How to Make Money at Home Tutoring with Studypool

Use your college education to help others and make money at home tutoring with Studypool. More students and tutoring are finding one another online through tutoring marketplace websites like this one. Let me tell you about this great opportunity and how to get started.

Use your college education to help others and make money at home tutoring with Studypool. Learn how you can impact students' learning and your wallet.

I am partnering with Studypool to share with you about their company. They have compensated me for writing for this article.  I only choose to work with companies in this way that I count as legitimate and worthwhile for my readers.  This post contains affiliate links. When you click and purchase through these, we receive a small commission.

Make Money at Home Tutoring with Studypool

Do you enjoy teaching others? Does it make you feel good when you see someone grow in their learning? Do you have a natural ability to explain things in a way that helps others better understand? Now you can use those talents as a tutor with Studypool.

My Own Tutoring/Teaching Journey

I grew up with a wonderful role-model, my grandmother. As a teacher, she inspired me to have a love for learning. This continued in me as a teen when tutored children as a summer job and, also, a English language helper while studying in Japan. Though, I didn’t go into teaching as a profession, teaching and tutoring came back to me again as a preschool teacher then as a homeschool mom. So, you can  see how important I feel learning is. Thus, I understand what an impact tutoring can make in the life of a learner.

What is Studypool?

Studypool is a online marketplace where students can connect with tutors who can help them with their studies. For example, a student has a question they need answered. Or they need help studying for a test coming up the next day, the student can post his post his question. Students get help with homework assignments, understanding concepts, or writing a paper. It’s your all-in-one spot to get help with studies.

Tutors bid on requests from students. After that, the student chooses which tutor work with, or he can choose to have Studypool automatch a tutor to him. Study emergencies, like the upcoming test, can be flagged for a fast response. Also, there’s the Notebank, where you can purchase study guides, notes, and other academic papers from students and teachers across the U.S.

Becoming a Studypool Tutor

Studypool helps thousands of students and tutors find each other. What’s great about it for a tutor is the ability to freelance with a flexible schedule. You get to choose when to work and where you work from.

The commission at Studypool is one of the lower rates among tutoring platforms. The range is 20%-30%. Which means tutors earn more that at some other tutoring marketplaces. You make money from helping students who accept your bids. As with all freelance work, you make money at home tutoring based on the amount of work you put into it. Some of Studypool highest earning tutors have exceeded 100k a year in earnings, but the amount you earn is up to how much you work at it.

To make money at home tutoring with Studypool you must have a college degree, or be working toward one, to be accepted by Studypool. That ensures students receive top notch, quality assistance.

Get Started as a Tutor

In closing, if you have a degree or working on one, enjoy having freedom to work at home or anywhere, and enjoy making an impact on students, then I recommend you sign up with Studypool and start your new freelance career today.


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  1. Very interesting! I love tutoring and have looked at a few online companies, but my schedule tends to be a little sporadic. To be able to work when I had time sounds awesome. My mom sent me your tweet to this article, I’m gonna have to look into this a bit more!

    • Katharine says:

      Hi Amanda! Flexibility is great to find, isn’t it? You can fit into whatever time you have to make some extra money. Best of luck to you!

  2. Pretty good post. I found your website just right for my needs. Thanks for sharing the great information. Good Luck!

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