Green Your Cleaning Routine with Unique


Green Your Cleaning Routine with Unique.

Unique manufactures natural products that clean organic waste safely, effectively with affordability.  Organic waste is anything that is biodegradable, nearly all the stains, messes and odors in your home are from organic waste.  From carpets to septic, Unique uses natural bacterias to break down and remove the organic waste.

When it comes to cleaning, I am a freak.  With a husband always covered in grease, a high energy dog and pot-belly pig that likes to root around the yard then come inside the house and roll around, I am ALWAYS cleaning!  Unique has the power to take care of our messes and is safe for our pets which takes the weight off my shoulders, and the piece of mind that I am not fighting pollution with more pollution.

I love the Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator because I can apply it and let it do its magic, saving me time and energy.  For stains on our carpet, at night I saturate the stain and toss a rag over it.  In the morning I remove the rag and let the carpet dry.  Letting the cleaner sit overnight saves me all the trouble of being on my knees scrubbing.

Unique Complete, Stain & Odor Remover is the cleaner I use throughout our home.  Kennel, litter box, car, bathroom, basically floor to ceiling.  It is a concentrated product, which means you mix it 10 to 1.  So a 1 Quart container will make 2.5 gallons of cleaning product!

The Super Digest It is a life saver!   I use this in my kitchen drain, and in my shower.  Between food, grease, dog hair, human hair, etc., a drain should not be without it.

Unique also carries a 100% Refund if you aren’t completely satisfied!


Reasons to Love Unique

All Natural / Safe For Your Family & Pets

Removes Stains And Odors

Uses Bacteria And Enzymes

Cleans All The Way To The Floorboards

Carried In Over 3,000 Stores Throughout The US

Guaranteed To Work


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