How to Make Money on Your Blog with Affiliate Marketing

There are different ways to make money on your blog. And, one of the most popular ways is affiliate marketing. If you’re just getting started trying to make money online, you might have heard of affiliate marketing, but you don’t know what it means. You need to keep reading then. And, for you who already use affiliate marketing with your blog you will learn something new, too!

Wondering How to Make Money on Your Blog with Affiliate Marketing? Here's some super helpful ideas to help you!

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Make money on Your Blog

These days it’s the big reason why many people start a blog, to make money. And, one of those ways is affiliate marketing. You promote a product or service in a blog post or ad on your blog. The link to the product tracks who sent the customer to the product website. So, when they purchase, the company knows you sent the buyer there. They, then, pay you a percentage of the sale.

Affiliate marketing allows bloggers to earn money without having their own products to sell. Instead they promote for other companies and earn part of the sales. Each company sets their own commissions. One might pay out 2% while another pays out 50%. Even those low percentages can add up, especially if they are high priced items. But before you start filling your blog with affiliate links, there are some ways you can better your chances of making money with affiliate marketing.

Match Your Niche

Look for products that make your blog’s niche. If you write about fashion, look for clothing companies with affiliate programs. Keep focused on what your readers come to your blog for. If you write about multiple topics but to a specific audience on a lifestyle blog, then you have more niches you might look for. However, make sure the company’s products fit your audience. You wouldn’t sign up for snack affiliate program for a natural lifestyle blog unless those snacks compliment your blog’s natural/healthy vibe.

Pick & Choose Who You Work With

Before you sign up for that affiliate program, consider if it’s a company you can stand behind. Do they have a good reputation? Or do you find complaints and bad reviews? That reputation can rub off onto your blog, too. Also, when you sign up as an affiliate you now are in a relationship with that company. Some take their affiliate relations seriously. Finding ones that want to build a relationship with you can pay off for you. They may offer a special commission rate for you, offer you samples or a discount to try their products.

Plan Your Posts with Purpose

Instead of thinking of affiliate products you can promote as an afterthought to your blog posts, consider planning your posts around your favorite products. Your readers have a problem and you know of a product that will solve it. You could write a series of posts to help your readers solve the problem, featuring the product that will help them. Instead of adding affiliate links and ads all over the place on your blog without purpose, pick those that specifically fit your content and your readers needs.

Or let’s say your favorite craft company is coming out with a new awesome life changing tool. Plan out your craft tutorials, home decor projects, etc. to include this new tool. You might even want to contact their pr person and see if they are working with bloggers. You might be able to get free craft supplies for your tutorials, paid post sponsorships or merchandise to do a giveaway.

Keep Organized & Things Simple

I think one of the hardest things about blogging is staying organized. And, the more affiliate programs and affiliate networks you join the more confusing it gets. But there are ways to keep it from getting out control. The simplest is having a list or spreadsheet to record your open affiliate accounts. Include the company’s name, the login link, your referral link, contact info, and commission info.

Another way to keep organized, and really make all your affiliate marketing easier and more successful, is with Fresh Press Media’s Publisher Toolkit. The Publisher Toolkit helps you manage your affiliate accounts, links, and income through several affiliate networks. Instead of logging to multiple sites, you can log into the Publisher Toolkit to create links for your blog posts and share deals on your social media.

You can connect with merchants in the merchant directory which has 1000’s listed across the top affiliate networks. Create links easily with the Deep Link Bookmarklet as you browse the internet for products to feature in  your blog posts. Or, you can use the Deal Bank and find deals to share in one place instead logging into multiple networks or sifting through emails. Fresh Press Media’s Marketplace is where you can bid on campaigns with brands. I have been regularly using the marketplace and have participated in several paid campaigns.

The Publisher Toolkit makes affiliate marketing a whole lot easier! Fresh Press Media offers different levels of membership.  You can save 50% on your subscription Nov. 22 – 28 during the Cyber Weekend Sale!

Wondering How to Make Money on Your Blog with Affiliate Marketing? Here's some super helpful ideas to help you!


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