How to Build Your Own Pet Home

How to build your own pet home

If you have pets at home, keeping them safe is hugely important. This can be a particular concern for pet owners who have animals that live outside the house, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. With an assortment of wild animals likely to pass through your garden at night, as well as the bad weather we frequently have to endure in the UK, you need to make sure your pet is well protected.

However, buying a rabbit hutch or a home for your guinea pig can often be expensive. Building your own pet habitat means you can create a unique home that suits your pet’s specific needs, as well as saving you money.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when building your own rabbit hutch or outdoor pet home.


You need to make sure you have all the required tools before you begin. Think about the materials you will be using as well, and then you should get a good idea of the tools you need. You’ll mainly need some wood – plywood or cedar wood is suitable – and some wire mesh, but you may also want to add features such as door latches and feeder boxes. Don’t forget some nails and screws to fasten the various parts of your hutch together.

With these things in mind, the tools you will require are likely to include a saw, a sander, some wire-cutters and some pliers. You may also like to consider air compressors hire for this task, as staining the wood is a great way to add a professional-looking finish to the job.


Think carefully about how you would like the hutch to look, and what features it needs to provide a comfortable home for your pet. You’ll be able to find plenty of hutch designs and ideas on the internet, so spend some time researching the project and make sure you find the best one for your needs.

As well as looking the part, it needs to be practical. Consider how easy it will be to clean, as well as how you will access your pet when you wish to take it out of the hutch. These are all important considerations for pet home design.

Another factor to think about is size. How much room do you have in your garden for the hutch, and how much space will your pet need inside? You don’t want to build something that will leave the animal feeling cramped, but it also needs to fit within the allotted space in the garden.


Remember to work safely as you construct the hutch, wearing eye protection when you use the saw. Also, you need to ensure that the home does not contain anything that could harm your pet once it is inside. For example, all the wire mesh should be bent away from the inside of the hutch to avoid injury to the rabbits.

You should also avoid using treated wood when you source the materials for your hutch, as the chemicals in it will be harmful to rabbits and other animals over time. Why not take the eco-friendly option and recycle any old scraps of wood you have lying around the house? Perhaps an old desk or unwanted bookcase gathering dust could be repurposed as a brand new pet home.

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