Growing Your Business


Growing Your Business

Are you in business for yourself?   Are you the owner, boss, worker, and everything all rolled into one?  Like most small business owners I am sure you are the jack of all trades.  I know for me, I do it all.  I run 3 blogs, a website, all my social media, take care of all my emails and more.  I used to take care of all my own advertising needs as well.  But, life is getting busy and overwhelming and there come a point when one has to look at their business and decide what or where they have to cut back.  Being I work from home I have the flexibility of doing it all, but sometimes the long hours at the computer get to be too much.   I think it is time to decide where I need to hire someone and do it soon.

Advertising Agencies are at the top of my list when it comes to looking for help for my business.  I figure since I am the one writing the content, and promoting it on my social networks that maybe I need to get someone else to do the actual advertising of my business.  One can’t grow, if you don’t advertise, right?

I have been in business for myself since 1997 and know that in order to grow you need to spend money to get your business noticed.   Do you advertise?  No matter how big or small your business is I do suggest you look at ways to advertise it.   You don’t have to spend all your monthly income on it.  But, spending a little every month might help you make a lot every month.  It is something to think about if you are a serious business person and are looking toward the future and being financially independent someday.

Here’s to a successful business.


  1. Hello Sheila,

    I really like your website. Good Morning Bloggers lead me here. You are doing an excellent job and providing quality content. I think this post is spot on.

    It is very important to consistently promote our businesses.

    We can’t do it all. Sometimes I think I can but my advertising efforts usually suffer.

    For any mom new to the business world, please take this advice seriously.

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker

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