Getting Organized with Thirty-One Gifts

I don’t know about you, but getting organized and staying organized in my home office is a full-time job. I’ve shared tips and resources for maintaining a clean, organized home and office, but when my work gets hectic or I need to leave the house for my job and take it with me, it can get a little out of control again. Does that happen to you?

I had the opportunity to try out a couple of products from Thirty-One Gifts, designed to maintain order and organization.

Getting organized with thirty-one gifts

The Fold N’ File and Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote are made to fit together, so you can easily pack away your files, forms, information, etc and take them with you. My job is such that I work from home most of the time, but make visits to local high schools for testing, enrollment, and things like that. So, I have booklets, forms, files and paperwork to carry with me sometimes that I need to have easy access to as soon as I get home and can enter data into the computer.

The two fit perfectly together…I can fill the Fold N’ File and slip it into the tote to take with me. It zips right over the top so I don’t have to worry about anything spilling out in the car, and the tote has pockets all around the outside for my pens, keys, phone, and whatever else I need to take along.

Getting organized with thirty-one gifts

Getting organized with thirty-one gifts

What I love most about Thirty-One Gifts products is that not only can you personalize and customize them with colors, prints, and embroidery, but they’re made to last. I will never worry about a strap breaking as I’m carrying my tote into a school, because they’re so durable and well-made.

Along with the Fold N’ File and Organizing Totes, there are a lot of products available for travel, organization, the kitchen, laundry room…anything you need, you can find something that fits the bill.

I also received a super fun tote for Halloween, featuring glow in the dark embroidery and an adorable owl. I chose the hot pink zip-top tote from the Spirit Collection, but there are several other products (available only through October 31!) that you can design with the special Owl-loween embroidery, including the perfect trick-or-treat bags to last for years. Did I mention it glows in the dark?

Getting organized with thirty-one gifts


Getting organized with thirty-one gifts

I’ll be taking mine to the school Halloween parties to carry all of my games and treats, and as my purse when we trick-or-treat. But…I’ll keep using it after October because it’s so darn cute.

Thirty-One Gifts not only offers great products, but they also have an amazing work-at-home opportunity available for women…a complete $400+ enrollment kit is only $99 to get a business started, and consultants make up to four times more than the average direct seller.

They also give back to the community through Thirty-One Gives. If you’ve ever placed an order, you’ve seen the chance to round up your total to the next dollar for charity. I love that, because it’s so easy and doesn’t take a lot out of my budget, but it helps.

Check out Thirty-One Gifts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, and browse their site to see the amazing products and opportunity they offer.

I received the Fold N’ File, Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote and Owl-loween Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote for review, but received no compensation. All opinions are 100% my own.


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