How to Find Freelance Writing Success

Do you dream of finding freelance writing success, but reality has fallen pitifully short of the goal? I’ve been there, too. Back in 2008-9 the content writing marketing was booming. There were several sites hiring people as independent contractors to write for content websites. I jumped on the chance to write for a couple of these companies. My thought was it would be great; I was more naive about freelance writing at the time. The pay was $10-15 per article.

At first that sounded better than minimum wage; I could stay home and work while I homeschooled my daughter. The greatness deflated when I saw how hard it was snatch up titles before other writers did. Then I had to take time to research, writer, and edit. After that some would get sent back to me for more changes (some editors were very fickle!). I realized quickly I spend 2- 3 hours on an articles sometimes. Other sites let you publish your own articles and have your earn based on views.

Do you dream of finding freelance writing success, but reality has fallen pitifully short of the goal? Find out how Joe became a writer and quit his job.

Then Google changed the world of content sites when tired of these kinds of sites dominating search results. Their algorithm changes popped the balloon over night and 1000’s of content writers lost their income over night by being let go or sites losing their ranking with Google.

The experience burned me out. I thought I’d never want to write again as a profession or business.  But let’s avoid making this turning into a pitty party (hehe!).  My point is I am just regular mom, like you, who has dealt with some failures and disappointment. Slowly I recovered from that feeling when I began learning about blogging. But still I didn’t understand how to properly market myself in the world of freelance writing. That’s where Gina’s course comes in. I wish I had this back at the beginning of my journey into writing for money.

Freelance Writing Success Stories

Earlier this week I shared two stories:  from SAHM Laura, a parenting blogger and Sally, who is also busy raising children, but has managed to carve out 5-10 hours per week to land lucrative writing gigs. This course helped them become a freelance writing success.

I hope you’ve been enjoying these freelance writer stories I’ve shared this week. Honestly, for me, they’ve been really inspiring to watch. They are a confirmation that Gina’s making a difference and having a direct impact on other’s lives. Don’t get me wrong, her students are doing all of the hard work! She just provided the blueprint for them to follow.

I think you’ll also enjoy Joe’s story (another super short video of less than 2 minutes):


Hopefully you’ve had as much fun watching them as we’ve had putting them together for you. Their stories are so inspiring, don’t you think? What’s great though, is that Laura, Sally and Joe are just regular people. Just like you and I. Which means that there’s no reason you can’t accomplish similar results.

Today, I want to invite you to take action…

To enroll in this course that can change your life too: 30 Days Or Less To Freelance Writing Success. There’s a price point for everyone, whether you’re just looking to dip your toe, are serious about building a successful freelance writing business or need a little extra support and encouragement along the way.

Not sure what’s included?

Basically, Gina’s taken all that she’s learned over the last three years (or over the last 15 if you take into account all of her marketing and sales experience) and packaged it into a nice, step-by-step guide to take you from freelance writing newb to starting and growing your own profitable business. This course won’t teach you HOW to write (although there are lots of tips on how to get better, write a decent blog post, format your content, etc.).

But it will teach you: 

  • How to choose a niche
  • How much to charge
  • Where to look for clients
  • How to pitch them
  • And much, much more!

Click here to read the entire table of contents.

Are you tired of not enough pay? Not being able to stay with your children? Feeling like whatever you try doesn’t get you to where you want to be in life?

Or maybe like me you’ve written for content mills for very little pay and no appreciation? Let Gina help you change all that! Your story could be the next success story she shares.



  1. I’m definitely interested in checking out her course. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gina’s course is great, I highly recommend it! Very helpful post too! 🙂

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