I noticed a tiny bit of tingling while the alcohol evaporated. It’s helps apply the color and create a germ free surface for the lipcolor. The gloss went on light and smooth.  The scent it very light at first then you really don’t notice it all. I almost forgot I was wearing lipcolor at all.

It’s lasted all day until the evening when I used some oil based makeup remover. It would have lasted longer but my eyes were begging for a break from wearing mascara (yep I have sensitive eyes too ugh!). When applying the lip color make sure to follow the outline of  your lips carefully or use some of the Oops to touch up mistakes. When you purchase your first lipcolor, it comes in a kit with a gloss and Oops.  Visit the LipSense website to order.

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